April 2024

April is a budding and building month. What opened up in March can have a solid foundation in April. The dangers that arise are really only imagined. Our true fear is turning over control of our lives to Heaven. When you were young and wounded you then took over control of your life. The problem that occurred was that you then gave the control of your life to your ego to direct. Your ego makes you solitary and has you believe you are trapped in a body, afraid of death yet strangely attracted to it. It used this combination to make you fear Heaven that is your home.

There are gateways of initiations, which are shortcuts and invitations that open this month if you have the eyes to see them. Once you get good at seeing the gateways your world becomes enchanted, a treasure house for these are doorways to higher consciousness. Once you become adept you find that they are a way to save time and eventually slip into Oneness. Most people use meditation to find the way back but there are actually many ways. Most of them have been lost over time. But we are finding some of these old ways, rediscovering them as new ways.

People who are super sensitives and haven’t lost their way through wounds, indulgence or adjustment into normalcy and consensual reality are bringing their ancient, rare gifts to help the collective. Each gift is a gateway bringing unity. If you can love deeply enough and with enough faith you then attract miracles that free the world of some burden, some earthly pain. There are beings of light dedicated to freeing the world. Are you one? Have you heard the call? If you have, it is your destiny, not just by what you do but even more by who you are. You are called to find your being. It is the way home and it is meant to be a happy, blessed way. Your pain is your impediment, your fear of releasing yourself into Heaven’s Hands.

You are on your way home. It can be done. It can be long or it can be short but that choice is up to you depending on your willingness and determination for joy. Let this month be your time to Spring forward. Relinquish your attachments. They are your future pain. Release them and they can be your springtime. Your attachments are counterfeit love. To let go is to have the real thing. Do you have enough trust to let go and welcome the truth and find the ease you have always wanted.

Be the man you have come to be. Be the woman you have come to be. Don’t doubt yourself. Heaven believes in you. What’s the problem? You don’t have to prove anything. Be the gateway you have come to be. You are Heaven-sent. Remember? You are not asked to throw anything away but merely to let go of your attachment. You first win your life back and then you win more and more people’s lives back for them. As you progress, your life is not only your own but so much more. As you then progress so does everyone. And once that occurs your life becomes Heaven’s Life. If you are controlling others you are being controlled by your own fear and separation. If you are a slave to your ego, is that what you really want? You won’t be happy if you are your ego’s slave. Being your ego’s slave is the greatest slavery of all that keeps us living the illusion of “doing time.” The ego’s will is one of suffering and limitation, guilt and fear, compensation and self-attack. Turn your attention to your higher mind. It will show you the way. That is not the truth. You can wake up now. You find out how. As you reach for Heaven, Heaven reaches for you. Be true to yourself. Be true to Heaven. Both can occur at the same time, Heaven’s Will is your true will. Joy shows you are using your true will. Be in alignment. There is a better way. Heaven will show you how if you want… You can do this!! Love can do this. As Rumi said, “You are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean in the drop”.

Discovery, especially self-discovery, can play a big part of your month and it can lead you on the road to the discovery of the Self. Are you willing to take the plunge? It only seems cold in the first two minutes and then invigorating after that. Be patient. Your Spring may be slow in its blossoming but it always comes. Nothing can prevent the blessings God wills for you. Have faith and trust your process even if April storms seem to make the world dark for you. If you trust even the dark, it will unfold until it eventually reaches the light. If there is darkness it comes from a past fear even an ancient one. Open yourself every day for the blessings meant for you. Heaven wishes you all good things by Its very nature. Align yourself with It. Welcome them.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
April 2024
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