April is a healing month.

So much grace is available to change your life if you are not afraid to change. If you are willing to give up hidden grievances, revenge, guilt that was never true and finally fear you can be healed. You are asked to let Heaven bring change to you. Everything can slow down in a good way but it needs to start with your mind. In this calm God and eternity can be glimpsed. The peace of God is like an emerald stream passing through a meadow full of flowers and into a serene forest that becomes like paradise. There are fish and frogs, dragonflies, lizards and you feel enchanted by the stream of peace that is like Heaven on earth. You are being carried deeply into your more quiet mind. The outside may at times be busier but it is tranquil within. No matter how much is untoward in your life you can be at one within. Grace moves you. You are accepted and accepting. You are at the center of the flow that is the Tao. There is nothing that needs pushing and very little that needs doing. The transition to a better life can be smooth and easy. You have recognized the need for balance and in the quiet depths of awareness the opening to guidance emerges from within. In April many connections and insights can come about that spur initiative and action for change and you can welcome it rather than doing it. Big changes can come easily though not totally unexpected. New perspectives, new goals and new horizons come to mind as a result of your choice for them.

All problems have their roots in the past but if you are giving it all in your life in the present, the past has so much less effect. It seems at this time in the world people are more willing to choose to live in partnership and balance. We are getting to see the effects of win-lose thinking through this war and what happens as a result of someone’s maturity getting arrested. This is the beginning of the world turning away from and no longer justifying invasion, attack and hatred.

Without living your purpose and having a happy relationship in life, there is not much of a chance for happiness. Healing brings these back to the forefront of your life. The changes, even the losses that are occurring this month, are meant to clear the way for a renaissance in your life. Let go. Trust the process. Learn the lessons. Give up the attachments. They make you feel like a loser. If you have been avoiding your lessons the changes can seem drastic and uncalled for but they are necessary to break your heart open from the shell you have cast it in. Heaven wants the best for you. Now it’s time for you to want the best for you. When your wishes align with God’s Will, the Tao makes the transition smooth and easy with loving support. This includes the comfort of friends and the confidence that comes of giving yourself to truth.

When dark things happen to you, you are attempting to pay off guilt. This is usually the guilt hiding under your blame and grievances. Blame and judgment are what are what’s causing your pain and problems. Guilt always hides in their basement. Guilt is the misperception used to hide your fear. When the road to Heaven seems impossible and your path is full of difficulty and suffering, you are afraid of Heaven and of losing yourself. But losing yourself is the whole purpose of life: to replace who you thought you were with love and Heaven instead. The idol of self-concepts is the false god at the root of all idols. Each healing means there is less of your ego and more of Heaven with its incumbent joys and the success that comes of joining and unity. Your resistance to giving up your independence that is really your ego which you built with your blood, sweat and tears, makes you afraid of change. Its dissociation makes you stubborn, afraid of truth and gives you distrust both of others and the way forward. The final result is the authority conflict, the root of all evil.

You give yourself problems to delay what you really want which is love as well as to delay what you think Heaven wants for you. You do this out of fear of what you think you would lose. Your ego always attempts to win or win by losing but if you get a second opinion from your higher mind you would then know there is nothing of value to lose as you recognize truth. You are the cause when your way is difficult but you have hidden this deep in your mind. There is a split between your conscious mind and what you have hidden in the subconscious which is much bigger than your conscious mind. It is possible in April to find where you have been fighting against yourself. This is an important discovery. All of the conflict, sabotage and betrayal in your life has actually been you against yourself. Who needs enemies when you are your own worst enemy? You can ask how many layers of your mind where you have been against yourself and invite the Tao, the Holy Spirit into this attack on yourself however many layers it goes down in your mind. The Tao and Holy Spirit is Oneness bringing Love and operating in the realm of separation. It welcomes Wholeness Itself and heals the splits, bringing peace and love.

You may also discover in the healing month of April levels of hopelessness in regard to some area of your life that you feel will never get better. Do not resign yourself as this is set-up by your ego to guard its heartbreaks, guilt and beliefs in sin that keep you stuck and your ego strong. Instead you can imagine that the hopelessness you feel is a ring of emotional fire around you. Then ask yourself who it is that needs your help. Would you let this emotional fire stop you or would you step through it to help those who need you? If any hopelessness remains simply repeat the exercise until the hopelessness is completely gone and the flow moves you forward once more.

April can bring completion and holiness in that it can usher in a new feeling with different and unique awareness. This can lead to new levels of freedom, brotherhood and unity. Some things such as invasion and outright aggression will no longer be condoned or tolerated by our collective consciousness leading to a new ethic of unity and commonwealth in the world. Consciousness is rising. Levels of greed and consumerism at others’ expense will be judged and found wanting as equality grows. Spirituality and compassion are once again unfolding bringing new levels of mutuality and happiness.

God is the first Cause. He is the Cause of healing and through the Holy Spirit He sends miracles to uplift and transform. The split in your mind between truth and illusions is melted away by the remembrance of God. As you remember Love there is nothing to fear. It dispatches attack and problems. In the Face of Love, the ego and its problems dissolve. If you don’t resist you can finally let yourself be loved and cherished this month. This is your healing month. Embrace it. Take advantage of it. This is the time to take a big step in your homecoming and as a result your path can become finer and richer.

Rest in Your Father’s Arms.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
April 2022
North Shore, Oahu

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