February 2024

The month of February contains deeper learning about love on the way to Divine Love Itself. At any moment you could choose to feel love. And in any situation, what you choose will determine your response and experience. It is your choice that gives you your experience. Your response will show you whether or not you love yourself. It is what you choose to put out that gives you your experience. What you give, you gain. The world shows you the split-off parts of you. Suffering follows guilt. The more you accept, forgive, let go of hidden attachments, give up control for trust, you will learn that to give all of yourself in wholeheartedness frees you. This brings you ease, moves you forward, melts stress and reaches new levels of partnership.

Real partnership comes from the desire to be equal beyond winning and losing, no matter what is occurring between you. You become needy in a relationship in order to try to make up for some need in your past that can never be filled, because the past is gone. The past was a past you made up in your mind to give you permission to feel what you want to feel and do what you want to do. Your needs came from a place you conspired to make so you could separate, be more independent, be right, do it your own way, get your way, and be competitive in order to have independence, rather than have intimacy. As a result of the pain of separation, you compensate for your loss by becoming entitled, stingy and selfish, while feeling aggrieved and righteous. With separation you expect another to fill your need to do things your way, and to take care of you. Expectations are future time bombs that will bring disappointment and frustration. You made your past. It was karmic, in that it came from your past choices about what you did and what was done to you. When a past incident doesn’t change through healings it is only because there is a deeper incident to forgive yourself for. If you forgive yourself for what happened, you and those who seemed to do it to you will change.

Your past is a movie you made from characters in your mind that you haven’t forgiven yourself for. These judgments on yourself that you projected on others can now be transformed into blessings if you see every circumstance as a chance to love or forgive. This increases your self-love. If you don’t choose the path of love, you will judge yourself and others, secretly holding yourself back with the hidden guilt that remains under your judgment on others.

As you forgive yourself, your hidden guilt dissolves and the victim situation transforms into gifts and empowerment. Each judgment leads to suffering. As A Course in Miracles states, “From judgment comes all the suffering of the world”. Your guilt calls for self-punishment, which leads to self-attack, or to attacks from others that are really your self-attacks. Forgive yourself and free everyone. Your attacks on others and your self-attack originated where you separated and blamed the pain on another. All projections are to separate and be better than another. It is a great deception.

You separated, but had to justify the separation by feeling that the other victimized you. This gave you the excuse to be independent and do things your way, demanding others do it your way also. You justify this by having been wounded, which was actually self-inflicted, then you use your fragile sensitivity to dominate and get your way. When you forgive yourself for the past, not only does the past transform but so does your present. Look around to see any changes once you forgive yourself.

When you dominate you win every battle but lose the war. Only equality, which is the commitment to be a true partner, is the answer. When you give up your specialness, walls of separation melt between you and your partner for new levels of success and intimacy. When you have intimacy you naturally share it with your partner, providing love and comfort, raising your partner up in new bonding and sweetness. Forgive yourself. It corrects both of your mistakes now and in the past.

You could promise to forgive yourself every 10 minutes, or even less, if you need to heal something. This keeps you aware of what you are going through, and allows you to be in the flow in spite of what you are experiencing. You have made your world out of hidden self-concepts. Forgive yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself you won’t transform your emotions or your world. You won’t recover your self-love, which is a source of power for loving others. The world is a projection of your self. Without self-love, how will the world become peaceful and sublime? How will the world become benign without your love, which comes from your self-love?

Forgive yourself! Look at what changes in your world as soon as you do. Your purpose in this life is to forgive yourself and the world. Your love is all that you give and receive. Do you choose to forgive, which is practical love, or to attack yourself and others? Do you choose to love or to hate? By your self-judgment, you torture others and yourself at the same time. Forgive yourself. When you forgive yourself, you can look around at your life and see how it has changed.

Will you step up and be the genius of love that you are? You brought that gift in to contribute such great love to the world. Look at the world. It’s in a race against time. Yet time is an illusion that you made up. Forgive yourself. Know the elasticity of time and see what you want as already accomplished. Self-forgiveness transforms your perception, and thus your experience.

Your dissociated independence is just compensation over the hidden pain you made up to build your ego. You made your identity with blood, sweat and tears. Your ego doesn’t really like you. Your self-concepts of your ego are the biggest attachment you have in this life. But your present identity will dissolve after you leave your body. When you die you will be in a holding situation until you and your coach recognize that you are ready for your next lesson, which will be a new lifetime back in the world. When you have stepped past every obstacle to peace, you will recognize your Oneness and reach back to help those in pain who still believe they are separate. Separation is the root of every problem. It is where chaos and war come from. Forgive yourself.

February is a month of purification, and this is tied in with it being a month of self-awareness. Things will surface this month that you hid from yourself; things that you are still attacking yourself for. Forgive yourself.

This is a great month for evolving quickly and having your life be that much better. The ego hides your gifts by plying you with thoughts and beliefs about you being worthless and inadequate. You compensate for these feelings by acting independent and entitled, and by expecting others to do it your way. Yet it is grace that answers every call for help, while fulfilling you at the same time. Forgive yourself for your problems, and turn your shortcomings over to the Goddess. You will be given all the help you can manage, in ways that you recognize. Heaven is behind you. Transforming illusions is a form of step-by-step love you give to everyone you love, as well as to the whole world. It is the willingness to see yourself as innocent that allows you to see all others as innocent. If you want to see your whole life as innocent, forgive yourself.

Join the Happiness Club. In every moment you can choose to be happy. Happiness comes from love, and it comes easily when you think of someone you love. Happiness comes through healing yourself of your hidden prisons of guilt and secret havens of fear. These hide your fear of power, giftedness and love. Your fear is your mind aligned with the ego instead of love and your true will.

The Holy Spirit, also known as the Tao, is uplifting the world; unfolding and bringing up situations to heal karma. Forgive yourself and invite grace. If you want to contribute to the world, choose the major shadow figure in your life. Forgive yourself and this person. Then choose a major problem in the world. Forgive yourself for being part of the collective mind that produced it. Forgive yourself every ten minutes.

Gratitude keeps you in a state of love, and as A Course in Miracles states, you can feel grateful for the love people give you. And you can also be grateful when they are not acting in a loving way, because it shows you a part of your mind that you have condemned and hidden. This gives you an excuse to not live your purpose, because of your doubt and self-attack. Forgive yourself. You are God’s precious child. All the rest is the illusion made up by your ego which is also an illusion. Forgive yourself.

You accuse others of what you did and what you are doing. Forgive yourself. Be happy. Being happy burns off kilos of karma, and the world is a better place as a result. Forgive yourself and you will see everyone as worthy of being loved and loveable. This helps the world unfold and progress. In A Course in Miracles it states that to save the world is but to change your mind about yourself.

The Tao is all around you. A leader watches and follows the Tao. Visionaries give themselves completely, hoping the Tao comes into them. A Master will tell you the Tao is inside you. A Savior will tell you the Tao is you. When you reach this point of awareness, layers of the ego and its separation fade away as the illusions they are.

This month you may deal with judgments and disgust. You may feel it within or project it on others. This shows you where you have self-judgment and self-disgust. All you ever judge or resist is yourself. Forgive yourself. You will become more natural as you refine your belief in yourself. As a result, the belief in yourself as an ego, and a body, begins to gradually melt away. When you believe you are your body, you believe you are going to die, rather than carry on as an unlimited spirit. To know yourself as a spirit you need truth to get back to your true identity as a loving spirit, and part of Oneness. Forgive yourself. You are innocent. As you realize your innocence, you naturally share your innocence with others. If you are using guilt to control yourself, you will use guilt to control others in order to keep them fused with you, and to keep you from pulling back the covers that hide your own guilt. You have been using this to hide your fear of who you really are, and what you really want.

Are you influencing people toward love, or toward separation and all its maladies? Forgive yourself. Collective issues are reflecting ancient falls in consciousness. Forgive yourself. The quickest way back to Oneness is through partnership, which is equality; and forgiving yourself for any problem you see between or in either of you. Equality, like love and joy, melts the walls of separation, and this leads to greater love and joy. The ego wants you to be on top or on the bottom, never side by side. Committing to equality with your partner every few hours is a commitment to love, and therefore happiness. Join the Happiness Club.

February can be the most salutary of months if you would write the script that way. You can choose to see your leap forward already accomplished.

Will you choose for your greedy ego which just wants to milk everyone, or for love this month? Will you make the choice for separation or happiness? Forgive yourself. Enjoy. It’s so easy. This month you can choose to love and be happy no matter what.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
February 2024
Kahuku, Hawai’i

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