August 2023

August can be a month of high productivity in happiness, spirituality, and relationships. It can also be a month of great distraction. You can achieve high goals, or your ego can knock you off the track by catching you in an old indulgence so you would think less of yourself. Instead, put yourself under the protection of Mother Mary or Quan Yin. If you waste time, time will waste you.

There is much progress to be made this month. If you make a mistake, ask Heaven to correct it. Forgive yourself and move on. If you realize it’s a dream and you’re the dreamer, it’s easy to let go; you can realize that you don’t want the trap anymore. Take it to God’s Trading Post and see what is given back to you of real value. You can see, as you progress, that this is a month where you choose your direction.

August is such a big month because it can reverse a scarcity trend for you and upgrade you to a finer, more spiritual life. As a result, the amount of distraction the ego can throw at you may increase threefold. When something occurs that is luring you, or seems to be demanding your attention, ask yourself how much of it is distraction and how much you actually need to pay attention to. Ask your higher Self to center you. Even in a crisis, the more centered you are, the more you will respond truly. Ask that the distraction part falls away so you can see clearly.

August will continue to give you answers if you listen about how to improve your relationship with yourself, with your partner, and even more in your sex life, which mirrors how you are living. Be resolute. Stay the course. Commit to the truth.

One of the biggest opportunities this month will be to let go of deluding dreams. Dreams are your desires and plans for happiness. If you look back on your life and see where you suffered, there are places where your dreams were derelict and you suffered for it. All your heartbreak, grave disappointments and disillusionments were places where you had a dream.

A common example of a dream of this type is that of having a happy family, or having loving parents growing up. These shattered dreams can set patterns that affect you destructively your whole life – or they can empower you. You are called to let go of them, because in the letting go a new and better way comes about. Even more, you are called to let go of all of your dreams. Your dreams are compensations for pain and loneliness that block Heaven’s plan for a happy life, and for success at every turn. This is what could happen if you surrender your dreams and ask for Heaven’s Will for you.

Heaven’s plan for you is to be happy and carefree. The only exceptions to this are where you set up soul lessons for yourself. These soul lessons may be opportunities to leap to new levels if you learn the lesson. If you do not learn, then you can still be suffering. Do not try to handle the big lessons by yourself. That is what Heaven is for. Call on God’s Name. It can clear out anything, though hidden dreams may pull you off course. Recognize what is happening and ask the Tao’s help to undo it. Want the peace of God with your whole heart. It can heal anything.

One easy way of letting go is to take anything positive that you are holding on to, or anything negative that you are feeling because of pain and judgment, and give them to God’s Trading Post. It’s open 24/7, and it replaces your pain, illusions and dreams with something much better; something that won’t end up with you feeling desolation. If there is pain, misery or sacrifice involved, it reflects an ego plan.

We don’t realize that we are responsible for our lives. To take responsibility is to empower ourselves. When we suffered, we always blamed others and God, hiding our guilt in self-attack. Any attack on us was really our self-attack. If we have a healing intention, every upset is actually a gold mine for discovering our bad dreams. When our dreams turn to dust we turn toward death. Instead, they could be used to find out where we mistakenly sought our happiness and salvation and transform it.

Taking our mistakes to God’s Trading Post frees us and others. All the dreams that resulted in devastation become new beginnings, with gifts that free us and others. The pain of the past, when released, becomes levels of carefreeness. Past pain and disappointment show expectation and entitlement which, when let go of, become freedom from the prisons we made, and new levels of partnership with ourselves, others and heaven.

Some of you are a bit topsy-turvy because of the transition you are in. Keep the faith. Your faith to go forward is what got you here. Don’t abandon it, and yourself, now. Trust the process. Some of you may even be experiencing nausea and other symptoms of pregnancy. Trust the process. Your faith can heal anything, and the light is in you.

Some of you may have meetings that change the course of your life. It is this change of direction that is the transition. Some of you are changing to the goal of deeper partnership rather than independence and competitions. Others are changing their goal to the radical dependency of spiritualty, with the goal of Heaven and its Oneness.

Some of you have asked to see what remains of your ego so that you can forgive it, let it go, and have it be replaced by the Love of God. Keep awareness in this regard! Situations that can be both frustrating and crucifying in their depth of feeling may surface as a result. There may be a lot of bad feelings in the simple mistakes. Forgive yourself, others and the situations. What occurs shows what is within to be healed. Use it for healing and you will bring about a new level of wholeness and confidence in yourself. They can be windfalls in the time to come.

August is a month of reclamation and restoration. It is a month where the mind we lost to misery over the years becomes reclaimed for happiness. This has to do with changing our perception, and thus our experience. It transforms where we have gotten off track to become a slave to the ego; this once more places our mind squarely back on Heaven’s path. The extent to which you are off the track you are misperceiving, which means pain and tribulation. When you do, you lose access to your vision and your purpose–the heart of fulfillment.

Your perception can be made holy from the Tao, the Holy Spirit. You can begin to look at events through the eyes of Christ, and through the mercy of Quan Yin. A Course in Miracles states again and again that perception is a choice, and not a fact. My revelations of working in the subconscious and unconscious aspects of the mind have shown me the truth of this. It means that all the anger we have experienced was just about what we set up to be upset about. We made the situations so we could be angry at those parts of ourselves that we have projected onto others.

As you look at situations, applying this understanding, it empowers and frees you. It doesn’t divert you from the calling of your own vision or the holiness of your purpose. Your purpose lets you look through the eyes of love, which makes you happy. It prevents you from seeing the way the ego does, and it brings you back to the original mistakes, where you can choose once more for trust and love. You either reinforce beliefs in sin and guilt about yourself, which you promptly hide (and then pin on another), or you choose for healing and happiness. As you see another you will see yourself.

There are two ways that immediately come to mind to accomplish this. The first is to see that what isn’t love in your life is a call for love. If you reflect on this principle, you could see your whole life in a new light. If people were confident, resourceful and happy, they would always be their most loving and generous selves. When you judge them, you lock them into a pattern, and yourself besides. Your judgment comes from your guilt. The situations you were in were actually set up by yourself for a certain payoff. And one of the many reasons you set them up was to take your anger out on someone, to have an excuse to not go forward, but most of all to be independent.

Your challenging situations are unlearned lessons from the past. If you see a person as doing something wrong, it was from something that actually comes from your past in this life or from your ancient past. If you stayed in the now you wouldn’t fantasize a dark present. You could give the person or the situation your trust. Some of these situations you set up as ego goals, and some you set up as soul lessons – even shamanic or mastery level lessons – in order to jump to a new level of power and awareness.

If you have acceptance of what has happened, it allows you to move forward and not be stopped. Then the positive power of your mind can help you succeed. Trust is one of those powerful principles that gives you confidence and lets the situation unfold in a way that is positive and successful. There are only two choices: trust or fear. One is a happy choice and the other confines you in a prison of fear.

You can go back to the painful situations in your life and rewrite them. Stay in the now, overlook the past, and forget the future that hasn’t been written. Any situation that is not happy hides a gift. The extent of a painful or negative situation is the extent of how great the gift is that is hidden underneath it. You can intuit what the gift is, or use your reasoning to discover it. Embrace it.

A Course in Miracles states that if you give a gift back to God, He will multiply it a thousand, or even ten thousand times. Bring that to the person or situation to free everyone involved. Share the gift. You are as gifted now as when God created you. It increases for you and whomever you share it with. This builds confidence in the gift as well as your happiness.

You could see yourself and your whole life differently if you went back to each painful or guilty situation and chose to be in the NOW rather than bringing in the past to condemn others and yourself. This would accelerate your happiness, and get you closer to your Higher Self and to Heaven.

August can be a month where you jettison your darkest dreams, replacing your fear and shrunken horizons with trust. You could have the most productive month in which you appreciate the love and happiness you have. What used to be a painful event can be turned into an initiation, a crack in the cosmic egg, a step beyond this world of time into the bliss of timelessness.

Don’t be disappointed when you come back to your everyday life. The more you go there the more you will be able to stay there. How good do you want this month to be? As you choose to keep God in your mind, miracles can abound.

Nightlight Newsletter August 2023
Gut Sounsdorf, Germany

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