May can be an amazing month. It is meant to be a month of transition even transcendence but if you make bad choices or think judgmental thoughts it can be less than stellar reduced from 5 to 10% of what’s possible.

It is best to turn your mind over to Heaven and its guidance and keep repeating as A Course in Miracles suggests, “A happy outcome to all things is assured.”

These can be used as Words of Power to decimate any dark thoughts or experience any time you use them with your own strong intention and asking for Heaven’s help.

Life can become quite busy in May but any peace you have gathered in April can sustain you with grounded centredness in May.
May is meant to be a month of beauty and courage.
It is meant to be a time of flowering and personal growth.

There may be places that call for courage and generosity but the rewards can be great as a result. Aim for intimacy and tenderness and it will be a two-for-one where you receive success as a side benefit.

Kindness and comforting others, which may not be a big thing to you, in the giving could make all the difference for others and it opens you to receive to the same extent.

There is a strong energy of brilliance and inspiration this month leading to renewal and flow. The energy of May can also bring about humor and hilarity. Enjoy the blossoming and the sweetness that is available with friends, family and your beloved. Heaven may seem closer than usual this month and the possibility of disengaging from the video game of the world to engage in a more fun, spiritual perspective is offered. This protects you from the allurement of the world and its games and idols which you can let go of in exchange for peace, health and fulfillment.

What is possible this month is the in love feeling that comes with a person, a new job or a move as a happy chapter opens in your life. Enchantment is in the air but it is based strongly in appreciation and recognition of the indebtedness of gratitude we owe to all.

When there is a peaceful month it is a good time to build intimacy and unity through cooperation. This coming together provides the basis of sharing which brings abundance.

Life wants to bless you this month. Heaven wants to bless you this month. Yet it is the joy you give to others that makes you available to accept the joy from Heaven. Your openness, generosity and availability to all that life and love has to offer you this month can make this month full of the richness of life as well as have you recognize the power, prosperity and creativity of your own mind. It can be much more evident to you that there is a Heaven this month and that God is your Beloved, your dearest Friend ever. He is That Which underlies your very being. He is trying to give you the deed to the universe if you would only give generously to receive it. This month the fragrance of love wants to transport you into higher realms.

Walk in nature. Enjoy good company. All of this is passing but it is a reminder, a slight taste of what awaits you. Help those who need it. Give yourself to this video game of life. It is where you are meant to learn of exquisite joy and the crucial lessons in your soul’s advancement. Increase your ability to give and receive. But never forget this is just a 3-D world and Reality awaits you beyond this veil. And that is a place full of Love and joyful light.

This month receive the Blessings and Miracles available to you.

Chuck Spezzano
May 2019
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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