The winds of change have come

and continue to blow in April. This is an ever-brightening month with one dark spot that is more collective than personal. Maybe if enough of us forgive or bring the light to this collectively invited dark spot it may well dissolve beforehand. Collective events are opportunities to heal the wounds of history, which are conflicts that are still within us. April as a much brighter month continues the unfolding that began even before March. April is meant to be a spectacular month for all involved and for those not involved who are following the herd there may be some spectacular losses. Death is still stalking yet only comes at one’s invitation. Choose life. Choose love at every moment and you can easily learn whatever lesson comes at you. Recognize that ignorance seems to act evilly but it is still just ignorance and the ignorant can learn if there is any willingness and a patient, loving teacher. Everyone is redeemable.


April could easily be a leap forward for those going in the right direction. This is an important time to have faith toward the truth; to focus your mind and not waste it on all the distractions, to stay balanced and not overwork and not to go into indulgence. There is an openness in April that brings transformation to some of the most chronic life patterns. When you get caught in tragedy, futility, utter boredom, valuelessness or meaninglessness it is crucial to learn that if you love to the fullest extent it heals and protects you from the trap and pain that would ordinarily occur. This could be a month where forgiveness is so total that holiness comes as a result and all of your past experiences and perceptions are purified and transformed. So many lessons can be learned, so many gifts hidden under old distress can come to light to bless your life and that of others. The negativity that hides truth can be brought to the highest level of perception. All that is untrue and painful is easily lifted with forgiveness. Everything is made safe, happy and whole if you use forgiveness to welcome truth and invite love.

April is meant to be a month of chapters coming to conclusion. Hidden patterns from childhood will be revealed and re-patterned with truth for a better knowledge of your life’s meaning. This frees you and lightens the load you have been carrying in your life out of self-blame. What is complete opens the way for a new level. This is the level you’ve been working for and always wanted to reach. Let go of the past both how good it was and how tough it was so this new chapter can come to light. Let everything flow into the next chapter. It is not just a step up on the outside it is a step up on the inside as well. Into your life comes new success, new problems and new responsibility. It also brings new confidence and a stronger, fuller presence that brings joy and creativity. In spite of new things to deal with there can be more time for leisure, family and enjoyment where you can feel the closeness of Heaven. Love everyone and everything and you will feel no fear and no hurt.


Faith is the other crucial lesson for this month. It turns any untoward event into, “All’s well that ends well.” April can be a month of completion, the splashdown of a successful soul mission. It can be a new level of intimacy and Divine Love, a significant cleansing of past perceptions and a collective step toward partnership nationally and internationally. So much can come together this month. Unexpected help comes. Poignant goodbyes, hellos and renewal in relationships occur. Partnership only works where there is dedication to a convergence of interests until mutuality is achieved. The amount of grace coming this month provides for the healing of old and ancient patterns of defeat and darkness. This success might gain all your attention if that were the end goal. But that is only the precursor of what is to come. Seams of light trickle through the darkness of your mind. And where you had gotten lost in the depth of darkness and refusal, there is a reversal of that ancient willfulness. Levels of obstinacy melt away as you realize how you have been fighting love out of allegiance to your ego. All of the healing this month comes from your commitment to the pathway to wholeness and your thirst for truth. We begin to realize that what we really want is to take our place in the Oneness of this Love That would be incomplete without us. The solidity of the dream world we took on as reality begins to assume the more dreamlike quality it actually is. Some are even able to have moments where the ring of fear that makes the guilt that miscreates the world of illusions is cleared like a pathway through a hedge into an stunningly beautiful garden. Choose to be one of those who are so blessed to find way through so that you never again forget where you are heading and why you have committed so utterly to the truth. In April a Remembrance occurs so that we find and know where we are on the way home. And if you find yourself on this journey with another or with a group or a community count yourself that much more blessed. The more bonding and innocence you have the luckier you are. The more you are unafraid of the creative force wanting to use you the more you will invite it for the love and fulfillment it brings. The more you have faith in grace the more it will build the self-love and awareness of your being that can be shared as the power that transforms to bring peace and joy. It is this that brings us to the here and now instead of rushing off to the next part of our schedule.

In general April brings culmination in whatever you have been building. This can be an exciting month as things go more deeply inward or accelerates you as move forward.

May the blessings and joy of love be yours this month as it is readily available to receive. Let your life and relationship have the renaissance it deserves.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
April 2021
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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