December is the culmination of the year 2022. What’s unfinished can come up for you to complete. Whether that is unfinished negativity that could be healed, greater success that is waiting to come to you, or just aspects of your life that have yet to be let go of because they are draining energy. All of this can come up for you to finish before the beginning of the new year. At the same time, the membrane of the mind is now thinnest, so collective and personal issues can upwell to be dealt with.

December could be challenging also because it is a time when people reflect on their lives in terms of how they feel. Whether consciously or subconsciously, they examine how their year has gone for them. To the extent childhood needs have not been met, levels of comfort, solace and safety are called for. These old needs can lead to depression, busyness to compensate for what was missing, or feeling lost in life from heartbreaks and other traumas.

December is the month to reflect on the year before. Where did you fall down in your own estimation? Choose not to condemn yourself for that so any existing pattern can be dissolved. Where and how much did you shine in the last year? It is time to embrace that now, as it adds to your energy and confidence. Only your smallness would not allow you to enjoy your successes.

The world, at one level, is a big videogame. As you learn your lessons, help others and move up in consciousness, it gives you the possibility of achieving a higher place in your next life. Or if you saw someone as totally innocent and as loveable as God saw them, you could break out of the videogame of life. Or you could remember how you were created as part of God. The Tao is always bringing you into situations where there is a chance to learn and leap forward. December is a month for clearing Ancient patterns that have long lain dormant and emotions may come to the surface.

Take this opportunity to accept, forgive and let go of whatever shows itself. There is nothing to fear. Heaven believes in you. It is then a form of arrogance not to believe in yourself. What is holding you back in life or in relationships will show itself if you are willing to see it. This is more than half the battle, and to see what is holding you back shows the willingness to be free. It will either be a trap hiding in plain sight, or it will be a gift that you have been shy to embrace. In A Course in Miracles it speaks of how you can save the world by changing your mind about yourself. This means to see yourself as innocent. Heaven’s Supreme Court has given its verdict in your favor: let go of all guilt and self-attack accordingly. You can dissolve any problem or emotion by saying with strong intention, “I won’t condemn myself for this.” (A Course in Miracles). Say this until you feel free and know your innocence. Another great “Words of Power” from A Course in Miracles to dissolve any problem or pain is to recite, “I will forgive and this will disappear”. In this way you can free yourself from what’s holding you back, and align yourself with the Tao. You won’t wound anyone and you won’t wound yourself either. Life will be what you make it, and so will your relationships. You are only ever seeing yourself reflected in your world. You are only ever seeing your self-concepts, and how you used to be what you have rejected and projected. Forgiveness is in your best interest because it frees you of old guilt that you are still punishing yourself for. When you forgive yourself, something in the world is freed and released. A problem dissolves. The world unifies a bit. When you recognize yourself as you were created, a part of God with all of His gifts and attributes, you and the world are saved together. Forgiveness of others and self-forgiveness get you closer to the jumping off point, where you are willing to leave the attachments of the world behind, and make the leap to eternity as God’s precious child.

If there is a choice between getting things done or relating to someone in December, go for the relatedness. It can carry you further and help open doors to joy that have been closed for a while. Choose to open the doors to joy this month! Relinquish defenses so that your heart opens once again. We think that our defenses save us, but they only lock us in with the pain while they dissociate other parts of us. Choose to be openhearted.

In December open yourself every day to all the gifts and abundance that Heaven wants to give. Let it be a rich time for you in a time of fear for the world. Be a lighthouse of love. Let Heaven’s confidence in you be extended to everyone around you.

In this time of busyness, steal some time to let yourself rest in God’s Arms. Restoration is one of the greatest gifts you can give the world. Let it become natural. What is waiting to be restored for you is so much more than what you have allowed yourself to recover so far. Adventures in consciousness await you.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
December 2022
North Shore, Oahu

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