Going Further
With PoV

Once you’ve dipped your toe in the PoV pool you’ll want to dive in further and fully immerse yourself in the healing this model has to offer.

Your Next Steps with PoV

Once you’ve experienced PoV and recognised the extraordinary shifts that you can make you may well want to work at a deeper lever. Some people go for the full immersion, taking as many trainings and programs as they can as they watch their lives and relationships transform before their eyes. Others like to take regular maintenance to get themselves back on track.

Whichever way you want to go, the progression we offer through PoV offers a safe and solid solution – from finding our hidden gifts and stepping up into leadership in the many paths life has to offer, to finding that the person we married is after all our true love and devoted partner and to finding that success and happiness is our birth right.


Find below information about how you can progress through PoV if you would like to take this work further.

Check out the powerful 10-day Apprenticeship Seminars facilitated by Chuck and Lency in Hawaii. Requirements apply.


Take a few workshops and once you have 20 days under your belt and mastered some of the main PoV techniques you will be eligible to attend an Apprenticeship. Why the requirement? Sometimes it is good to be able to dive in and work at a deep level – once all the basic questions have been asked and answered participants feel more comfortable to head for a group mind that is more adventurous. The healing is profound and each day over the ten days the work goes deeper and deeper into the mind. The deeper in the mind the healing, the bigger the change in our world. These Apprenticeships are held three times a year. Check them out click here.

These programs offer the latest cutting-edge healing work and awakening processes developed by Chuck. We are excited to continue to bring in the Feminine in full force, as Lency has handed over the Feminine torch to the PoV Trainers and they will co-lead the feminine sections in these apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are the backbone to graduate from the Psychology of Vision 100-Day Program.

These seminars are la crème de la crème in taking a leap forward in becoming yourself.

Return to Oneness Program

A new PoV training program is now available to guide you, in depth, every step of the way on the ultimate healing journey: the Return to Oneness or as our growing number of friends call it R2O.

You will travel into the hidden, deepest unconscious parts of the mind to reach the highest, most joyful, and most connected parts of the Self.

This year long program is open to any passionate student of PoV.

Does this speak to you? Do you feel yourself ready to bite into something substantial that will nurture and support you for a quantum leap? Click here

If you are an advanced PoV student and you are ready for a steep learning curve in facilitating and are interested in teaching R2O Click here  – Note: only Trainers or Mastery Students can teach R2O.

100-Day Program

Psychology of Vision encourages each and every one of us, regardless of circumstances, to set personal and healing goals as high as we dare, and to take our place among those that came before us and make a difference in the world. The 100-Day Training Program calls upon a personal commitment to our own healing.

While it is normal for participants to experience significant benefits from their very first Psychology of Vision seminar, it is clear that the depth and resonance of the changes that occur increase dramatically with each exposure to the PoV work. Nearly fifty years of tracking participants has shown that there is a definite benchmark—a paradigm shift—that occurs at 100 PoV days. Once you become a 100-Day Program graduate, you also qualify for the Mastery Program.

Click here to email us.

Mastery Program

This is a year-long program for Graduates of the 100-Day Psychology of Vision Program. It was a visionary dream of Chuck & Lency that became reality: An advanced seminar for enthusiastic 100-day Program Grads. And what a Vision manifested!! It’s diving right in and into some of the most interesting territories in the mind without having to take time to explain the basics. This training is at the same level as PoV’s Trainers Training, but for people who don’t necessarily feel called to be a Trainer. It’s for those of YOU who want, above all else, to heal yourselves and awaken.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about this powerful year-long program. Click to email

If you are an advanced PoV student and you are ready for a steep learning curve in facilitating and are interested in teaching R2O Click here, Note: only Trainers or current Mastery students can teach R2O.


The PoV Trainers Training Program is for those who feel called to be a Trainer in the PoV model. To be clear, it is for the ones who feel called to be a teacher of God… You are on the path of continual purification towards becoming. If you want to dive deep, ongoingly and beyond limits, this if for you!

Click here to see the ones who have answered the call.

To become a Trainer, you will first need to graduate from 100 days of PoV trainings. You will need to have taught Return to Oneness at least once, and you will need to be attending the Mastery Program the year of your application. Then you submit your application to your local PoV Trainer community.

Once accepted as a Trainer you will continue to attend seminars and receive guidance and supervision. You will also be licensed to use the PoV logo and name, and be able to lead PoV seminars.

The PoV Trainer Community is a creative group of like-minded, yet unique, transpersonal healers. Our Trainers around the world are available to guide you to emotional awareness and be the catalyst for permanent change in your life.


Our Trainers are culturally diverse and committed to bridging our differences. What better way could there be to help others than by learning how to do that bridging ourselves? Psychology of Vision work goes deeper than culture, ancestry and gender.

Our Trainers are dedicated to the establishment of our local and global communities by healing our first group patterns, our family patterns. We use our Trainer group to develop community-building skills by healing our deep family patterns. Learning such skills prepares us for any conflict resolution work.

Each Is

Every PoV Trainer is unique, because Psychology of Vision work helps us become more our authentic selves. Our work is a purification process for becoming who we promised to be.

Trainers’ yearly requirements include attending an annual 10-day Trainers’ conference. Every year we are also required to attend a PoV seminar of at least 5 days, taught by a Master Trainer; every other year the seminar must be a 10-day Apprenticeship delivered by the founders. Each Trainer is mentored monthly by a more senior Trainer, and is also processed bi-monthly by a peer. We meet virtually, every month as a community in order to work together and heal our issues. In other words: we walk our talk!

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