April 2023

April is a month of flourishing. It is a month of new growth that began with the steps you made in planting the seeds and having them sprout. This is also the best time to pull weeds you may have inadvertently planted and subconsciously nurtured. Easy-peasy! Your choice is your power to bless that which moves you forward. Or pull up what you know will end badly and take up more time than it deserves.

If you realize that what happens in your life is your choice, you can choose the Words of Power, “I am not a victim in my life”. It is difficult to admit all we have denied. Whatever may have happened, you know you wanted it to happen because of what you thought it could give you. Yes — even when you didn’t want something to happen, a bigger part of you did want it to happen.

How could you have let that happen? What were you trying to get? What were you trying to pay off? If all that seemed to go against you was your own self attack, what could you possibly be attacking yourself for? Do you think that this attack came from your ego or from your higher mind? Hasn’t anyone ever told you to get a second opinion? You can invite your ego and its opinion to make its case to your higher mind. Its first step into your higher mind will be its last. The pain and beliefs that your ego has used to keep itself intact — it will all disappear like the chimera it was.

Use these Words of Power from A Course In Miracles to free yourself from what seems stuck or what seems hard.

“I will not condemn myself like this”

Speak this with strong intention at least a dozen times when something looks or feels painful. A difficult issue regarding a person might require twenty-two strong repetitions, out loud if possible. If there is no change at the end of this process you might look for a hidden wish to have it happen that way or believe you have to have it happen that way. The circumstances around you are what you want, but you could have peace instead.

You can use Words of Power exercises to free the guilt that keeps the ego and world in place. There could be joy and happiness instead. You could lead the way. And if there is nothing changed in what you perceive, know that is because there are grievances that you cherish.

You believe you are right about what happened, but somehow, if you are trying to be right, you have a stash of guilt you are punishing yourself for. You thought “they” were guilty and deserved to be punished. Yet your ego has projected your guilt onto them in order to get a two-for-one exchange between you and whoever you project on. It sets up a self-judgment / judgment / projection process. This generates a vicious circle that keeps repeating over and over again, separating more and more, which increases guilt. This causes unhappiness, aggression, feeling stuck and overwhelmed, belligerence and over-sensitivity.

You can be happy that the theme for April 2023 is flowers and flowering. Flowers are a burst of love from the universe. They are there to remind us of this through beauty, laughter and sheer life force. You can jump into the Tao and let it carry you like a river. You can make yourself into a lightning rod and catch the fire of the divine. You can let it pour through you as a stream that changes things for the better because of your presence. Blessings raise the flowers in your life. Forgiveness brings more light. “I will forgive and this will disappear”. (A Course In Miracles ) are Words of Power that can be used to dissolve whatever is not true or mutually successful for all involved this month. You are being invited to a world of flowers. Have you chosen another experience other than this? The force of your love becomes the generosity of giving, which turns the flowers into jewels that enrich the world. By the end of the month there can be a symphony of flowers that become jewels and pathways of light in May.

Please take advantage of April’s life force. It will be you who saves yourself one way or the other. You will be engulfed in flowers or weeds.

In A Course In Miracles it suggests to send any gift you have to God. He will multiply it a thousand times or even a hundred thousand times more for you and the world.

“God wills that I be saved from this” (A Course In Miracles)

These are Words of Power to free you from anything. Be the freshness and fineness that accumulate as the month goes on.

Wishing you the pleasantries that can fill your life with your favorite pastries!

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
April 2023

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