What is of greatest importance to you shows itself in June. Your heart is touched. You play for real. You share your real self.
    The dozens of shells you built around yourself to survive and stay strong are no longer needed.  If you have the courage you can come out of your shells and be yourself without all of the guilt used to 

cement them. The pain may come out from the original experience that locked you in a shell yet this time you can be courageous to give through the pain and know yourself by your giving. Your heart will grow. You have the opportunity to choose again and this time you can go up Heaven’s path.

Both you and Heaven have gifts as a signing bonus to follow the path of truth and let go of any judgment or self-attack still eating away at you from that time. The people you suffered from were always only ever crying for help… your help. You can choose again. You can choose not to use this event to separate, withdraw and build your ego from pain. You can follow Heaven’s path and open your heart wider. You can open your heart out of love and the fear shells will crack all over the world as others are in concert and inspired by you.

   You can make this a way of life. You can learn that time is for healing and bringing happiness. Every heartbreak and trauma can be reversed. I know you might say, “I wouldn’t change anything because it made me who I am today.” Yet

, so much of that is compensation over the wounds and there is no reward for compensation as they are a defence. You are so much more than who you think you are. You are great. You are love. You are spirit. The shells that formed when you suffered have belittled and imprisoned you. You are God’s child. You deserve the universe. Have the courage to give up your littleness and find who you really are! The pain was a mistake. Nothing painful happened without your choice for independence but that makes you dissociated and cut off from your heart. The separation was a mistake.
All pain and problems you suffer now are from those early separations and sufferings because they still affect and program you even under the shell of dissociation. You need not suffer them any longer.

   You can change the mistakes of the past and your present will change as well. What was not happy in your life is an illusion. You can ask to truly understand what happened in the woundings you suffered in the past and the understanding will bond you and free you from pain. You can discover your and Heaven’s gifts for you and share them with everyone in the old painful scenes and save those in them from themselves.

    Intuit and embrace the gifts you turned away from back then and share them with everyone in that past scene. Imagine following Heaven’s path all the way up to the present. Then look back on your life having gone Heaven’s path and enjoy the change.

    Look back at the major themes and traumas of your life such as heartbreak, revenge, self-destructiveness, scarcity, fear, guilt, hatred and self-hatred. You have major gifts buried under these wounds. You can heal the effects of fighting parents, divorce, believing you were unwanted, abandoned or broken. You can heal even where selves died and other selves within took up the slack though you were never quite the same afterwards. All of that can change if you have the courage to open those shells, relinquish the guilt and let go of the littleness and dissociated independence for interdependence and having your heart back. You can breakout of those prisons you didn’t even know you were caught in. Your heart is what brings you back to life. It’s not too late. Restoration is Heaven’s Will for you and it’s your true will for yourself. It’s now time to save your own life from what you are complaining about.

June is a great month. It is about your greatness and letting go of what you gave up out of fear of it.

Your life awaits you. The world needs you. Knock ‘em alive! You deserve nothing less than the best that life has to offer. Because God Himself as Life Itself is always offering Life to you.

Chuck Spezzano
June 2019
Marktheidenfeld, Germany

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