December is a month of great opportunity. It can be a delight or it can be a nightmare. Things will come up but if we are centered, unattached and prayerful it can work out smoothly and for the best. Want peace with all your heart and then you can enjoy the delight and the renewal that wonder brings. If you imagine that you are doing whatever you are doing for the first time such as meeting your spouse, your work mates, etc., you can be connected in a whole new way. The ego takes everyone and everything for granted. If you are grateful it can change your world for one of love. The world can be a place of love for you if you love and bless and send everyone not acting out of love the love and help they need. They also show you hidden parts of your mind that you have judged and believe are guilty. Your forgiveness of them is your forgiveness of yourself restoring peace and innocence. The first thing the ego does when it attempts to stop you is attack you, have you attack someone else or have life attack you as a form of self-attack. If you aren’t attacked in some way you are untouched by the maelstrom around you. Remember at every moment you could be choosing peace rather than painful emotions or difficult situations. “I could have peace instead of this,” are words A Course in Miracles suggests. Said with strong intention and asking Heaven’s help it can free you layer by layer of the pain you are going through.

There is no situation that didn’t come from your mind and your wishes, which can be silly, superficial or self-destructive. Be aware of death temptation as it is the ego’s desire to win over you and over God, the Principle of Life. Remember with death temptations the ego attempts to blind you to people around you needing your love and help. Choose to love.

It is important to be mindful this month as stress can blind you to others and to what’s important to you. All resistance that comes to you this month is the resistance you have inside you against yourself and against life. In December welcome all the help and gifts Heaven wants to give you. If you do this whenever you wake up in the morning, before you go to sleep at night and whenever you think of it you can have a much more pleasant and successful day. In A Course in Miracles it states that thousands of gifts are coming to us at every moment. Let us be mindful and receive all of them as they are the many forms of life and love that belong to us as a child of God.

Your chronic problems and situations are the result of siding with the ego in its recalcitrance. The biggest trap the ego has is the belief in sin which is the belief that you will be imprisoned forever in guilt. Use your forgiveness of yourself as a way to bring forgiveness to others. If you are innocent you will perceive others as innocent also but if you feel guilty you will judge and desire punishment of others in a vain attempt to assuage your guilt. As A Course in Miracles states, “I will forgive and this will disappear.” Repeated as Words of Power, it soon ends the darkness of an event. Darkness can all disappear choice by choice. It is our mind that continually replays itself as the movie of our life. We only ever attack ourselves. We only ever forgive ourselves. This is why you can be grateful when dark things seem to happen to you. They are your dark thoughts and hidden wishes. They are your past or ancient past. And rather than cherish them as they are merely an aspect of your beliefs you can forgive yourself and relinquish them. You are God’s precious child and He would be incomplete without you. You are vital to the whole and your forgiveness helps everyone. Your happiness blesses the world.

Peace brings joy and health, abundance and balance. All conflicts within us set up conflicts outside us and they represent illusions fighting for ascendancy. They are used by the ego for the ego to delay our movement forward. December can be a month of great opportunity. Invite and welcome it.

December is an edgy month. It will look like a lot of reasons to judge and get angry, lots of reasons to polarize and separate adding to the conflict and what will come back to you later. Always such times hide profound peace, miracles and the ability to shift up in consciousness. Remember to keep saying the words in the face of everything untoward, “I could have peace instead of this.” (A Course in Miracles) Remember how you think of anyone will be how you think of yourself. How you treat anyone will be how you treat yourself. This is a month that could hold hatred or love. Beware feeling sorry for yourself. It just blinds you to the calls for help around you. “When you want only love you will see nothing else.” (A Course in Miracles) Every problem you face hides a gift. Go for the gift rather than the fear that locks the problem in place. Behind the grievance and the pain of any major issue there hides a grievance or series of grievances and they just hide the miracle that shifts reality higher where no one has to lose because miracles are God’s Will for us and all of His children.

It is important to remember to be grateful for everything in your life. What is positive is a gift of love. What is negative shows you the buried beliefs and images that need forgiveness that is mirrored in the world. To forgive what you see is to forgive the hidden parts of you that you and the ego have hidden so well you couldn’t have found them without having them as part of your world. To forgive someone or something is to forgive yourself. If you live your life in appreciation and thankfulness, you will be in the flow. These lead to love, self-appreciation and enjoyment in life. This adds to your self-love and self-value. God holds you in inestimable value. He would be incomplete without you. It is only your ego that wants to devalue and debase you. That is not the truth and this is a month to invite truth in frequently to free yourself from this world of illusions.

What upsets you in any way shows you where you are attached and feel privileged. To be upset means you have been looking outside yourself for what you came to bring. As a child at Christmas we were all looking for the gifts we were wanting. Most of us gave that up. But many have yet to find that you are the gift you are seeking. And while you have many gifts, there is one particular gift that only you can give in your true way. This brings fulfillment. Angels hover around you this month even more than usual. Let them guide you. Let them ease your pain and sorrow. Let them hold you as you sleep and in the day walk with these light beings filled with Divine Love.

While this month may bring bigger up-wellings of the unconscious you can win back wonder, you can win back all the confident selves you had at different times in your life. You can win back the feeling of Christmas excitement in the west or New Year’s excitement in the east. Remember how that felt. You can bring back what was lost.

In December we celebrate Buddha’s and Christ’s birthday. Let them be born in you again this month. Buddha taught us to be unattached and to resist nothing and Christ taught us love and forgiveness. Buddha taught us enlightenment and Christ taught us God-Realization.

A Course in Miracles reminds us that peace has everything we want. From peace comes joy, because it brings love, abundance and health. Fear brings war and war multiplies fear and it is one of the roots of all problems.

There is an old hymn which I love that I learned here in Hawaii which goes, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” In your mind is the whole world as you become peaceful it radiates out to everyone. The unconscious is up-welling and it can bring disaster or it can bring joy, miracles and restoration. The world is either loving you or calling for your love. There is no sin or evil just calls for help no matter what the form. As you help you are loved. And you will know your innocence and you will know your higher Self. You are love and peace and joy.

Bless You All,
Be Your Best,
Love Everyone.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
December 2021
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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