If you follow your calling, you will be fulfilled. What is it you are called to do? Whatever it is your ego will tell you it is too big or even impossible. Yet, if you are dedicated, the means to do it will do given to you just like the desire to do that very thing was given to you. The way will be shown. The means will be given. August can be a month of purity of intention. This begins in the mind with focus. It’s time to let go of what’s extraneous. By letting go and focusing on what is true, your life can get simpler and clearer. Lots of trivia and temptations fall away as no longer interesting. You have outgrown so many of these things. They have no real meaning. This month is a good time to release what is neither true nor important. Your life can get slower and simpler and paradoxically like July a lot more accomplished simply by slowing down, getting out of the way and knowing you are worthy to receive it.

There is a fruitfulness to August that can bring new life. In regard to relationships, if you imagine each of your relationships as if you’ve just met them you can see them in a new light. Through your relationships you can experience the gladness that comes from gratitude. In August there can be natural connections and corrections. This can bring loveliness and opportunity as peace quickens your mind and your life with joining and inner unfolding. And while things are moving at either a frenzied pace on the outside for those stressed and in survival you can be more peaceful, centered and responsive as your spiritual paradigm grows for you. As you are ready what can come to you is a spiritual principle that is the jewel in the crown of life that can restore calm in the most serious of circumstances.

In August the underlying growth toward partnership and community continues to grow apace. If you are living for love or your ego, your relationships will either continue to unfold or continue to unravel.
Hidden layers of stubbornness and recalcitrance may be revealed this month that hide your fear of change. But rather than attack yourself or others it’s important to realize you are now in a time of transformation and it is important to be open to truth. Some people face the crossroads of change or die. Choose change. Stupidity and obstinacy are always rewarded in kind while reducing the lower end of the gene pool. Being stubborn makes you ignorant. Blindly fighting for the “old way” is backwards and keeps you from opportunity. It blinds you from seeing that essentially everyone wants the same thing. If you are hiding some stupidity there is a good chance it will be revealed. Yet if you have the right outlook it can save both time and money. As Confucius said, “The smart horse moves at the shadow of the whip.”

For those who swim easily in the deep there will be pools of beauty and wonder to revel in as grace rains down this month.

One crucial area where people need to wake up and pay attention to now is that of global warming. A new global consciousness is needed. Weather is meant to balance the forces of nature and consciousness. Yet, consumerism, taking rather than sharing, rapacity and fear of change not only keep us stuck but also make us weaker and the weather wilder. We will all get away with less and less as the world unfolds so let us be truer. Let us ask for our course corrections now so that the shifts can come easily. When you find your heart you will find your will.

As business wins back its integrity and goes beyond its “bottom-line mentality” it can take over the leadership position it is meant to have in order to pioneer the way forward in this century. For everyone to progress cooperation rather than competition is the answer.

The crucial remembrance that the central aspect of our purpose is happiness will return to us. If we measure our life and abide by the standard that happiness brings we will walk the path of love and truth together.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
August 2021
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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