The new chapter begins

In this time of February the transition that has been going on since October becomes focused and the new chapter begins. We are on an emergent timeline. Things gradually get better. Denial and ignorance are overturned. Malice is uncovered. Truth is once again valued and sincerity is seen as gold in the bank. Honor once more displaces greed and corruption is revealed. The world can right itself again. What occurred was necessary as low tide reveals what needs to be cleaned up. The retrogression is almost over. In the year 2021 heroes will no longer be just TV entertainment, but will have a place of respect and honor where men and women quietly live their lives in honor of the Creator.

February is meant to be a month of love and true relationships. Yet it must begin with loving and honoring ourselves, so that we see the worth in everyone. We only judge and condemn what we abhor in ourselves. We continue to crucify ourselves within where we have hatred and self-hatred. Where you have heartbreaks is an indication of where you have hatred and self-hatred and have crucified yourself, and in this place you can’t help but to seek to crucify others, even those you love the most.

February is a month of self-revelation. You will see and recognize dark aspects of yourself the ego uses to delay you that have been hidden under denial. These are not real. They are beliefs. They program your behaviors. Your guilt is your belief that they are true. Guilt separates you and keeps you from learning the lesson. Guilt makes you special and emphasizes the negative attention of dark glamor. Guilt condemns and punishes you. It makes you pay for a past that never was. Guilt keeps you stuck never moving forward. Any negative emotion you ever experienced also contains guilt and where there is guilt there is misperception. Yes. You certainly feel guilt but what if you were to learn that the guilt you feel is but an ego fabrication. You have no need to beat yourself up for what is an illusion. Take your guilt to a higher court. It will be dismissed.

Aligning to purpose

This is a month where awareness of your purpose will come into relief. Rededicating yourself to your purpose will have the effect of redefining your life with truth. Your purpose helps you focus and free up your life. Happiness is your main purpose and right behind it comes healing as a purpose if you are not happy. Then there is the part of your purpose that only you can do. Finally in regard to your purpose there is helping the world in whatever capacity you are called to help.

The depression caused by the pandemic can dash people’s hope, bring panic, and have people lose a sense of what to do and how to make it all better. As you help those around you you help yourself. It is simple but it makes a difference for everyone. This is once again a great time to set your sights on how you want your month to turn out. How something turns out shows how you intended it to turn out given your conscious intention and all the subconscious agendas you hid from yourself. If there is too big a difference between what you thought you wanted and what actually happened then it’s important to integrate those conflicting wishes.


February is the month for tenderness and love. There is the grace and sweetness of intimacy present this month. Friends can make a great difference in your life this month. Much can be achieved and enjoyed together starting with your partner. If you don’t have the confidence, ask the Holy Spirit and He will provide for any lack of willingness on your part. Intimacy will create so much enjoyment and fineness this month.

Finances continue to be stressed in February but if you can truly turn your finances over to Heaven you will be given the faith that brings the truth and the way forward for you specifically. If you are looking for a better way the person you need will appear in your vicinity. To distract from the joy of intimacy, the ego will attempt to bring up conflicts, fights and fantasy that are born of the authority conflict. If you keep in mind that anyone attacking you reflects your hidden self-concepts, you can learn what you buried inside that is holding you back. It’ll look like them, but it will be your projection of what you think about yourself. Never stop extending yourself to someone who is attacking as it can create miracles. Sincerity wins trust and trust brings the truth of what’s necessary to succeed. Your love helps attackers wake up that much sooner. If someone acts out, ask yourself how old is the self inside them that got emotionally arrested. Then give yourself energetically to love that self inside them however old they are. Imagine holding that self in your arms and loving them till they grow up to their present age and can melt back into that person giving them greater peace and confidence.

Prayer is an important vehicle for healing this month. Prayer is simply being in God’s Presence. He knows what you need and handles the rest. If you begin your prayer with, “God is not fear, but Love,” it can dissolve the authority conflict you have with God. The economic stress of February continues and even grows a little toward the end of the month but if you are hanging out in the Largesse of God you will be given what you need. There is the possibility in February to save yourself at least three months of time and accomplish what you would have accomplished by the end of May. Actually some people will accomplish a great deal more. This saves time and brings vitality needed for the earth. This is only made possible by cooperation. If you employ cooperation the way will be made easy. If there is only a little cooperation then there will be difficulty.


A new energy emerges in February of Doing the Right Thing. Another way to describe February is that it is a month of quiet heroes. These heroes are the ones who when life looks grim shines their quiet confidence to save the day. They are so surrounded by truth that the truth shines through them to others. They keep opening their heart in order to not only find but be a better way. They are a vital link that serves to keep it all together. They have a finer attunement so that they can muster what it takes to discover a better way. They are the ones who listen within to hear what is spoken as well as what is unspoken.

The COVID-19 virus attacks your senses. But, as if in balance, people’s psychic abilities are growing. Also many normal areas are opening deeper layers of life. This includes people, books, relationships, movies, poetry, art, sex, learning, eating and conversation. Heaven can attract you through Its command of what brings both heights and depths. Only the most adept will enjoy both.

This is the time you came here for. It’s all part of your life’s learning and purpose. Let Heaven help. For many this time is the biggest challenge in life their soul’s video game for advancement. If you look back on your life’s journey it could have been a lot worse so it is important to acknowledge yourself. You made it this far. February is a crucial month. For everyone’s sake let the Universe give back to you for all you have given. It will make everyone’s life so much easier.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
February 2021
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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