February is an interesting month in that there are two distinct energies, one for the first ten days, with a transition for a few days, then the explosive rest of the month. The first ten days carry an energy of discipline and focus. It is as if we are in a rocket traveling on a set trajectory. This is time to focus on our goals in order to move forward quickly. Then we are shot out into a time where there is a profusion of energies. It is like the riot of life that occurs in Spring with all of its life generating juices. If you are off your center it can be confusing as you are batted around by the primal forces at work. It can also be both creative and free if you apply yourself in some chosen area in the plethora of choices available. What do you want for yourself? You can set your mind for how you want February to be for you now and every time you think of the month you can set your mind to what you want once again.

In February there will be deep, endearing experiences with friends both new and old. You can be the one to bring the love and fun. Still if there is to be romance for Valentine’s Day or any time throughout the month it will be what you bring to it.

It is now time to realize that world events are being influenced by the collective unconscious of humanity. This ranges from the fires in Australia to the epidemic out of Wuhan. We are all responsible and thus able to respond. We could forgive these and upcoming events asking Heaven to supersize the effect of our forgiveness. We could bless these collective challenges to dissolve the many thousands of layers of illusion that go into making such a collective experience from all of our minds, the land itself and what is unhealed from the old and ancient past of humanity. We could use Words of Power to help peel back collective beliefs about illness, loss and tragedy. Words of Power such as, “This need not be!” or “I rest in God,” (A Course in Miracles) knowing God has such events handled. We can follow His inspiration as what is happening is in our best interest for finding and healing ourselves.

In many spiritual texts it states that we can call on God for help and as a loving Father He won’t refuse us in our need. We are slowly entering a time where the macadam of our conscious and subconscious mind are “potholing” the road of our mind with unconscious openings. We closed our mind out of fear of the “demons, dragons and treasures” of the unconscious. Yet we need full access to traverse our mind to reach the higher mind. If we use shamanic power it can only begin to cope with such unconscious forces. Mastery and partnership with Heaven is needed to successfully deal with this depth of the mind. This means walking a healing path with Cosmic Friends while learning of spiritual power and the gifts within you. What is happening in your life is for your benefit. There are lessons to learn and powerful soul gifts to open. There are new levels of peace to attain and the fields of joy to experience. We can be crushed by tragedy or let Heaven show us an easy, grace-filled way forward.

We have all been trying to get “things” outside us. When we didn’t get them we suffered as a result of our desire to take them. We held on to what we lost and wasted time when we could have let go and experienced a renaissance. You can look back at the things you wanted in your life that you didn’t get or suffered acutely for their loss. Would those things have made you happy? Or would they have been a dependency, distraction and delay? In the evolution of your soul you are called to let go of dependence and dissociated independence for interdependence. You wanted those things so badly to fill empty spaces inside you. If you could actually see deep within, you really want only what brings you joy on a continuous basis. If you are trying to get something you become depressed and disillusioned with the world whether you get it or not. Yet that is only because you are trying to get from it what you were meant to give. We are all learning. There is a curriculum for each one of us. As we progress our awareness and our consciousness grow. We can leap forward at times. Heartbreaks are unlearned lessons waiting to be healed so that we can return to love, bonding and happiness. Our heartbreaks show our mistakes and the idols we have coveted that disillusioned us.

We will eventually learn that what we seek is not in this material world. It is in the spiritual realm of love, service, joy and creation. It is a spiritual healing path that brings fulfillment. At some point in our soul’s journey we will awaken. It will be like awakening from a dream. We will be back in the Garden. We are called to transcend this world we experience by knowing its falsity. When we stop investing in the world as if it were our Source we find we cannot suffer. We can learn the lessons of healing and invest in love and service. The rest we naturally relinquish at some point as unimportant and so open ourselves to fully receive all that Heaven is giving us. We will give up desire and resistance. We will have joy and generosity in their place. Judgment will be eschewed for innocence and helpfulness. We will recognize that how we see others is how we see ourselves. We will decide to love with all of our heartmind rather than surreptitiously trying to take.

February is a month to learn the lessons that help us awaken, that graduate us past every fear of death so we can live a powerful life full of miracles as a bridge between Heaven and earth. Be the love you want from others. Express the beauty of life that is within you waiting to be unleashed and awaken a tired world. Give your heart fully and it will come back to you multiplied. Let Heaven pour its grace and largesse through you. Be Heaven’s nipple and you will know the joy of blessing others with Divine nurturing and the light inside you will grow. Change is coming. Be your best self because you will be a force of life in a world caroming toward death. You will be awakened in a world of sleepwalkers.

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