February 2023

February is a month of love and purification. Each supports the other as they spiral upwards. February could also be a month of cabin fever, whether it be from the weather or it comes from the claustrophobia of self, wanting to break free, expand, make progress and go forward. February is a time of transition. It is the unfolding toward the outcome of your choices. In the midst of this change, what you have held to be true and have value may change. Trust the process. On the other side of this transition, things will be anchored once more in meaning.

Every heartbreak and shattered dream comes from wanting, and even needing, to go forward. Such a loss “forces your hand” to push forward or give up. You feel the soul need to go forward, while at the same time wanting the comfort of the past, you want to hold on to your attachment and try to stay still.

Whether you experience the gentleness of a needed shift or the shock of change that rocks you, how hard or easy life pushes you can be measured by how hard you are on yourself. If you are in alignment with the Tao you can have smooth and gradual growth, such as the grass growing. Some people push themselves hard to change, trying to get out of the past and its pain. They lock in an abuse conspiracy toward themselves that can sometimes carry over to their partners or children.

What seems to be split in your mind, such as pushing yourself for expansion is the comfort of holding onto the stage you are at, can be integrated for peace and the wholeness to bring about the best of both worlds. To experience an integration you can simply choose for the integration to be done. You can have the Tao do it for you as the Tao is the Absolute that is helping you unfold in this world of illusion. Your pain is your plan to push you forward while resisting at the same time.

The ego is the split-mind of the conflicted self. The Tao is the Oneness that keeps the light of Oneness in the darkness of separation. Be kind to yourself. Forcing yourself or others is a ruthlessness you will learn to regret. The wound that comes from forcing yourself may take longer to get over than if you simply trusted and allowed unfolding at your own pace, as you go through whatever fear plagues you with paralysis in your life. Be patient with yourself and you will have patience with others. Have confidence in yourself. God is perfect Love and knows all things, and He has perfect confidence in you.

Truth and ease go together with freedom, and come from giving yourself fully. It is your partnership that sets up the flow in your life. It begins with you partnering with yourself, and as a result with everyone around you, and finally with the Tao. In this way the Tao leads the way, showing you the way and making your decisions. It always decides for the Truth that is God, and in Truth there is neither sacrifice nor is there loss. Recognize if you are dealing everyone in your life a good hand, but not dealing yourself in the game. This pattern must change if you are to reach your goals.

Letting go is an easy way to purify. One of the biggest aspects of letting go this month is to let go of your demands on yourself. These demands correspond to your anger and hidden entitlement. You make demands when you have stress and needs, and when you are pushing yourself toward goals in which you have a split-mind of wanting both your goal and independence at the same time. It is crucial to give up needing to have things your way, needing to be right, and the deepest states of sacrifice—where you felt you had to give up your life to save your family. You will get your life and your health back as you realize you don’t need to sacrifice anymore.

Sacrifice may accomplish a lot, but it is a role, so you never give yourself or receive fully. Major purification is accomplished by giving up the belief in sacrifice, and all such beliefs that stop your purpose, such as guilt and sin. The Buddha and A Course in Miracles would tell you it’s all a dream, and as such it is no big deal. They would tell you to pull back the veil for the truth.

February is a month to let go of illusions which is everything that is dark or painful. Put yourself under Heaven’s protection. Give your mind to the Holy Spirit to ameliorate any type of pain or depression.

Since February is a month to purify, it is important to realize a few healing principles. Know that every little upset, if followed, will lead you to a cache of deeper emotions whose release frees you and moves you forward in wholeness. If you become braver around your emotions every time you are willing to feel through old emotions, it brings you back more of your heart. Your problems, your pain and your “little” upsets lead you to the past where there is the unfinished business of illusion and pain.

Peace is your goal because peace brings love, joy, health and abundance (A Course in Miracles). Many people get to the end of their lives and they have suppressed so many emotions that they now emerge as major problems, some type of illness, or an injury that comes of pain from the past.

It is important to realize that life is an opportunity for happiness, which is the real measure for gaging your success and what you have accomplished. Otherwise, your problems and emotions can overwhelm and depress you as they build. It is important to know that each emotion is both an illusion and a form of blame coming from the belief that someone wronged you. If you could see your deeper mind you would naturally see that it was you who made the mistake, not someone else. And as A Course in Miracles states, any situation seen correctly would bring peace and wholeness.

Any emotion you suffered is an illusion, a misunderstanding. It came from pain that preceded the event you think it came from. If it’s painful or broken, you are caught with perceptions of the past coloring your experience in your present so you don’t really experience your present which is the only place to experience joy. It is why A Course in Miracles states we are never upset for the reason with think.

Be aware that your ego wants to blame others for your painful experiences, and for how you are feeling, but if you take the ego’s stance you will miss the lesson and the upgrade on your ability to love and learn. Learning the lesson comes with both a gift and a new level of awareness. Your ego is the principle of separation rather than love, and it will attempt to have you feel guilty, and even sinful (irreversible guilt). It will have you attack others and yourself, and have you believe you are a failure in order to fortify itself with negative self-concepts.

These are the illusions that generate more illusions. Illusions tempt and even demand you believe in them, but they can’t sustain you. All pain is a mistaken attempt to have something sustain you that can’t sustain you. You cannot have pain or emotions without an attachment. Your and others’ pain and emotions are a call for help. Your attachments cover your old pain. They try to get or take, and sooner or later they lead to pain. You could have love and bonding if you let go of your attachments.

The extent to which you are successful and happy in your life will be the extent you learn these lessons. Your success will be measured by self-inclusion and self-love. In sacrifice you are dealing everyone a good hand but are not dealing yourself in the game. Self-love, the fundamental building block to be able to give love in a relationship, is easily increased as you welcome Divine Presence.

Love is joining. Love is forgiveness. Love is partnership. Love is sharing. Love is reaching out. Love is giving and receiving. Love is extending yourself. Love is responsive to others’ feelings and welfare. Love is healing—making you more whole, peaceful and confident to share with others. Love is awareness. Love is seeing others as innocent. If you are not happy, you are called for healing. You are not guilty; you are mistaken and healing is correction. The Holy Spirit, also known as the Tao, is the great Corrector, and will help by bringing Heaven’s awareness to any situation. What we see is what we think we are. Heaven sees everyone as innocent. You will be in Heaven on earth when your will becomes totally aligned with Heaven’s Will, which is also your true will. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness lead you to that perspective. Pain is a mistake caused by judgment, used to compensate and hide your own guilt. Judgment doesn’t work. You attempt to get rid of your guilt as you judge and blame another, but still keep the guilt and attack in yourself also. While judgment doesn’t work for you, it does work very well for your ego. All attack and self-attack is the ego attempting to keep its illusions and itself intact at your expense. Peace is an excellent alternative. As you give up your ego there is less of you and more of Heaven, less of your self and more of your Self.

If you want healing eyes that transform illusion to truth, you can invite the Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin or Christ to use your eyes to see truth. The alternative to seeing with healing eyes is your ego’s judgment, and this is responsible for all of your suffering, and that of the whole world (A Course in Miracles). As your illusions end, they end for others also. If you see a mistake in others it is your mistake. Healing eyes let you perceive all attacks as a call for help, and one in which you have a healing gift, if you would but realize it. If your soul is intent on healing, it doesn’t really care if you “Have a nice day!” It will at times push you into pain to get you through to the other side. Heaven is more gentle, but if you are not learning the lessons you have come to learn, your soul can push you or even “pull the plug” on you. In the light of this, everything happens for the best, except in the ego’s estimation (A Course in Miracles).

Trust the process. Feel the emotions. Learn the lessons. Purification is occurring and it is in your best interest. It may seem as if the wheel of fortune is turning downward in your life, but when you have completed your healing peace will reign in your mind, and you will once again be on the upward turn of the wheel. Follow each emotion as if you were atop a sliding board, the size of which is determined by the size of your pain or disaffection. Climb to the top and slide down from the present into the past, where the scene of unhappiness is. Who is there? What is the scene? What occurred? How is it affecting you now? Always be on the lookout for where you are not happy. They are windows of opportunity for present healing and wholeness. The emotions you experience are misunderstandings that come of lost bonding and its separation. You can ask Mother Mary to bring Holy Family bonding in those scenes, both within each person’s mind and between each person, so that only peace remains.

You can use Words of Power to transform any situation: “I could have peace instead of this” (A Course in Miracles). “I won’t condemn myself for this” (A Course in Miracles). “I will forgive and this will disappear” (A Course in Miracles). As you repeat these words they begin to transform both how you see it and how you feel. You can ask your higher mind to bring everyone back to their center time and again, until there is only bonding, peace and balance.

Reflect on your heartbreaks and shattered dreams. Recognize them as places in your life that your soul was attempting to push you on, while you were resisting—not wanting to let go of the attachment and possible comfort from remaining exactly where you were. This can lead to shattered dreams, which you can’t build on. If you let go of your attachments and trust, you will reach a higher place. Otherwise, part of you will be stuck in a past that never was, and holding on to a past that contains pain and defeat.

Another hidden part in each painful event is the ego’s use of dark events to gain independence. Yet this independence is not freedom but dissociation that hides shattered dreams, and throws you off-center into some form of sacrifice. By this you can avoid living your life and living your purpose, which is what opens you to fulfillment. Ask yourself how a particular heartbreak is affecting you now. You could choose rebirth instead, as you let go of this mistaken perception of your past.

There is a rare opportunity in February that comes with Joining. You can join completely mind-to-mind with another, so that Oneness can open to you in all its grandeur. Ask the Tao to leave nothing between you and your joining partner. Let all thought and emotions go so there is no separation, no pain, and even no bodies as you go to join mind-to-mind.

It is important to give you a warning: February may also be a time of great pain for a select few. If this pain is from your ego; it will be an attempt to take you down, but you can use it to take down a good portion of your ego and as a result have the pain be a life changing birth. You can wrest control back from the ego by simply stating: “I will not use this as an obstacle to peace but as a means to peace” (A Course in Miracles). If this pain is from your soul, your purpose will open a new vista, accelerate your gifts and expand your consciousness. If you are part of the select few in pain, stand firm in the pain—whether psychic, emotional or physical. If you use this event for accelerating your growth, it will be quite powerful. Heaven and your spirit are gentler, but your soul is impatient. Choose what you will use the pain for: wisdom or being a victim, to help or to fall. The pain shouldn’t last more than two and a half days at worst, and is usually much shorter if you choose it for healing. Heaven is with you. Let yourself be loved.

Heaven wants you happy. Align yourself with that this February. Love the people around you as if it were your last opportunity to love them. Give it all. Receive it all. Share yourself. Become your Self. It is your spirit in Love and Oneness.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
February, 2023
Kahuku, Hawaii

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