While all of us have our own unfolding and life patterns April for the most part can be peaceful, serene and smooth sailing. Of course, there are those who are caught in high drama and “shticks” and using others to get attention but those are the exceptions. Responsibility for their situation is crucial because without it they stay caught in a victim mentality, the weakest position there is. Unbeknownst to themselves they have grievances and hidden purposes for the dark events and negative situations in their lives. It is important for us to bless these people as we all have been caught in this place at one time or another. Some people have just buried their emotions and grievances too long and it is now emerging as health issues or dark events.

In a quieter month such as April when there seems to be no major problems it is an important to relax, catch up with oneself, enjoy what is occurring and take the opportunity for healing and transforming whatever seems to be a problem in one’s life. It is a time when you can make conscious the subconscious and unconscious. This empowers us, heightens our awareness and adds to the flow in our lives. This allows us to say “yes” to the next step and move past our fear of change which is a core dynamic in any problem. Where we are righteous in any negative situation we are hiding guilt. Where we have grievances and judgment we have guilt. Every place we have guilt we are punishing ourselves but we are using it to fight Heaven by staying stuck. We are blaming Heaven and everyone though Heaven sees only our innocence. Guilt is the super glue that hides fear and our authority conflict.

When there is a peaceful month it is a good time to build intimacy and unity through cooperation. This coming together provides the basis of sharing which brings abundance.

April is also a good time to take a vacation or at least take a few days off to restore yourself. When we are not caught up in busyness, the intense hum of the world or issues to deal with it is easy to feel the closeness of Heaven. When this occurs we can feel the meaning Heaven provides through helping us to see and feel how we are all a part of each other. Let peace be with you this month as it brings health, joy, abundance and love. Let us count our blessings and bless others as all the blessings we give are added to us also. The opposite of this is complaining. The dynamics of complaining is that it is a form of attack coming from neediness, scarcity and most of all stinginess. We complain only when we are not giving. We complain when hidden inside we have the gift we are complaining isn’t being given to us. A problem is a form of complaint. Only by realizing that the ego holds us hostage, wants us to perceive ourselves as weak can we make a better choice. Thus the ego controls our perception and attempts to hide the gift inside. Only generosity will free us from feeling we are not getting enough. This can only happen if we are not giving to ourselves or if we are not giving to the one we are complaining to. Only by loving will we feel that we are given enough love.

May Peace and Blessings fill you this month.

Chuck Spezzano
The plane between Wuxi, China and Tokyo, Japan.

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