July is a month of busyness and high productivity. It will include much more socializing. Still it is important not to use busyness as a compensation for depression, aggression or fear because they still remain inside when compensated for. It is important to be centered and peaceful because the level of irritation and rage that is surfacing is at higher alert levels. And it will get stronger so it is best to learn how to transform your stress without lashing out. Those who can’t get use to this level of pain and irritation simply give up and die. Those who seek healing and forgiveness will open to deeper and higher levels of peace. It is your attitude that will determine how you fare. There are big waves to cut through this month but it is doable even easy with guidance. Those in intense situations may find it becoming more intense but still handleable. There is a lesson to learn in intense situations in order to have it be true and easy. If you learn it your life becomes more personable and enjoyable with greater bonding. As a result you become naturally more open, vulnerable in a safe way, alluring and effective.

The key in July is to take time for quiet inwardness and not to be so busy. Even though it may seem that by taking time you are not as productive actually you become more effective and reach a stage that saves even more time. Whatever you usually do to center yourself, do that. This is where grace, guidance and energy comes to you. You may even reach transcendent moments. As grace increases the veils of illusion fall away. This can occur with it flowing into you and also through the highest connection of creativity and healing.

Another thing that can make a difference now in your life is if you think of those who angered or irritated you in the past and resolve to dissolve this ongoing stress. If you forgive these people you will release the pain, irritation and stress inherited from them and you can both be free. In this way peace will replace both the past stress and so release the present of irritation. What you don’t forgive in others is what you haven’t forgiven yourself for. The world around you is what you have judged in yourself, repressed and projected out on those around you. You have come to forgive and know yourself by forgiving others. You have come to forgive the world and find your own innocence which you would then gladly share. Innocence shares itself. Guilt blames another.

The waves keep coming both crests and troughs. There is celebration and triumphs. There are lessons and even trials from unlearned lessons. There will be freedom from traps you never thought you would be released from but somehow in July you are.

Opposite beliefs show up in you and in your relationship for integration, new wholeness and a step forward. If the polarities are in your relationship your partner is acting out the more hidden side of you. A few of the polarities that show are being social and being silent and reflective; being courageous and being fearful; giving help and being needy, being a star and shrinking; self-love and self-hate, and shining or being dull.

July is meant to be a month of discoveries where hidden things are brought to light psychologically, spiritually, socially and politically. This is very helpful for those who want growth.

July can be so full and call for so much from you it is important to set limits so as not to exhaust yourself. Be true to yourself. Include yourself and your life will naturally balance. July can be the most heart-opening month in which you become closer to your partner, your parents, your children and your friends.

I read in A Course in Miracles last week about how the ego feeds all of its defenses into the defense of sin which the ego uses as a call for your death. God Who knows only Innocence created you as innocent. If God didn’t create something, it doesn’t exist except as an illusion. He didn’t create separation, sin, guilt, death, heartbreak or revenge. These are illusions you use to keep your ego intact. Love created only what is love. The rest is the dream of separation and the fear it brings which as you forgive you bond becoming happier and more successful. The world comes together when love or innocence is restored. In A Course in Miracles it states that if you believe in sin it means you think there is power stronger than God’s capable of making another will that could attack God’s Will. How could that be?

Also remember this month that fantasy hides fractures which are stress producing. Fantasy shows a split mind where you want something and you don’t want it at the same time. So all you do is dream and fantasize. Fantasy is a form of holding on that holds you back. You could integrate your split mind for however many layers deep the split goes down. Fantasy and the split mind came from old places of separation and pain used for making the ego. We blamed someone for what happened but we had actually set up the scene, misinterpreted what was happening in a way to darkly glamorize what occurred for attention and specialness. This gave you fear, guilt and heartbreak. When you blame someone you hide your guilt and responsibility and this sets a pattern of self-defeat until you can give forgiveness to another or yourself. Forgiveness is simply a choice not to condemn yourself or another. If you hold something against someone you hold it against everyone. This includes even the highest spiritual Beings. Think of someone you are attacking. To attack them is the same as stabbing the Buddha or crucifying Christ all over again. As you attack those around, you also attack these Enlightened Beings and God. What you blame God for He couldn’t have possibly done. Only you could possibly have done it. Could you forgive yourself for that and for your self-deception? Could you forgive God for that which only you could have done? In A Course in Miracles it states you cold help millions of people by forgiving God.

In July it may finally become apparent to those sick and injured that what hurt them represents a place and time when they closed themselves off from God. It is not God’s Will that you suffer in any way nor is it your true will. Open the door to Love. Your ego tells you that God is only telling you what you don’t want to hear and would make you do what you don’t want to do. The ego tells you this falsehood to make you think its path is more inviting but it is simply an ego trick you make to have you become its slave. Welcome Love and welcome It for everyone. Welcome abundance and welcome the healing that would restore peace. This will bring a much greater level of self-inclusion, joy and abundance. Joy is here. Revel in that this month. You deserve it.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
July 2021
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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