July is meant to be a month of inner productivity and action. There is meant to be more activity within than without. Except for frontline people who will remain busy, there can be more time for deepening your heart. What the mind doesn’t like, it judges and splits off making it “bad”.  Then we project it outside ourselves so as to attempt to get rid of the guilt. All that you see outside yourself, you have judged within you at the most primordial levels, and placed outside you in the world as something “other”. This is how the ego makes our ego identity; we have built it from pain and fear that we secretly colluded to bring about, since more separation builds our ego. The ego maintains itself through separation, and uses the vicious circle of guilt/blame to keep things in place, anchored as the status quo. Built on pain and self-destructive events, the ego maintains itself by attack, and self-attacks. The ego attempts to convince us that attack is natural. It wants and attempts to be different and special, yet at the same time it wants us to give up all forms of authentic individuation. What we see in the world, is what we think of ourselves deep within. Our deeper mind is literally plastered before us in the world, yet we try to imagine that we are different, and superior to what we see. Unfortunately, we have judged ourselves as we judged others so much so that deep within us we are filled with self-loathing. We believe the ego when it says it will get rid of what we don’t like, or are afraid of, so it projects it out but still keeps it buried within. It uses dissociation to cut us off from the pain of separation, but this also dissociates our heart, and the gifts and talents we then project outside ourselves also.

Forgive the World

Since what we see in the world is what we think we are, this supports what A Course In Miracles states, which is that our purpose is to forgive the world. By forgiving the world, we forgive ourselves leading to recovery of our innocence and wholeness. As we forgive and heal, the world at first becomes more benign, and then begins to integrate back into us. As we forgive we experience peace, wholeness, and confidence, and we are healed of old and ancient guilt and fear that began with every separation. We use that guilt as the reason to blame and to attack, because this compensates for our own guilt, and because the ego told us that attacking would save us from being attacked. Every negative thing that ever happened to us was actually a form of self-attack. Without forgiving, we will never know peace, truth and innocence. Without our innocence, we will never see the beauty that is both in the world and in others, because all we will see is our judgments pinned on the world around us.


The pressure cooker going on at a collective level with the pandemic and its effects hastens the trends in the world that are both positive and negative,  quickening the rate of evolution. It shows us the need for change, which threatens those afraid to change. The flow of July can also bring utterly sweet moments of tenderness and intimacy. Whole layers of separation and self-concepts in the mind can fall away, opening to the delightful dance of love as it connects with the energies of our subtle body, to that of another. In doing so, fractures that have been stuck within us generating problems are dissolved. Opposites and all the conflict that comes from polarization fall away through joining and partnership. Our network of friends and
family emerges or gets stronger as the month goes on.

In July, people will recognize a greater need for healing, and for a spiritual path that can sustain them and keep them strong in the face of the changes that keep coming. Through healing, dark nights of the soul become births that build up to opportunities of transcendence. This can help us reach cosmic consciousness that may last a moment, a few days, or forever.
This sets our course, and primordially changes us as we let ourselves be changed.


Practice stretching time by imagining that each moment is the only every moment there is, a moment of light and joy that stretches forever. As a result, the past can no longer constrain or misguide us. As the walls in our mind fall away, there is greater manifestation, fun and intimacy with those around us. Let us neither shy away from the darkness, nor run towards it. What is meant for us as both lesson and birth will come to us. If we have a good friend or two to be able to share with, it can make all the difference . What comes to us can be heated, and if we recognize the potential for birth that a dark night of the soul can be, we will recognize that it will follow the stages of physical birth. To get through a dark night of the soul we will need to face it in order to go through it. If we take some time to feel our feelings every day, with the intention of peace, the emotions will be released. This will help us commit to the healing path and our own unfolding. We may go through as many as three dark nights of the soul in July that are meant to be births. It can be easy if we let ourselves rest in the Hands of God. We can fall asleep this way every night, and at given times during the day, as Heaven’s Will for us is perfect peace. The rest is our ego which is what we came to heal, so we can know ourselves as boundless love, and limitless light. As we extend time by experiencing only this moment, it can stretch through time and into eternity as this moment-forever. While we are going through our births, we can help others through theirs. In doing so, we are able to move forward to jumping off points into cosmic awareness by joining completely with another, or by experiencing the eternal now in the present.

July can also be a great month for money, sacred sex, transcendent love, and significant healing. All of these can help restore wealth, health and happiness. The more grateful we are in our life, the more we will enjoy it and the more it will flow and unfold. Life is not a “to do list” or even a goal. Heaven can bless us and show us the way forward. We can be mindful and
grateful and dwell in the precious moment that is the gateway home. We can be totally present in every cell within us, so we are naturally aware both of miracles and Divine Presence. This helps us to leap forward, and to enjoy every step of it all along the way.

May the Tao bless you, and keep you and carry you. May it flow through you this month for the world.

We can have happy days as the pandemic and quarantine continue!

Chuck Spezzano

Kahalu’u, Hawaii
Nightlight Newsletter
July 2020

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