August crescendos into 2022 bringing largesse and the ability to receive more. August is a coming together of forces that have travelled across oceans of time. The waves crash and many issues are decided and resolved. If you have been dedicated there can be success on many levels. If you have been devoted, new frontiers of intimacy and spirituality can open. August is meant to be a month of great abundance and fruitfulness built on a platform of self-love and sharing. On this foundation an ongoing legacy of purpose and prosperity can be built for you, your family and the world.

Another exciting aspect of August is the amount of inner and outer adventure that can take place in areas of learning, healing and correcting mistakes. This will have a powerful effect on romance and intimacy. For all of the abundance that August can bring, the real gold is in the area of happiness, truth and spirituality. This month is a time where lifetimes of evolution can be realized. Think of what you learned in the last ten years and how that has added to your life. Now imagine a thousand years saved and for some people even ten thousand years. What can be gained is priceless. A new level of awareness and the fulfillment that comes from dedication to your purpose can begin. The Tao this month brings the joy that comes of sharing love. This can be yours if you reach out to others.

In August truth can trim away both excess and falsehood. Unless you are called to do something in August, it is time to learn to get out of Heaven’s way. You can witness Heaven showing off with miracles as you do your part by forgiveness and the relinquishment of judgment. Let everything be done through you. Regain your will. Learn to want what belongs to you with your whole heart. Learn to want what is true as this alone will make you happy. Your will and God’s Will are one. (A Course in Miracles) Enjoy that. Heal your split mind. When you are not getting what you ostensibly want, it is because of hidden agendas, fear, guilt and self-punishment. Be honest with yourself. Shine the light of truth as you look within. If you follow through on this it will lead you back to your innocence and not the slant the ego wants to put on your life. Have the courage to be free. Do not be led by society or in sacrifice to it. Do not rebel against it but lead the way to freedom and the truth that will sustain it.

You are never cursed except by your own guilt and self-attack that demand it of you. Buying into such lies is how the ego has built itself. Don’t be afraid to be you. Behind your dark self-concepts which are ego built illusions there are beautiful gifts within. Caches of spiritual jewels and Heaven’s grace await you. At times these blessings come to you in the very specific ways you need it. Wouldn’t it be important to learn that you are blessed beyond measure. Wouldn’t it be true and freeing to see beyond the illusions of the world? Would you allow yourself to know the truth of who you are as God’s beloved Child?

This is the perfect month to get your heart back in spite of all of the armor you have placed around it. You have lived long enough without the benefit of your true heartmind to give you direction. You’ve been afraid to feel so deeply since your big heartbreaks occurred. Learn your lessons regarding the past. Your heartbreaks were fights, misunderstandings and hidden attempts to take. Your fear in this life has been built on many misunderstandings going back through lifetimes where you lost heart. Challenge yourself now. Your heart is as big as God’s. Welcome it back. In truth your mind is as big as God’s. We were created that way. It is only we who have imprisoned our heart and mind with limits. How much will you claim back this month?

The fruit of August is waiting to be plucked. Will you accept what is offered? Your abundance reflects your courage. Have love enough for all who come in need of you by simply choosing to be yourself. You’ve had long years of hiding. Give the world the gift of you. In truth you are spectacular!

Another thing that can be helpful in the years to come is to realize that this world is all a dream. Remember the old children’s song: “Row. Row. Row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily. Merrily. Merrily. Merrily Life is but a dream.” As you start to remember that as juicy as August is, it is still a dream, you can be more free. A happier dream is available to you if you want it. You can choose it with all the power of your heartmind. You can and have dreamed your life the way you want it. A happy dream is an easy jumping off point to transcend the dream entirely and find yourself on the lawns of Heaven. Have a happy month.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
August 2022
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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