In the first few days of January unconscious energies can pour through for a few people to face and heal but other than that January is meant to be a Tabula Rasa, a clean slate. All problems that we face have their roots in the past. All we see and experience in the world is our past and ancient past coming back to finally be healed. January has an atypical start in that none of that in truth applies. We are meant to have a complete new beginning in January, a renaissance in our lives. We will be lifted out of the ruts we have been stuck in as a result of our fear of change. In January we can begin anew. 

We can give up the ego we have built with its attack and self-attack.  We can give our mind over to the Tao, the Holy Spirit to have our stories be ones of rebirth, abundance and health. We can join our will with Heaven’s. It’s been our ego’s will that has led to our imprisonment but Heaven offers a path of ever greater freedom.

If there are issues after the first three days it shows key dynamics from our past. These are major belief systems that make up our ego. It is rooted in a wound and grievance and others now experience it as wounding them though we are in denial and feel justified in how we act.  We are using what is caused by them for some payoff such as getting either positive or negative attention for specialness, to try to pay off guilt, 

to take revenge or as a form of self-attack, to express our feeling sorry for ourselves or to express the depression of a loss we have refused to let go of. It could be the continuation of a fight that we are attached to rather than to simply let it go or because we are using our problems as our excuse not to succeed because we are too frozen with fear.

The past is over. We no longer need it. Only if we align with our ego that doesn’t have our best interest at heart will things go badly. The ego will make us pay for our unholy alliance with it by our sacrifice and suffering which suits it just fine.

This month there can be hauntingly beautiful experiences. These open us deeply to love and self-love. Heaven wants to give us everything and knows what would motivate us to continue on our path of freedom and joy. It is important to measure our life against happiness. If we are not happy we are responsible for having made mistaken choices. Too many times it seems impossible to change and we feel sorry for ourselves as a victim in our own lives not realizing that we are ones writing the story. If we take responsibility we can ask the Tao and Holy Spirit to change it for us and teach us what it is that we need to learn. “Ask for light and learn you are light.” A Course in Miracles,T-8.III.1:3. Only the Tao’s or the Holy Spirit’s teaching will release our egoic will and join our true will with God’s Will. If we are willing and courageous and recognize that Heaven walks with us

 there can be one hundred eighty degree turns in areas where we have been stuck or failing in our life. There can be turns toward health, abundance and intimacy. There can be upgrades in our spirituality which is to say upgrades in our joy and happiness. Laughter and blessings will increase.

This year is a year we are called to embrace our spiritual destiny. Each of has come to be a spiritual prince or princess and to let our peace radiate out to free the world.

January is meant to be the beginning of a whole year we have committed to healing, joining, love and connection to God. This allows us to give passionately but not get attached to the results. It is the passionate giving and the willingness to receive that makes our life a delight. Everything else is the ego’s notion of sacrifice that humanity is addicted to. Let Heaven guide you and decide all things. Learn to listen and discern the Holy Spirit’s Voice from that of the ego. Your commitment to Heaven says that you are willing to listen. Your purpose is freedom for both yourself and others and this comes from truth which brings ease. Connection and truth naturally go together. This is a year of uplifting experiences which will come from our efforts toward truth and bonding.  In January especially everything is meant to be done through grace. If it’s difficult, know that there is an ego agenda involved and you can stop investing in it. The results tell you whether you listened to your higher mind or to the ego. When the results are bad, you can keep asking yourself, “What do I want?” Each time you do it takes onionskin after onionskin off the situation and our hidden choices that led to it. We are called to give up where we are feeling sorry for ourselves as that leads only to depression. As A Course in Miracles states when we want only love that is all that we will see.

This year can be one filled with grace and gifts. It is one meant to be a channel of Divine Love and heavenly delights. Friendship, love, grace and miracles are meant to highlight this year. Will you sing the song of your soul that you came to earth to sing? This song is a song of life and love. What are you waiting for? The world needs you if it is to be helped once more. All of the ego’s best traps can be let go of this year. Don’t be dismayed when anything dark shows up. Turn it over quickly to let Heaven undo it. It can be gone quickly, and as a result your awareness of being one with Heaven will grow. Bless everyone and everything especially when you are tempted to judge as that leads only to greater guilt and suffering on everyone’s part. Blessing helps you learn that crucial lesson in life that everything that occurs is either love or a call for help. When we learn this it will uplift and help us and others instead of us feeling burdened and downtrodden. The ego’s way is dis-spiriting us leading us to feel tired and disheartened. Invite  all the grace, abundance and love that Heaven has for you every night and at the beginning of every day.  Share it to increase it. There is an upswing of vitality this month if you are ready to receive it as well as  answers that come from  listening to any guidance about how to multiply strength in your life. To the extent that you passed the test in December you will naturally be open for the bounty of January and 

the new level that is available. Starting this month there can be a fine start to a fine year. It is important to know that when you are stuck, depressed or suffering it can all be changed as you look at it from Heaven’s perspective. There is no place the light is not! Ask for the light so your mind can be uplifted and look at the world with eyes full of love and light.

Have an amazing month.

Chuck Spezzano
Kahalu’u, Hawaii  

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