Psychology of Vision

A path of the heart, Psychology of Vision is a marriage of psychology and non-denominational spirituality. It brings about an understanding of oneself and others, and gives insight into the events of one’s life with ease and fun.

It is a healing model and a global community of like-minded people (friends helping friends) who teach and practice the model. It is a Transpersonal Psychology based on bonding, helping others and an evolution of love, happiness and peace. Some of PoV’s deepest work addresses the redemption of the Feminine.

A Path
of the heart

PoV is a path of the heart that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world through seminars and programs (both online and in person), one-to-one coaching, and its products and publications. It has helped people improve their lives, their businesses, their relationships and their health by giving them an understanding of themselves and others, and giving them increased awareness and understanding of the events in their lives.

The Three Elements
of PoV

Through working with PoV you can move beyond the barriers of nationality, culture, class, religious strictures and family “traps” to become a leader. It will help you to identify and express your gifts, and as you do this you naturally give permission to those around you to express theirs.



Improving your relationships is essential to your healing and happiness. PoV uses relationships as a path to awakening.

Every area of our lives involves relationship—relationship with ourselves, our family, friends and our community. Even our body is in relationship with our mind. These relationships reflect what we believe about ourselves and others and, if we wish, can show us who we are. They can be the quickest path to full self-awareness and happiness. As judgements, grievances and conflicts are illuminated and cleared, we move easily and naturally into more fulfilling, satisfying relationships as well as true peace and happiness.



Becoming a leader and helping others is the effective way to both help yourself and to change the world around you. PoV describes a leader as someone who is irresistible with integrity.

Leadership is the ability to give freely to any situation or person by being responsive rather than reactive in all relationships. Allowing ourselves to find our truth and happiness goes beyond culture and gender and leads naturally to leadership. Simply by discovering and being ourselves, we become examples to others and show the way. As we discover and step into our gifts, areas where we can lead show themselves.



Awareness of our spirit transforms our journey through life. Fulfilling our purpose becomes easier and sweeter.

PoV enables us to deepen our experience and understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings. Everything is spirit, and an understanding of ourselves as part of a larger Whole is a journey within reach for all of us. Through our life’s events, we are constantly given opportunities to recognize and connect with our spiritual self—if we are willing. As we perceive and integrate the various aspects of ourselves, this awareness awakens.

Each religion has its own definition of spirit, and PoV, which is non-denominational, makes no attempt to replace religion or define spirit for anyone. It encourages a holistic understanding of spirit which, when applied, leads to practical results in our daily lives.

Our Founders
Chuck and Lency Spezzano

Psychology of Vision was developed by Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D and Lency Spezzano, M.S. through their psychological practice. Between them, they have over 80 years experience in working with clients, developing and honing more efficient ways of working with the mind and utilizing grace to improve lives.

Their experience reconfirmed many of the core principles of visionaries of the past, including Freud, Jung, Frankl and Perls. The Spezzanos researched and developed methods and techniques that allowed them to work deeply in the mind with profound ease and speed.

Their work continually evolves as they train and heal people around the world.

Going Further with
Psychology of Vision

Once you’ve experienced PoV, you can continue to work at a deeper level. Some of our participants like to immerse themselves in this healing model to fully benefit from what it has to offer.

Meet Our Psychology of Vision

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