January 2024

January is a month of birth and a new beginning. The births you have achieved in 2023 are anchored and made strong in this first month. Do not be dismayed if the ego throws its last vestiges of strength to try to stop you. Keep your eyes firmly on the goal. The rest is the ego’s last attempt at resistance to stop this new level. Redemption is yours on the level you not only allow but welcome. This means your old pain dissolves as you reach this new beginning even though there are always new lessons to learn. Some may even completely fall away as you awaken in Oneness with one leg in Heaven and the other in the world.

This is a month for celebration. Be happy. Be joyous. Where you are not, when you are not, remember your desire for the awakening to this new life-changing and life-affirming level. This birth can affect all the world. It may seem new but it’s not. You were here at this place thousands of years or even thousands of lifetimes ago. That doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter how you fell from this place. What matters is that you are here again ready to accept your happy part in Heaven’s plan to reach home on the way to Oneness. When you forget and things seem dark ask Christ for His eyes of forgiveness to see an innocent world. Ask Buddha for His compassion to see beyond the dream. Ask Quan Yin for Her mercy to bless the world instead of judging it. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your mind and see the world aright. Ask the Tao to bring the light where all is One. Ask Mother Mary to bring the comfort that lets go of all attachment that is bringing you pain. It is only your judgments and attachments that have brought you suffering. It is your judgment that separates and fragments you. It is your refusal to let go of something and it is only this that makes any birth difficult.

We live in a world of opposites. These opposites are how the world is split by fear and separation, by doubt which at its heart is self-doubt, by judgment and grievance and guilt, for what is split off as something different than you. You are on the path home. It is a path of recovery and discovery that is all about yourself becoming your Self. What you gaze upon is what you think of yourself, distorted by judgments. What you love becomes you again. What you forgive, you restore. What you have compassion for, you reach out to join.

What you have mercy on, you welcome. If you can share completely with one person seeing them as innocent, you awaken. You can ask for Christ to join you and as you look through His eyes you see a world redeemed. (A Course in Miracles) You can invite the Buddha to join you and you can see beyond the dream. You can invite Quan Yin to join you and welcome a world in need of both your mercies. Would you not let go of some attachment you think is normal to have, but that is holding you and another back? Would you let go of your attachments and judgments to end their suffering? Would you let go of your judgments and attachments to end your own suffering?

Attachment is counterfeit love and as the Buddha said, it is the source of all pain. Don’t you want the real thing? Will you pay the small price of letting go and relinquishing judgment that is needed to help the world? When you let go, but not throw away, something better always comes to take its place. When you forgive, the guilt under judgment and grievances is gone. When you trust yourself to be empty-handed letting go is both easy and courageous and something better soon comes to take its place.

You may also find that the letting go you do is attached to a bigger, more hidden holding on which hides separation. Your separation is the root of all illusion and the pain it brings. This separation for independence never did make you happy when the alternative could have been joining heart to heart at a whole new level which brings intimacy and success.

Ask God for the miracle. Receive it for yourself and others. Holding on was your solution to the illusion you made by your separation. This separation never worked in reality but was compensated for by illusions that have kept you attached to the world. You can have it all. You are meant to have it all as a Child of God. Only your attachment holds you back from a leap forward. Ask for what you deserve as a Child of God. Your letting go helps thousands of people across the world to let go of attachments and judgments and begin again. Be a leader in letting go. Be the leader in freeing the world through your forgiveness, your mercy and your compassion. See beyond the world to a new and better invitation that comes with Divine Love. Help bring Heaven to earth by seeing a world in need of the miracle you can receive if you are willing to let go of your plan and your way to Heaven. Your Father in Heaven wants you home not through death but through Awakening. He yearns for you. Heaven is incomplete without you. Oneness needs you. Heaven needs you. Wouldn’t you be willing to let go of your little grievances that hide your attachments for the miracles that save you and the world from pain? Your need to be right about everything and anything hides the truth. Let go, surrender, and join the happy path that awaits you. Help the world. Help yourself. And help those you love.

Haven’t you outgrown those attachments to having things your way and being right? Have they even made you happy? Don’t you want to be happy? Only God’s way home will work. Let yourself be helped today. Let yourself be loved today. Let yourself be penetrated by the Divine. Let go of all the rest and the miracle is there for you for the asking. Be free. Be you. Be the you that includes all others. Be the You that is Love. Be the you that is Heaven.

Nightlight Newsletter
January 2024
Turtle Bay, Hawaii

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