December is a month of deepest darkness on one hand, while on the other it is a month of transcendence. It may be filled with delusion and fantasy, but it is also filled with grace and miracles. December is a crucial month to choose where you put your mind and focus. You can give your mind to Heaven to uplift yourself. Old and ancient suffering may come from the depth of your mind making the problems that come up in the present. If you look at this from a higher perspective, you will see that all of this pain has been buried deep in your mind. Once on the surface the problem is now apparent and can be easily dealt with, if you choose correctly. The ego, the principle of separation, attempts to use everything it has to keep your mind and your world divisive. It uses judgment, the root of all suffering as its best weapon. If you judge another, it shows you also judged yourself in the past and again as you judge now. If you are living with hatred toward any group of people, you are living opposite to any religious or spiritual path you seem to espouse. I have known a “confirmed” Christian spew twenty minutes of toxic hatred toward people who didn’t look or think like she did. Ignorance needs blessing, as attacking only reinforces what you fight against. The negativity you see outside you, is the darkness that is within you. Take responsibility for it. Forgive it. Bless it and trust its healing. We all fell into this dream by going away from the light, but let us allow and invite the Thought of Heaven to be with us at every moment. This will counter whatever comes up that seems to attack us. What seems to go against you is simply the other side of a conflict within you. If you send love to someone when pain of any kind comes up, it can be focused and then melted away as the illusion it is. You can also count your blessings to move your life forward. Your appreciation and gratitude melts away the fear that is the paralysis within you, at the heart of the problem, and fed by judgment and attack thoughts. Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go of attachments, faith and commitment free you. In a time of societal transition there are many opportunities to be a hero. If you maintain and share your inspiration, help others out of love, provide comfort for others, this is heroic. If you heal at every turn, or are generous and accepting, and above all remember the love that doesn’t judge but always sees the call for help and responds, then you are a quiet hero. You may be unsung but that doesn’t matter if you love the truth so much the myriad of illusions melt away around you as you go forward.

This month contains the birthdays of Buddha and Christ. Let them be born in you this month and receive their gifts of awakening, compassion, forgiveness and Divine Love.

Give fully

We are in a time of transition and confusion. Yet the disorientation shows we are willing to let go for a better way. Delay now will hurt you more than ever before. Since the 1960’s, this is the third such shift of consciousness with the change in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s being the most dramatic. The one going on now is characterized by the upwelling of the collective unconscious in the form of the pandemic and the economic challenge it generates. What becomes possible in this shift is a spiritual awakening brought by unshakeable faith. We are passing through a time when we were made to face the darkness of ourselves, acted out by others whom we projected on. The world is our mirror; we are responsible for our experience and everyone around us. If we fully forgave ourselves the world around us would not just change, we would transcend this illusory world in order to have the Garden. We might even have the final step and be carried across the bridge to the Love and light of Oneness. Imagine the world you see hiding a perfect world of resplendent beauty. In this time of transcendence, conflict can be rife unless you are a peacemaker. Delaying even when you find that escape from pain is possible can bring great setbacks. Darkness can be most virulent during this time unless you partner with Heaven every step of the way. Bless rather than judge. Hear the calls for help and respond with compassion and help. Forgive and love yourself and you will judge no one and nothing but only bring love.

Let Heaven help

Since we were children we have been absorbing pain and personalities that didn’t belong to us and going into sacrifice to try to save our families. With these patterns we have gotten off the track of what happiness really is. Yet it is in times like these we can really win ourselves back. Let healing and the peace it brings be your goal. We can become ever more healed and whole, ever more peaceful, and ever more helpful and happy. With Heaven’s help, we can have the time of our lives this month. Under every problem there waits a gift and its size depends on the size of the challenge. Behind every darkness there is guidance. Heaven’s Will for us is total happiness. Now we can listen and align ourselves with God’s Will and bring back the power He shared with us.
This is the time you have come for. Be at peace. Step back. Invite Heaven to deal with whatever around you needs help. If you invite peace and seek truth all good things will follow.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
December 2020

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