A better way

January 2021 sets the tone for the coming year. The month can be either a hole you fall into or a gateway you go through to a better way. Decide now what you want it to be. There is still a great deal of darkness coming up through the collective mind of humanity so there is a way to go to before we are free. Light has been breaking through into our minds and as such we are realizing it can be much better than it has been. While the darkest days are still ahead for some, in general the tide is now beginning to turn. If there is light in your life you are now called to be a lighthouse for others. Shine the light from deep within you. Don’t hide in the darkness or in the midst of the herd. When the need is so great, it is not a time when there can be any excuse for smallness. You and Heaven together can accomplish anything It asks you to do. Help others and you are both helped. In this way you also reinforce the idea of help being there for you whenever you need it.

In general, for the year ahead it may seem like things are reaching their lowest point as a result of the pandemic, economy and losses sustained, but energetically there is a shift toward abundance, partnership and community. After going through the worst in the pandemic and the economy there can easily be months where people retreat into smallness and withdrawal. Yet there is a better way. This may be a time where many regroup to lick their wounds but if you embrace restoration it can occur much easier and faster.

It’s you

In the last four months of 2021 life may noticeably improve in some important areas helped by a number of significant, world shifting inventions. This year can be a time of happy transformation and the seed for all of this is planted this month, so be the change you want to see. Be the love you never received. It’s always been in you and has been within waiting to be discovered and shared. Only when you try to get something from the outside will you feel deprived. When you feel something missing in your life, it’s because you don’t realize that no one deprives you but yourself and what you are looking for outside is actually within you.

This is a time when faith, trust and love are needed to re-invent yourself and be blessed with truth. It is a time for your own rebirth and that of the planet. Let Universal Inspiration guide you. The Tao will always show you a way that works if you quiet your mind. In A Course in Miracles it states that God’s Will for us is total happiness. So, if you are not happy you are off the track and you can use what brings you happiness such as love, gratitude and forgiveness to get back on track. You can hangout with Heaven Which knows exactly what you need and wants to give you everything. Open your heart to receive and you can then give more bountifully making a spiral upwards of receiving and giving. A while back you shutdown your heart and mind through judgment and grievances. You can release these mistakes now because they are the illusions that build the ego and lock you in prisons of your own making. If you invest in the ego the window of life gets smaller and smaller until the light is gone. Lead the way for change. That is what your higher mind is meant to be used for and you can ask it to show you the way. Ask for and accept grace; let it be done for you. Be the window for a better way until you can become an open door and then finally the better way itself.


We have all heard that life is what you make it, and while what is going on now is quite a big wave of the collective unconscious you are not here by accident at this time. You came with the intention to surf this wave, not drink it, and you can show the way. In December there was a shift to higher timeline. If we had not succeeded in raising consciousness, life would have been so much darker for a longer while into the future. But we dodged a bullet and reached a higher level in which to unfold. We chose a better way that will begin to bring a more benign time for all, though individually there will still be a few big lessons for some to learn. It has been so dire for many that they have reached a point where it is either change or die. Vow to change, learn and become more of the truth about yourself. True change begins on the inside and is reflected outwardly.
When you are overwhelmed, know that what is happening need not be.
When you are wounded, know there is a better way.
When you feel trapped, know that it is not God’s Will for you.
You can ask to be returned to your center as many times as is necessary to regain your peace and confidence. You can then ask the Holy Spirit to transform things that are blocking you.

When things are unhappy or there is scarcity, love can find a better way. Simply think of someone you love and love them through whatever unhappiness you are experiencing. If necessary love a number of people until the transformation is complete. Let this be a year of love. If you choose that, it will be a year of happy change and self-love. Happiness is Heaven’s Will for you. Let it be your will also because both your and Heaven’s Will together can give rise to a joyful life for you and those around you. If you let go of your attachments and your ego’s self-concepts they will be replaced with love. This is what you came into this life for. You have come to learn the soul lessons you set up for yourself so you can be happy. Embrace both your greatness and gentleness because otherwise your desire to hide means you are lost in smallness. This is not who you are or what you came for and it is not what you really want. You came to push through each and every limitation and to free others as you progress. Your glorious radiance of your spirit and being a shining star helps the whole world. You came to remember that you were created and imprinted in God’s Love as an unlimited, amazing and iridescent spirit. Don’t cheat yourself. Who you came to be is so juicy and enjoyable. It renews you and the whole world.

Chuck Spezzano


Nightlight Newsletter
January 2021
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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