First Nations in Canada

First Nations – the first peoples of Canada — are made up of more than 200 culturally autonomous Indigenous communities that have unique languages and traditions. Some First Nations communities have been decimated by colonization, and many First Nations people have been negatively impacted by the residential school policy that separated First Nations children from their families and culture. This 130-year legacy (1870 – 1998) deeply impacted First Nations relationships, self-esteem, health and family bonding. Very few survivors are still alive today, although the post traumatic effects are still being experienced in the following generations.

First Nations & Psychology of Vision

Over 30 years ago, Chuck and Lency were inspired to work more closely with First Nations people. They had a vision which that compelled them to create a Fund) of supporting and empowering First Nations to heal, for as they did, future First Nations would lead the way on the planet through healing and reconciliation. As the Psychology of Vision healing model is being graciously welcomed in many First Nation communities, it brings healing and wholeness to families and individuals. Why? Because Psychology of Vision aligns with many First Nations beliefs and value systems. Chuck and Lency began working with communities through invitation, delivering trainings once or twice a year as a gift. Over the past three decades, thousands of First Nations people have received healing and training with the Psychology of Vision. The second part of Chuck and Lency’s vision has been to empower First Nations Trainers themselves to deliver PoV trainings to heal their own people locally. Psychology of Vision is dedicated to awakening and supporting the giftedness of indigenous peoples on the planet.

The First Nations Fund

The First Nations Fund was created to support the healing of First Nations so that they can teach and inspire their own people. Financial contributions are generously donated from each country where Psychology of Vision is taught around the world. Since its inception, the First Nations Fund has successfully graduated 40 First Nations people from the 100 Day program; ten of these graduates went on to become First Nations Trainers. Today, Babs Stevens, who is Haida from Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, continues to carry the Psychology of Vision healing into First Nations Communities.

The First Nations Fund is administered by First Nation Trainer Babs Stevens and Sidney Crosby Wiiganaad in Haida Gwaii.

First Nations Fund Application

If you belong to a First Nations community and plan to attend a Psychology of Vision seminar or Apprenticeship, you may apply for a subsidy from the First Nations Fund to help cover accommodation expenses. Applications are considered on an as-needed basis.
For more information or to apply, please contact Babs Stevens at

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