March is a month of us bridging to others, us bridging to ourselves and us bridging to Heaven. These bridges can bring success and a new windfall in abundance. In A Course in Miracles it states that the Voice for God is as loud as your willingness to hear it. These are answers to your problems as well as ideas that can touch your heart. Every answer is given to you if you have the willingness to hear. You would have to give up your attachments to being right and having things your way to be able to hear the truth. To listen and really hear the guidance that is being given to you is to change yourself to a better way. But March is also a month of inspirations and the upliftment that comes from them so be ready for them.

We are God’s children. We are His beloved. We could let ourselves be comforted. We could let ourselves be held in the warm embrace that heals. We could receive every answer and let go of our attachments to the world and our ego that keeps us stuck. Heaven has an answer for you that is a better way. If you sit with a quiet mind long enough the answer will come to you if you can let go of your attachments. While this month is a month of action it is the quiet time and the quiet mind that makes all the difference. Meditate, take walks in nature, so that the answers you need may come to you.

The biggest challenge in March is that the walls of your life may seem to push in on you. When opposite walls push in on you you can feel like you are being crucified in between. This can lead to a chaotic thought system which then leads to meaninglessness, high stress and the desire to die. Ask yourself how many selves are crucified right now in this regard. Call in the angels to take you down from the cross and blow the sacred breath of life into you where they have expired. The angels will surround you with their wings and with Divine Love until all of these selves grow up to your present age and melt back into you reconnecting wires in your heart, mind and body. The angels can also fly you beyond this place where the walls seem to be closing in on you restoring meaning. At an everyday level you can choose to keep saying, “Yes,” to life, to yourself and to the next step, you can say, “Yes,” to God’s Will and the Tao which contains only love and happiness for you.

In March you may be thrown into a depth of the mind where you become super sensitive. This may show up as deep fear or sickness, where you can suffer physically or emotionally over the smallest things out of place. This can make you hurt and angry and you can displace it on those around you where the astral energy can come through you in a toxic way. This can easily turn into illness where you are calling for help but not getting the help you need. It can make you angrier because you feel too much which leaves you in bouts of anguish. In A Course in Miracles it states that all forms of sickness are not of the body but of the mind where your mind is split and does not accept a unified purpose. The unification of purpose is the only way the Holy Spirit heals. The re-establishing of meaning in a chaotic thought is the way to heal and one the Holy Spirit provides for the asking. Our part in this is to commit to meet the conditions of meaning.

Also, what can be of use this month is our own manifesting. This is utilizing the power of our mind to have things unfold in a true way. Manifesting is seeing what you want to occur, feeling it, sensing it, or even hearing people congratulate you for succeeding. Manifesting is a power you are called to use with integrity or it can “blow back” on you. You can use your limitless mind especially for love, happiness and peace. All three of these can heal your illnesses. And as I have said before the best times to manifest, though any time actually works, is when the mind is most open when you have just woken up or you are about to fall asleep.

This can be a challenging month but one that also has great opportunity and reward. Sickness shows a place where you are stuck and where you are afraid to waken. Let yourself be comforted in order to heal the old or ancient need that has come to the surface. Heaven is on your side. Do not be blindsided by the process of the month. Your awareness allows you to manifest so that it be smooth sailing as you avoid the rocks and the reefs. Invest in smooth sailing but if it’s a rocky month learn the ways you can heal yourself. In the Bible it states that Jesus said to accomplish all things in his name. This is another powerful way to heal and transform. We are all on a path of healing and to know and embrace this makes life that much easier. When you have painted yourself into a corner as the old adage says, look up. The answers not common on an everyday level are accomplished on a spiritual level.

Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D. © 2019
Nightlight Newsletter
March 2019
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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