July is a month of opposites. It is a time of happy get-togethers. It is a time of intense healings and 

realizations for some that can open new vistas and greater love. On the other hand the chaos in the world seems to be growing. Clashing interests lead to conflict each side believing they are dead right. More ignorance, corruption and greed will come to light. The god of depression is celebrating. Besides being on a path of healing the only thing that can make a difference is to realize that our life is a video game of learning and that as we learn and transform, our lives begin to change and improve.

    For the misery in the world what is needed is a new level of partnership with Heaven. As we reaffirm this crucial relationship the god of depression fades away. We take on a new perspective—that of the spiritual. Worldly success is good but you can’t take it with you. And it is small comfort next to the joy and love that is available to us on a daily basis. We spend a third or more of our lives building our ego which is actually all the walls we have between us and others, Heaven and our own self. If you add the spiritual dimension to your game of life you have a new perspective. You play from a higher level. You know that love is most important and that what you hold against others you hold against yourself because your blame is equal to your hidden guilt. In the spiritual realm these are illusions of the ego to keep you locked in a world of glamourings and disillusionment, of fights and loss. This could easily be a month of miracles that come from your and Heaven’s Love together as well as your faith to see beyond the illusions presenting themselves. Miracles are our heritage repressed until now. Let embracing this heritage begin a new and happy chapter in our life this month.  

    We live in a Death World but as we evolve it can become a Heavenly World. Caught between Heaven and the hells of our own making we are forever called to uplift ourselves and other in blessed change. We are called to keep our promise to help those around us and help the world. Heaven is always helping us with grace, guidance and miracles as is Its Nature. But we can help God. We can help God by helping His Children. “Look with peace upon your brothers, and God will come rushing into your heart in gratitude for your gifts to Him.” A Course in Miracles, T-10.V.7:7.

    If you are succeeding outwardly there will be expansion in your life. If you are succeeding inwardly you will have a stronger more personal relationship with Heaven so that you will be receiving the sustenance, courage and miracles for your life and that of others. Grace will sustain you. Love will bring you beauty. This is a month to remember all that you promised to contribute in order to save others. Every time you were wounded was just a person you had promised to save. It was their call for help. If you don’t save them you take on their 

pain. Our pain shows a crossroads where we could’ve helped and kept a promise but instead used it as an excuse to separate and be independent. We are still paying for those mistakes by being off the track until we go back to the crossroads and bring up a soul gift we had brought in for that very occasion and accept Heaven’s gift for that time. This would save the day for everyone releasing our pain, dissociation, fear, inadequacy, loss, guilt, abandonment and rejection as we restore bonding at a whole new level and help the others in that situation. This wins us back more peace and wholeness. This brings back more love and self-love.

    May your life be filled with miracles and may you share your love until it overflows like the grace of Heaven.

Nightlight Newsletter
July 2019
North Shore, Oahu

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