December 2023

While some of you will have a normal month, most are about to be dealt a big hand in December. It may be a great hand or one in which it may seem as if it is the worst hand possible. If this is so, it is an important month in which you are called to learn your biggest lessons. Whatever it is, you can do this. As you reach one summit, you may soon find yourself all too quickly in the next valley. This is simply the nature of December.

This month may be exciting and happy right out of the gate. And if it is a big learning month, some important principles could transform your month from the greatest loss or heartbreak to one of peace and all that it brings. One thing is sure, this month is all about your evolving to the next stage and healing the past that is still inside holding you back. This is your unforgiven past coming to the surface for transformation. It is your attitude that determines your experience. This is a most crucial lesson for your whole life. For instance, you may have had a difficult childhood or be caught in a painful relationship but whatever it is, there are important life lessons to learn to transform any negativity. Your family shows your soul pattern and what needs to be learned for living your purpose. If you suffered, there are many lessons that are crucial to your purpose and your fulfillment that are yet to be healed. If you are complaining of what has happened in your life or what is happening, you are not learning the lesson right in front of you. When you are complaining you are not listening or learning. If you are complaining about your partner silently or out loud, it is you who are failing to give them all of yourself and the vital gifts they need.

If the prow of your ship is not pointed into a big wave, you can founder. On the other hand, if you are pointed into the wave, you can learn the lesson and advance to the next stage in your life. Every problem is a fear of the next step and love and forgiveness heal fear. Your complaints attack you and your confidence. Your complaints about your partner or family members show that you feel entitled and feel that others were in charge of your life and your happiness and they should change to suit you. Your complaints show you are not giving yourself 100% or giving the gifts that would help them. If this is so you will judge, complain and suffer, have heartbreaks and shattered dreams, and experience disappointments and frustrations. You may feel like your partner, life and even God are cursing you, but actually, it is the other way around.

These upsetting experiences show where you are not giving yourself. You may be working hard but if you are not giving yourself you won’t succeed or receive. Your emotions may express your experience but on the other hand, they may be a demand for others and life to do it your way. Your emotions, if they are not used for healing, are a type of emotional extortion, where you think others failed you, but where you are hiding the guilt of where you failed them. This and trying to do things on your own without the grace of Heaven leads to burnout. You want peace. You want to learn to give yourself fully without expecting a return on your giving. Getting a return is the way business works but it is not the way relationships succeed and flourish. Giving is its own reward because it makes you happy. Otherwise, it is bargaining and you will be ensnared in sacrifice and that comes from unworthiness, feelings of being special and secretly superior. Giving automatically brings receiving in the same way that receiving brings new levels of giving. In A Course in Miracles, it states that we are called to learn to give like God gives.

When you think others failed you, it was actually you who failed them and you are secretly or not so secretly punishing yourself for it. I say this from the experience of being in the subconscious of tens of thousands of people. If you feel someone failed you there is a lesson you haven’t learned and you are probably having a tantrum about it, which is carried as some old heartbreak or expectation and it is not a healthy way to learn anything. It states in A Course in Miracles that everything is a lesson God would have us learn. Your unhappiness is trying to get the world to change to suit yourself. This month, it’s time “to put on your big girl panties” and learn the lesson. This will make you more mature and a better partner. Heaven has miracles for you when you are facing a lesson. What have you got to lose by simply asking for it?

We have so much spiritual help around us but we are trying to do it our way and this simply gets in the way of Heaven’s miracles. Trying to do it yourself leads to burnout. Each time you burned out, you lost a part of your heart and then you burn out so much quicker the next time and the next. How much burnout do you have with the family you grew up in? How much do you have with your family now? With relationships? With your present partner? With sex? With your work? All of this has a cumulative effect and you have less of yourself to give and receive and as a result, you become more isolated and sacrificial. This won’t work for being a leader, for your purpose or for your happiness. It is time to put these on the Altar to God and let them go as illusions. The lessons of this life when learned lead to your greatness and your destiny. If you are giving yourself totally, being recognized is not as important to you as what works for everyone. There is a way for everyone to win equally but it won’t be your way, it will be Heaven’s Way. Don’t settle for less. When you compromise both you and another feel caught in sacrifice.

Listen up. The answer is trying to come to you. And when it comes it will bring grace. What traps you is no big thing to Heaven. It knows it is simply an illusion. When something isn’t working there are always elements of wanting to win, be special, have it your way and be right. The ego wants you to be affronted and to separate. If you keep forgiving, the layers of the illusions come off just like peeling an onion. Forgiveness is giving forth. It pierces the veils of illusion. It is giving faith to life and it is Heaven’s path to get to Heaven as it brings you even greater innocence.

Everyone around you represents self-concepts within you. Everyone in your world comes from your past. All that happens to you is karma. What you can’t forgive is what you can’t forgive yourself for, how you used to be earlier, especially in past lives. As you forgive yourself for doing the same thing in your past lives that you find objectionable in others, you will find it easy to forgive another in this life.

The people around you are not there by accident. It is karmic, the situation comes from the past blocking the present and it is the present that is peaceful and centered. We have come into this life to learn these karmic lessons. And the curriculum of our soul’s learning determines the issues that appear in our lives. Devastating lessons were set up before we came into this life for our benefit and advancement. We have come to change until we reach Heaven’s changelessness. Devastating experiences are there to break the shell of our ego where we have become entrenched. In devastating experiences, we bet that we could learn the lesson. So let us learn it now. December can be a month of karmic reward instead of a month of karmic pain. If December is a month of pain, ask for Quan Yin or Buddha’s help by receiving the peace that lets you see the answer and feel the joy.

Buddha said while He was on earth karma means you will get away with nothing, but that was before He reached Oneness. The good news is that Heaven doesn’t believe in karma. The bad news is that we do! Learn the lessons. Claim the prizes. Be a Super Mario in this life.

One way to fully dissolve painful lessons in your life is to fully experience them. What is undigested in our lives we carry over within us as PTSD. This distorts present experience and has us react in pain instead of responsiveness. We are meant to fully digest the past so there is peace receiving all the health and love that Heaven has for us. This wins back our confidence as well as making us happy. Under the biggest traumas, there is a distillate of our essence that is powerful and offers rare gifts. December makes this available. The bigger the trauma that occurred the bigger the gift that awaits you. Some of these gifts are powerful enough to help the collective. Your ego bet on you suffering instead of learning the lesson; Heaven and your higher mind bet on you. Which one do you want to invest in? What perspective do you choose?

You can burn through every nuance of pain and get your heart back! In this way, you can reach Mastery. Since you are called to do this to win your heart back, you can do it easily by holding on to Christ’s or Quan Yin’s hand and flying through any pain to the new chapter. You can hold onto their Hands and fly through the traumatic experience with its residual pain from the past to a new light. On the way to Mastery, you are also called to experience every nuance of pleasure in food, sex, art and entertainment. This helps advance your ability to receive and lead you to the juicy life that is part of Mastery. By feeling everything you can fully come into the learning vehicle of your body and as a result, you can begin to transcend the learning body for love’s body. This brings higher consciousness and finally enlightenment as you transcend your body and the world for a transcendent life.

If you are in a learning situation look for the hidden karma, the competition, where you are trying to be right or special. This is where you are trying to win. You can’t give yourself fully if you are acting superior or are caught in any of the above traps. Similarly, you can’t have equality, balance or intimacy which lead to happy relationships and success. If you are in one of the above traps but try to push through it, success will be something you feel you have to pay a personal price for rather than to simply receive from grace or to give yourself fully for completion.

Two powerful ways that can bring you transcendence this month is either the way of water or the way of fire. The way of water is to not turn away from any painful experience but to become a waterfall as you feel you are being broken. Simply offer it to Heaven. Your choice to evolve is an act of your love. A waterfall is your ego that is being broken preparing you for your next stage. The way of fire is to recognize that you are called for burning and you must obey, thus giving yourself completely to everyone and everything. To give yourself totally is to be fully present as this is the only time there is. Both fire and water are intimate paths which will open poignancy this month. Tenderness is calling you home to your heart. Christmas can open the Christ in you and your forgiveness can bless the world bringing innocence and Heaven on earth. Each moment can be a moment of love. Each moment can be a gateway back to restoring what you lost in the past.

Whatever your month is like, make the most of it. Learn, heal, grow and unlearn. Pain means there is a misperception and a mistake. There is a way to look at the situation where there is no pain, only peace. Learn the way of peace. It will restore you. Heaven wants you to receive Its Love as that brings miracles.

If you find yourself getting depressed or ill as you head for Christmas and New Year’s. You have a back-load of undigested material. This shows you are ripe, even overdue, for the birth that we wrote about back in October.

In December, the deeper mind of the unconscious has only a thin barrier between you and it. As we bring it to the surface and heal it, we are launched into transcendence. If you are on a healing path, this month is a great opportunity. If you are not, the smallest things can bring the deepest emotions, as if all of a sudden you stepped off into a deep water from the shallows. For those who love playing in the deep, it’s an exciting month with much to assimilate and release as you go adventuring in the deep. Peace and joy go together just as love and gratitude. Center yourself often. Love everyone as if it might be the last chance you will ever have. Each person’s being is there for you to experience and enjoy and if you miss the opportunity, you are cheating yourself.

Take time to feel Heaven’s blessings at every opportunity this month.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter December 2023
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