August is a month of possibility.
It can be a month where you finally take a long awaited step forward in your life.
It can be a month of harvest that extends through September and October.
It can be a very productive month in moving your life into the new level that you have been hoping for as a natural flow forward in your life occurs. New levels of happiness may open as your gratitude grows this month. Yet it is internally and spiritually where the real leaps show themselves. In August in spite of our busy world we remember Heaven more and more. We remember that love is what life and its lessons are all about. We invite Heaven and Its’ happiness into our mind more often while giving less allegiance to our ego.

 There are many opportunities in August to help others and as we do we are helped to the same degree. Helping others helps us realize that we are altogether on the same team here on “spaceship earth” as Buckminster Fuller used to call it. Unity brings abundance just as conflict brings scarcity. The winds of change are upon us. Ignorance wants to keep everything the same old way fed by our stubbornness and the fear of change. Those who persist in ignorance will tend to eventually lose all that they hold dear and will need to be rescued from their own poor choices. At the deepest level those who are this stubborn around us reflect our hidden adamantine attitude. We are called to bless and forgive these people and even feel gratitude for their reflecting what is buried within us. A Course in Miracles calls conflict and the authority issue the root of all evil. They are inextricably connected and at the deepest level hide our fear about whether we can handle change and the upliftment that is offered. Divest yourself of conflict. Taking the next step and asking for Heaven’s help is a giant step in transforming your fear. When there is only love there can be no fear.  

    What is possible this month is learning more about bringing in miracles for yourself and others. Meeting important people who can further your life purpose and natural abundance is also likely. In August there may be times of great love, immense joy and amazing creativity. The month of August can be like going into a cave and finding jewels of every color, shape and size. These are joyful iridescent experiences that can have a lasting effect in your life.    
    Every time you are feeling anything less than the joy that is always available turn your mind over to Heaven and ask for the comfort that is always present but needs to be invited in. Let this month be one where you invite abundance and happy surprises. Give yourself to life, your partner, your family and friends this month because that is where joy is. Especially give yourself to your calling because it is the one place where you can fully join with God and know your one mindedness, your power and your innocence.

Nightlight Newsletter
August 2019
Kahuku, Hawaii

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