In the beginning of February and through the first three weeks we are dealing with what we thought we needed to keep in the way of problems and issues to protect ourselves from freedom and our true identity. We have been defending an identity we built on self-deception, pain and victim stories. Yet where we have any willingness at all February becomes a time where we can clear and heal much of what we held onto out of fear that we couldn’t be who we really are and because we were afraid of being free. What comes back to us as a result are parts we considered dangerous that we rejected, judged and repressed in order to fit in. Until we accept, forgive and let go of the attachment we had to whatever made us reject these parts and integrate these parts back into us, we will stay in self-imposed cages. In the last week of February there is a clearing, a release of these self-imposed traps though those dedicated to knowing and being themselves will have already started this process in January. We have judged and condemned ourselves. We have tortured and punished ourselves for crimes that never happened neither against us nor by us. It was all a conspiracy against ourselves fearing our purpose and who we thought we were. We built a personality on a foundation of isolation, fear, guilt and being a victim which we then compensated for to hide this pain.

February can be a month in which we experience greater peace and greater love. If we live truly in February we will be heading into new territory on both inner and outer planes. Let us keep our sense of adventure and venture ourselves 

totally. There are also steps that could be taken to move us forward in money, in abundance in general and in love. The love we give to our partner, children, family and all those around us can invite Divine Love into our lives with its miracles, transcendence and discovery. As a result this can shorten time so we get to goals that lead us to Heaven on earth that much quicker. Let us not get lost but trust to our inner guidance to show us the way. There will be a number of times this month that can lead to rejoicing and the celebrations of inner victories. Celebrating is a good use of our time as it reinforces our success as we get to know our true self.

There is an important aspect to recognize both for February and for March. There are some people who came in with a very important purpose to help the world. These are the anointed ones. Yet like everyone else they were shy of their calling and used some incident to hide this from themselves in order to seek the approval of the world around them 

by being like everyone else so they could fit in. They made their life challenging or even difficult. But in these next two months they are called to recognize that they are truly blessed and to let their life be a treasure boat so they can achieve what they were assigned to accomplish. This may be one of the hardest things that they have ever done but it will also be the truest. If we are true to ourselves and to Heaven we will be happy in spite of our circumstances. This is a crucial part of our function because it helps the whole world.

Where our life has been painful or difficult we will find hidden revenge against our parents that carries over to revenge against the world and Heaven. Yet it was simply a fear of us being who we came to be.  

In A Course in Miracles it states that the only question we ever need ask ourselves is, “Do I want to know my Father’s

 Will for me?” It states He revealed it to Jesus because Jesus asked it of Him and learned what God had already given. We are God’s beloved children. Valuelessness and self-attack are of the ego and they have no aspect of truth. It is because of our unworthiness that we treat ourselves so poorly as demonstrated by everything untoward that happens to us. Today and this month it is important to learn that we are God’s treasure and to treat ourselves accordingly relinquishing all the unworthiness the ego uses to keep us in strife, scarcity and pain. These emotions are not the truth. We are God’s beloved. Let us see ourselves as God sees us.

Chuck Spezzano
Kahalu’u, Hawaii  

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