There is always a new energy that comes with the New Year. It provides the impetus for what’s to come. If you don’t find this energy it is because there are still things from the past that you are holding on to. These attachments are meant to be released in order to provide a new beginning for you. You are called to let go of major disappointments or losses in order to provide a renaissance. It is not your will, nor is it God’s, that you suffer and cherish the past when it is over. It belongs in the past. To let go of the past is to heal its conflicts, and you are meant to be free of all conflicts, as conflicts are your ego’s will. If you are suffering in any way you are following the ego’s path. The ego makes all of its followers suffer.

A conflict, which is what any problem reflects, shows a place where you want two different things of conflicting value. You can let go of both. Or they can be integrated into a new wholeness. If you bring the light to a situation there is only wholeness. If you invite the Tao, there is only Oneness and a new true direction.

In the year 2023 you are called for a new perception, a higher perspective that makes life easier for you, especially this January. This is a year you are meant to surrender your plan for success, and instead embrace Heaven’s. Your plan will put you in sacrifice, and you will not be happy with how the ego schedules, and even enslaves you. Heaven’s plan includes you. It neither wants, nor needs, your sacrifice. That is what your ego wants. Even if Heaven seems to want you to have a schedule that seems impossible, it will give you the peace, energy and confidence to not rely on yourself to do it.

Remember that life as we know it is not real. It is a big videogame in which we are called to learn about love as the means to get closer to others, and thus to Heaven, and to reach higher levels of consciousness. This will naturally include forgiveness in order to gain higher levels of peace. When you hold grievances you punish yourself as much as you do the one you are aggrieved with. Every problem contains a grievance at its root. Each forgiveness dissolves the illusions that seems to keep the grievance intact.

You are meant to let go of all the pain you have swallowed from others in an attempt to help, this includes the “introjectors” that do the swallowing of others’ pain. In your introjection you took on Heaven’s job that you had gotten in the way of. If you don’t heal your introjection you cannot heal your fusion. And if you cannot heal your fusion, you won’t get to partnership–which is bonding, ease, freedom, giving yourself fully, truth and authenticity.

Partnership can only include equality and mutuality; not sacrifice and its hidden self-concepts of independence and victimhood. Hidden in sacrifice is your rebellion and doing things “my way”. Hidden in your busyness and scheduling is rebellion against a parent or parents whose parenting contained a lot of doing things “their own way”. Now “your way” of doing your life can block the signals, and even the signs directing you to God’s Way and its happiness.

Seek peace. It will allow you to step up to who you are meant to be. This is your destiny, where you have given up your ego’s plan, its hidden rebellion and the attempts at doing things your way. When you turn a corner in partnership from the independent level relatedness and bonding naturally become the goal. This is when you realize that behind each relationship is your relationship with Heaven.

The love and joy available with each relationship is the gift each person provides you, as well as a further connection to Heaven. Disinclude anyone and you disinclude a part of yourself, and close down the connection to Heaven. Have a grievance toward anyone and you have hidden guilt within you. In regard to others, your peace is their peace, and their peace is yours.

Sometimes those around have problems that seem beyond you. Yet this is a time to ask for Heaven’s gift that would provide the healing, and even the miracle, for them. The only price you need to pay to help someone stuck like this is to receive the gift for yourself first. If your being in service has been hijacked by your ego, your busyness will affect your health and your outlook on life.

Happiness occurs now, and not in some future life in which you are called to sacrifice yourself now to get there. Even if you reach your dream you will still be in the sacrifice mindset of your busyness–to the detriment of your happiness, which is Heaven’s plan for you. Your ego is an illusion. Heaven will replace it with the Tao if you ask for it.

You have spent a lifetime building the ego’s sense of unhappy separation in order to make your identity. The Holy Spirit, the Tao, will undo it for you with truth. Heaven will help to rid you of ego illusions. Christ will bring love. Quan Yin the mercy. Mother Mary and Buddha the compassion. David will bring the courage. Heaven will bring whatever you need, and as your Source, It will provide all the grace you need.

Your life is the reflection of what you have invited in. Some of the painful life lessons were only hard because you resisted them, and held on to attachments. Every soul lesson can be learned with grace. Give up your present values for truer, higher values; as your beliefs fall away so will the independence, sacrifice and the hidden victimhood you still cherish within you.

Your recent setbacks are actually a way of getting you out of sacrifice, albeit the hard way. Ease and truth go hand-in-hand. They help to set up the right perception, which is how you want to see things. You could resolve to lift your perception. You could ask for Christ’s vision or give your mind to the Holy Spirit. This year we are called to do more with less. This is another step toward spirit, a step forward in peace. When less and less calls you in the world, you are called to find meaning spiritually. This finds meaning in what brings joy. Joy will always contain some form of joining that doesn’t call for sacrifice.

Your faith and surety is the rock that others depend on. Your love is what makes it easy for others to follow you as you step up. You provide a current of life that brings others forward with you. This helps everyone. Do not let yourself be distracted. January sets the focus for all of 2023. Your priorities, and how you spend your time in January, will launch you for the rest of the year.

Seek the truth. It will bring you all your other goals. Let yourself be loved. It will make you and Heaven happy.

Will you represent truth or your ego, Heaven or hell, joy or suffering? It’s your life and your choice. Invest in happiness.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
January 2023
Kahuku, Hawaii

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