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June 11, 2020 6:28 pm Published by

TANTRIC SEX is the card of the day. It is where all boundaries disappear in love and a joining so profound that bodies are transcended and minds are joined as one. This gives rise to a bliss so profound that the Divine participates in our coming together. Today we can recognize that we are our… View Article



June 10, 2020 6:28 pm Published by

TRUE LOVE is the card of the day. It is the stepping forward toward and/or the finding of TRUE LOVE. It is meeting and having the life companion to learn your soul lessons on the way to Heaven on earth and then to Oneness. Today is a day to open yourself to joy as you… View Article



June 9, 2020 9:11 pm Published by

COMPASSION is the card of the day. It is a heart-opening day that takes us a step forward in our lives. This corrects an ego move that was painful but used by the ego to build dissociated independence, sacrifice and victimhood. In other words the ego used it to build itself at our expense. COMPASSION… View Article



June 8, 2020 4:05 pm Published by

HEALING THE NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT STORY is the card for today. This can be very frustrating until we discover that we are writing the story ourselves and maybe a number of these same stories. How is this effecting your life? What are you using it for? How many of these stories do you have?… View Article



June 7, 2020 6:07 pm Published by

THE 10 OF WANDS is the card of the day. This reflects success of such magnitude that it is almost overwhelming. Yet if there is to be a problem, this is a good one to have. Your ship has come in and it is a ‘treasure ship’. This is what you have been aiming for…. View Article



June 6, 2020 5:13 pm Published by

SURFING is the card of the day. SURFING is a card that that reflects moving easily through the waves of life. In Hawaii there is a saying which is, “The waves never stop so you might as well learn to SURF.” They also say, “If it swells ride it.” The lessons of life are always… View Article



June 5, 2020 6:05 pm Published by

HEALING DENIAL is the card of the day. We try to hide things from ourselves that we don’t feel ready to deal with but then those things come back to blindside us. Today is a day to see what we have been hiding from ourselves and to shine the light on them so that the… View Article



June 4, 2020 6:26 pm Published by

MIRACLE-MINDED FORGIVENESS IS ONLY CORRECTION. IT HAS NO ELEMENT OF JUDGMENT AT ALL is the card of the day and a quote from A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  It is neither condescension nor one that locks in the illusion of the past but the realization that we made up the event through projection and as an… View Article



June 3, 2020 5:50 pm Published by

IRREPRESSIBLE is the card of the day. It represents someone whose fun and happiness cannot be contained but spills over to all around. Today is a day to let mirth and fun run wild in the fields of joy. Have a beautiful day!!



June 2, 2020 6:14 pm Published by

FORGIVENESS is the card for today. It is the fundamental healing principle upon which all the rest are built. It is a giving-forth instead of a judgment and a withdrawal. What you hold against others you were already punishing and holding against yourself. FORGIVENESS frees you both. Anything you are holding against others is stopping… View Article

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