January is a month of shifts that will allow you to wrest your life back from your ego. It is your ego that keeps you in pain and slavery. It is not your friend. Enough is enough.

Let’s start with illness. The suffering of your body distracts you from the suffering inside. It is an ego plan to hide and to attack you and others as well as your spiritual reality. All of it is illusion which is why it can be healed. “I will forgive and this will disappear,” are words from A Course in Miracles that, when repeated enough, will peel the onion of any disquiet until there is only peace. Imagine if you will, that any sickness is a form of burnout. Some of this may be years old or even more recent. When you burnout you feel you can’t go on like you have been. Actually, that is a good thing, but not as an excuse to withdraw or blame. In every trauma, at least one part of you withdrew enough to have it become a missing link and a cut wire in your life. Part of your mind, heart and body are not firing or “fired up.” As a result your life and relationships become a bit grayer.

Looked at in this way, every heartbreak is a trauma that we use because we are afraid we are not up to facing the next stage in our relationship. We feel inadequate to handle what comes next. Yet it is a bit arrogant to think we can’t do something when the Creator of the universe believes in us and will provide whatever we need if we ask.

Another form of burnout comes from trying to do too much. You give everything out of love and you may even have saved the day, as well as saving your team, but there is nothing left for you. You feel hollow, empty and exhausted. Your sentiment was good, but you forgot to partner with Heaven, and so you burned out. And while you also feel inadequate or fearful about whatever the next stage might be, you feel you have nothing left to give. Even the thought of what’s next seems too much and beyond you. Yet Heaven is full and infinite and has all that you lost, threw away or used up. You could ask Christ, Buddha, Quan Yin or Moses to restore what was lost to you in each incident of heartbreak. The results of healing are not “on you.” It is Heaven’s responsibility and you are asked to partner and let your heavenly Partner restore you to what was lost. You can make that choice.

The renaissance that is meant to begin in the year 2022 is meant to restore what was lost beginning with faith, hope and love. If you do not see others around you as the same as you, you will judge with the arrogance of specialness and privilege. You will see others less than you, establishing conflict. Where you see a difference with others, the ego expands into the parts of your mind where your gifts are meant to be obscuring them. The ego attacks and attempts to defeat others, making every act political, in order to be on top as the most special one. Equality, on the other hand, invites partnership, flow and mutuality. Behind every problem and grievance, at the root of it, is a gift and a miracle. If you embraced these, the problem would dissolve at the same time and it would also give you the heart to go forward. ,

We spend so much time and energy seeking what is outside us, but whatever we are seeking is inside us. As A Course in Miracles states, “We are what we are seeking.” If you haven’t finished with your present issues, you will find yourself facing them in January, along with the doubt that they left as their legacy. Rebirth means letting go, trusting and giving it all for truth, partnering with forces both seen and unseen. Advancement in consciousness means relying more and more on what is formless, but most powerful. Our ego wants us to try to do everything ourselves or to be helpless, judgmental and attacking. It misses the chance for ease and for vital resources that are being given to us at every moment. Heaven’s plan for us is Divine Love and happiness, but it will not interfere with a cherished plan for self-destruction if we have one. Heaven knows we will finally learn truth, joy and Oneness. Invite truth in now, as it comes to bring order to the chaos in our lives and the world. Truth dissolves illusions.

You can become aware this month of where you imprisoned your will, and how in each trauma at least one part of you withdrew and remains hidden. You can go back to each trauma and ask your angels to purify, bless and melt these hidden selves. As they are seen and loved they grow up to your present age, and restore greater wholeness and confidence to go forward and succeed.

The advancement that emerges in the next month to take the next step and have a renewal, comes from love. The love you have for the people you cherish, as well as for every person in the world, gives you the courage to proceed. Our minds are connected, and as you courageously and heroically step forward, you make it easier for those you love. This is typically an inner step in which you say yes to the true you. And you will face the feelings and thoughts you experienced when you made the initial mistake and fell. Now you can see the mistake, correct it and learn the lesson for good. Or you could simply ask the Divine Brotherhood and Divine Sisterhood to bring you to your appointed place on the path of forgiveness, back to your innocence. The biggest willingness will have the effect of leaping you forward, so you reach an entirely new place. You are called to be as astute as a pioneer, and as guileless as a baby. This allows you to learn where you are and connect with whomever you are with. Listen Up and you will be guided to see what is necessary.

It is your ego that sees itself as better than others, and will go to great lengths to prove it’s the best, or, on the other hand, indenture itself to those it considers better. This specialness, whether positive or negative, steals from the Tao, which is causing things to unfold in the highest possible way, given what we need to heal. Those that do act from specialness are those wounded and calling for help. If you see or know someone like this, it reflects your own hidden and judged self-concepts. Forgive. Help. Love. You could give these beliefs to the Tao to undo, and as a result help the whole collective. You could also ask the Holy Spirit, aka the Tao, to untangle you from any problems, because freedom and truth are Heaven’s Plan for you, and show different facets of the same light. Turn over your burdens, sacrifice and guilt. They are merely ego traps to imprison and delay you. Choose freedom as it frees the world.

In this dream, in this video-game called life, you could venture back to the future, back to your home, back to your Self as unlimited spirit in Oneness. It is a journey of discovering gifts and going beyond limitations. It is a journey of awareness, of gratitude and of ease. It is a path of learning, peace and accomplishment. It is a path of balance, truth and intimacy. It is the learning of forgiveness, as you heal whatever traumatic illusion of pain or upset that began as you judged. The adventure home is a path of acceptance, until you learn to see the Tao at work in everything and can invite It to come through you, washing away the false identity you so painstakingly built to hide Heaven. You did this so you could believe you were the most special one, either positively or negatively. The secret to progressing quickly is to slow down and love. It allows you to give it all and receive it all. It allows you to appreciate and enjoy every moment of your life. This is not just the thrill of addiction as you place someone over you in some way as the dispenser of what you need. That will only lead to a broken heart. Instead, you could have the intimacy that comes of equality, the encouragement you receive when another is covering your back and looking out in front of you. This welcomes the increase of God’s largesse as you heal each and every problem that is meant to stop you from wholeness. Your innocence is everyone’s innocence. Your forgiveness is everyone’s forgiveness. Banish judgment and replace it with truth and merciful discernment, for they are what bring justice. Erase the identity you built and you will find Heaven is in you, as you.

If any difficulty occurs in your birth this month, it is the past. If it is really big it comes from old soul traumas, or even past falls before the time of bodies. Remember the following Words of Power, that if said with strong intention, can free you of layer after layer of the onion. They are words or concepts from A Course in Miracles:

I could have peace instead of this.

I am entitled to miracles.

I will not see myself as limited.

I will forgive and this will disappear.

I invite the truth to bring order to the chaos.

I will bless instead of judge.

The path home can be accelerated in two ways in order to go forward. These two paths are like having two arms or two legs. They are your purpose and your relationship, and they are intertwined. In your purpose you are giving more and more in a contribution to others and the world, and this helps and fulfills you. In your relationship you are becoming as close as possible, until the intimacy melts into the experience of being the other. This opens us past the dream of the world and into the Garden. With one arm you give yourself away, and as a result, you find yourself multiplied. The other arm is joining so profoundly that all form melts away in love and Oneness.

January is a month of strong intention. Its goals can be with you throughout the year, empowering you when you lose sight of what’s important. Your intentions invite you and bring you forward in your life. When you hit a pocket of pain or inertia you will find Christ’s eyes to see with, Quan Yin’s hands to hold you, the feet of the Buddha to guide you and Michael the Archangel’s flaming sword of truth to protect you. January is a month of restoration and resurrection, in that parts of you that you discarded so as not to go forward, are valued and brought back to life and wholeness once again. January is a month of rehabilitation and renewal so you can be as you once were and safe, healed and whole.

Love is the answer this January. As you love others you love yourself and the Creator. I wish you all easy births and happy new beginnings. Enjoy.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i
January 2022

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