Major new beginnings are afoot. Yet so many of us want the old ways through hiding in littleness, attachment, nostalgia or simply feeling too tired to learn something new, even if the new way is so much better. Simply be willing, and that will keep the flow going, or at least it will smooth and lubricate where you are now to help you move forward. Inspiration abounds. Give up your ego’s plan for happiness. It has led to every mis-creation in your life. Heaven has a better way for you—a much happier way— that enhances your greatness. If Heaven believes in your greatness, it is arrogant to insist on your littleness.

Lean into Joy

There is a simple way to change gloom and negativity in your life, while at the same time enhancing the positive: Enjoy every minute. If you enjoy the positive it becomes more positive. If you lean into, and enjoy what is negative, it can’t sustain the negativity. It paradoxically begins to neutralize and then change what is negative. Much of the pain and negativity we suffer, simply stems from our resistance, that comes from every separation we made for dissociated independence and control. We are going to go through what our soul and our ego have designed for us. It will either bring us anxiety and pain, or peace and joy, depending on whether we side with our ego or with our higher mind. Practice this little exercise of enjoyment whenever you get the chance. Enjoy the next minute fully. It is a choice. Enjoy whatever you are doing. Enjoy what is happening to you. Enjoy your giving and your receiving. You can stretch this minute into eternity just by dwelling in this moment. If you give it to Heaven, it can be a moment of transcendence.
Here is what our deeper mind shows: We are responsible for everything and everyone in our lives. The ego attempts to change this into our guilt, but it is truly responsiveness and empowerment. The world is a big mirror that reflects our mind. It is important to learn not to throw stones. It’s a lot of bad luck if we do. Give up judgments but instead hear the call for help another is making when they act badly, or suffer. Help, bless, or send love instead. Let go of your grievances. They are just compensations for your own hidden guilt. When you see something in another and refuse to condemn yourself for it, you will give up your self-punishment, and no longer ask for the punishment of others.

Your purpose

So much can come to you this month in the manner of inspiration, creativity, abundance and love. Every morning and bedtime open yourself and welcome all the love, creativity, happiness and riches that Heaven has for you. Only your grievances can prevent the miracles that are given you by Heaven. When something is neither true nor happy put it on the altar of truth along with miracle-minded forgiveness. Don’t compromise or settle for less.
Whatever you experience in your world has hidden payoffs for you, not the least of which is to get revenge, and to be independent making yourself the authority instead of others and Heaven. It’s all been an excuse for hiding and littleness, rather than the authenticity of your greatness. The fastest way to your greatness is to live your purpose. In general that means to be happy, heal when you are not happy and to help the world. A Course in Miracles states we are called to save the world, which is a transcendent level of our calling and our greatness. And lastly our purpose is helping those around us, and by giving ourselves to our personal, unique purpose.


Everything that is negative. Every person who is negative serves a certain purpose for us. We can take responsibility. We can let go of the excuse we are using it for. We can give ourselves to truth and authenticity. We can ask for forgiveness for using others to project on them our hidden issues. We can give all of ourselves. We can love and value ourselves. We can love our body where it is sick or wounded. Loving yourself is the heart of healing. Where you would judge yourself or others know it is only a call for help, a call for love, for you as well. The world and those you love need your greatness and your giftedness. Those who envy you just need your permission to have the gift themselves. Your giftedness is all the authority you need to give permission for others to have it also. This leverages you, them and the situation. Your greatness is your happiness. Everyone at times struggles with lack of self-value, but remember at your creation God extended Himself to you and never left you. He is in you, and you are in Him. There is a quote from A Course in Miracles that seems entirely true not only for this month, but also for the rest of our lives, “Whenever you look without and react unfavorably to what you see, you have judged yourself unworthy and condemned yourself to death.” Attack and self-attack are the basis of how the ego works. It uses unworthiness, lack of self-value and self-hatred to build its walls of separation. Then it has us use our energy meant for happiness, to instead compensate to prove we are better than what we believe we are deep within. If you go to the place of light and love where you were created, this type of attack and self-attack melts away in the face of our love, coupled with Divine Love. This opens us to receive miracles and Divine largesse. August could be a hell of a month, or a Heaven of a month, depending on whether you side with your ego or with your higher mind.

Keep your ship pointed into the waves this month and enjoy the ride.

Chuck Spezzano

Kahalu’u, Hawaii
Nightlight Newsletter
August 2020
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