February is a busy month by the look and feel of it but avoid busyness conspiracies meant to ensnare you in exhaustion, burnout and avoidance of your purpose. Snatch time for yourself, your grounding and your peace. It is crucial to practice mindfulness and the best way to do that is to place yourself in the Presence of God or whoever you are close to so that Heaven’s grace can occur for you and is invited at every turn. It is an easy month and year to burn out. This and the exhaustion that leads up to it is a sure sign you are trying to do it yourself and while this is heroic how long can you keep it up? This month and year is meant to teach us the benefits of spiritual connection and the grace it brings to dissolve illusion. Then you are able to stay in a flow and not burnout because at that point you won’t be very good to yourself or anyone. Pace yourself and use your mind power but most of all use Heaven’s Power or you can use yourself up in a year that is meant to be miraculous for what can fall into place for you and those around you.

Symptoms of problems, illness and accidents hide the fact that there is someone you are blaming. Forgive them and yourself for the errors you made. You used it as an excuse. When you separate love and justice, only revenge is left and the subconscious demonstrates that  in every problem or trauma you ever experienced. February is meant to be a month of truth and therefore forgiveness because otherwise you could easily be overwhelmed with how much there is to deal with. Bless and forgive those in need around you as they are showing you patterns in your own mind that need healing. They are your early warning system and they need you as much as you need you. I constantly use A Course in Miracles words: “I will forgive and this will disappear.”

Your resistance is your fear. As it says in A Course in Miracles, Christ walks with you and is in you. If you know this, what could you fear? If you won’t acknowledge Heaven or let It help you, you will try to do it all yourself. Good luck with that! When the fear is too high or when your life gets overwhelming death looks inviting. But remember, “To the ego the goal is death. But to the Holy Spirit the goal is life, which has no end.” A Course in Miracles, T-15.1.2:8-9.

The purpose of life is to become happy. The purpose of life when you are not happy is to become happy once more by your healing. As you give love you make yourself happy. As you heal you make yourself happy. Those around you are the key to Heaven or to hell depending on how you see them. (A Course in Miracles.) How you see another will determine how you perceive yourself. You are shown buried beliefs You have about yourself by how he acts though you may compensate and act the opposite fashion. It is your belief projected that has those around you act the way they do. We can’t stand our belief in sin, guilt and the punishment it brings so we use our projected perception not to feel the self-loathing and self-hatred. None of our self-attack is true. When God created us He created us like Himself. This makes all guilt and self-hatred untrue. Yet we attack ourselves as part of our ego’s agenda and at the same time use our attack and self-attack for untrue ego purposes that can never stand up to truth. If we cherish self-hatred we think that God hates us and is attacking us. If we chose to love ourselves we allow God’s bounty to come to us. 

February is meant to be cutting edge in terms of our healing process. This could be the good news or the bad news depending on whether you value healing and advancement or we stubbornly refuse to change toward happiness or you value fear and ego delay. There are many opportunities to advance and be fully present, to come out of your withdrawal in order to fully enjoy life and those around you. There will be opportunities to open doors that were closed since earliest childhood even before you could remember, as well as doors you closed centuries ago in your soul’s journey. You can recover gifts long dormant as well as parts of yourself you threw away as you got off of the path and followed your ego which wants your death rather than your learning and correction. 

In some ways February has the depth of December as well as holes that can seem to swallow you up in old or ancient issues. Their process can be brought into the present in what appears to be a problem that has sprung up out of the blue or on the other hand as an issue that has been developing for a while. Any adversity can strengthen you if you use it as an opportunity. Grace could solve any darkness as it always brings light and truth and peace. But if you forget or don’t realize grace is there the darkness becomes a test and sometimes a quite painful one. These are lessons. Be a willing learner. Let go of your attachments as they are what’s bringing pain and stopping the next step to a better level. Holding on won’t work at all. It is a form of taking and it destroys relationships and repels possible partnership and happiness and its possibility of blossoming to the next step. 

February is an adventure. There are pitfalls and challenges and a chance to find long-lost gold in your soul and in your life. There is also where you can fall into unconscious process. Step lightly and be mindful. Treat this month like an adventure that Heaven wants you to succeed at. If there is trouble keep asking the Holy Spirit to come into your mind and give your body and ego to Christ—at every moment if necessary. Then you know you are not alone and you know you are protected. If necessary call for God to hold you and comfort you. This can heal deep-seated loneliness and sorrow, rebonding you with yourself and significant others, allowing more openness to receive as well as an easier life. 

February is a month of opportunities. Please treat it as such. Doors open for you as you expand because you naturally become more willing to succeed. Your true choices help the world. As you help those around you, you help yourself and the world, which is in dire need of the light to shine away its darkness. Underneath all your dark and limiting beliefs the light is within you. God established it there in creation and it can’t be changed, only covered over with ego self-concepts in its quest to be special by exaggeration or shrinking you smaller and smaller or both at the same time. It is these self-concepts that block the light of love within. Yet at any time you can call for the light and see its effect. But lots of beliefs to the contrary make it difficult to know truth and sustain it. This is a good month to see where you became hardhearted and to commit to the courage of open-heartedness. Limitations are not from your will; they are your ego’s and the ego does not have your best interests at heart. Its only goal is specialness and the havoc which builds itself. If you are nineteen or older you don’t need the ego to guide you in navigating through the world; you learned that already. Replace your ego and you find love. 

All you have invested in your relationships either positively or negatively can reveal itself to you. Use this revelation to get better as each one, if you don’t indulge your ego and attack yourself, can be used to heal and have more joy. 

February is a short, intense month. Keep your faith strong or you might become fearful. You have a choice between trust and fear if asked. If you had it already you wouldn’t need Heaven. If you have lost faith in everything and are shrunken by fear, Heaven can still help you if you ask. For the love of God, for the love of yourself and those you hold dear, please ask. Please, please ask. What have you got to lose except your ego and whatever illusion it’s trying to make real. You are better than that. Ask for miracles that change the laws of time and space and reveal a better world of love. 

February is meant to be a month of love and forgiveness. If you are suffering or stalled in traps use forgiveness. This welcomes peace and enjoyment. Forgiveness is your purpose and peace and enjoyment are your destiny.

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February 2022  
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