We are being asked to change.

At this point we are being asked to change politely.
It could be much worse.
We can use this month as an opportunity to slow down and to get in touch with ourselves, with each other and with Heaven.
We have been rushing forward in the name of success, but we have been looking in the wrong places and had a cyclopean view of what success is.
We are called to look inside and not take ourselves or our lives for granted.
We are not called to live a life of trivia or greed.
We are not made to look outside ourselves for our happiness, as that leads to disappointment, disillusionment and heartbreak. On the other hand we are called to learn how we can connect beyond these frail ego barriers of our bodies and find the love that bonds us.
We are all living out scripts that our ego made, while Heaven has one script for us: to wake up and realize we are home.


We live by drama rather than creativity.
We live by scarcity rather than by sharing.
We live by hatred as if it were another that caused our loss, while our subconscious hid all of our collusional participation.
We live by fear rather than by reaching out.
We live by our excuses rather than by heroic leaps.
We pretend we are small when we are actually great.
We live by superiority to assuage our feelings of being inferior.
We attempt to dominate while secretly hiding our desire for submission.
We live our lives which are for the most part compensations to hide feelings of guilt and failure, so we really don’t receive from or enjoy what we do.
We don’t know intimacy, or the true meaning of success.
By having so much control our lives have gotten out of control. April can be a month that we use for peace and what brings peace, or we will be swept along by fear. We live at such a fast pace in order to avoid our fear of death. But this pace attracts death. It hides a death temptation. April is not meant to be a month of death temptation. It is meant to be a month of birth invitation. We are meant to correct our direction and change our lives.


Being quarantined is about learning intimacy with those closest to us. When we go “stir crazy” it is because we cannot stand our own company. If you go inside deep enough past the dark fabricated clouds of the ego you will know there is only light and Heaven has it all handled. You will be graced with light and those around you will be freed of their chains of despair because you welcomed the light.


Relax; go inside. Say to every thought that crosses your mind, “This thought reflects a goal that keeps me from peace.” After 15-20 minutes you will be so peaceful that you can receive the light of Heaven’s Love for you. At that point many things will become clear. About yourself. Those around you and about where you are heading. Practice this every day.

The Collective Unconscious

We as part of humanity have had the courage to now open the collective unconscious for cleaning. This is where the pandemic comes from. To open the collective opens Pandora’s box full of fear and disaster, but we can now use that to heal, transform and correct our course. These ancient darknesses have been part of our mind that has obscured the way back to Heaven. What is occurring now is actually to help our homecoming, not to hinder it.


Receive the blessing showered on you by Heaven and by all who love you and carry you in their hearts. Be not afraid. Witness the birth that begins in your heart. And as A Course in Miracles states,

“Let your world be gently lit by miracles.”

Chuck Spezzano
Nightlight Newsletter
April 2020
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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