July 2022

July can be a war zone or contain the peace of God. Whatever it is will be your will hidden in secret or displayed in not-so-secret ways. Choose now with all your heart what you want for July. If you are lost or confused ask to be shown the way back to yourself or even to your Self. If you are trying to be right or win at all costs, sooner or later it will end badly. And you will blame others for your loss and wounding and use it to justify where you felt forced to wound others. Of course, this will only wound yourself more. When examined from a subconscious perspective your being a victim is an excuse to hide and not to go forward. It is a way to be independent and prove you are right. You pay a heavy price for this as it imprisons you and blocks your ability to receive and enjoy.

This month you can become aware of your dark dreams as they show up in your life as suffering. These dreams are secret wishes that are part of your hidden aspect of your split-mind. The principle is: what you see is what you want to see. Instead of feeling attacked or attacking yourself for your dark dreams, use them as a way to realize that what is happening is a dream and you are the dreamer. Knowing this you can step through any dream and beyond to a better place.

Equality is what transforms July into a garden on the way to “The Garden.” Not above or below another but only side-by-side saves you and your relationship as equality is the fundamental building block of happiness and success. To achieve this means giving up both your specialness and your smallness. This month you will most likely have choices between your smallness that eventually leads to depression or your greatness because of your desire to contribute to the world through your purpose. You can wear the face of “innocence” to hide treachery, judgment and attack thoughts. But if you are not happy, you have the hidden arrogance that states you had a better plan than God Whose only plan was your perfect happiness. God will back you in whatever way you choose to go. Yet so many who make mistaken choices and hide this from themselves blame God and others for their own mistakes. This month it becomes evident there are choices that either lead you forward or set you back, either to rely on your weakness or on Heaven’s strength. This is the choice between thinking you are a body or a spirit using the body as a learning vehicle.

We have come to this world to heal what remains separated, fearful and guilty as we bring love, light and innocence to dissipate the darkness of judgment and guilt. This month we have the choice between being stingy or being generous but only our giving is the ticket to being happy. It is not only the key to the garden but what is The Garden.

Be aware of health issues. They hide impacted emotions as well as hidden conflicts. There is no problem that does not conceal a grievance. There is no problem that does not conceal a self-concept. There is no problem that does not conceal the fear to go forward. If you reach a place where you feel you have reached the end of your rope, then the choice to simply go on is what takes you to a better way even to go beyond this world. You have the choice between acting in a true way or a negative one that reflects a self-concept you are holding onto that is not your Higher Self. Only the choice for truth frees you from the prison you are in that you have made. And this is where you can call on Heaven to purify your mind and your life.

What is possible this month is that you can deepen the love with your partner, your family and those around you. This brings peace, joy and appreciation for yourself and all in your life. It brings greater productivity and effectiveness into your life. As you know your innocence you see that you can bring it to others.

In July if you reach this point of freedom you can begin to address the big questions of life such as, “Who am I and what am I here for?” Your life can be a desert or a garden. It can be a place of attack and self-attack or it can contain the sweet unfolding of intimacy. If you choose wrong you become wounded by your mistake. Any wound you have at whatever level shows your blame of another. Your being a victim is your excuse to be or stay independent but with this you pay a heavy price of sacrifice. As a result you don’t allow yourself to receive while all the time demanding your way and that you be the central figure that all revolve around.

Mutuality is what can transform July into a happy month living by love and trust. To make another more important than any self-concept or specialness you have of yourself is to choose intimacy as a way of life. We work hard to build a personality that is quite competitive with the personality of others. These personalities are built on scarcity and pain that attempt to hide our fear. They push us on the treadmill of winning and losing that is a vicious circle. When we let go of our negative self-concepts we naturally have a better life. The world shows us what we believe about ourselves but have hidden. We can even let go of positive beliefs for what is miraculous. Positive self-concepts can be true or they can be just compensations for dark self-concepts and their pain and if we let them go we find Heaven’s light and joy.

This month if you allow yourself to be peaceful you can feel the call of Heaven to go forward and beyond. You can feel the inexorable pull of Love calling you home. It is a happy thrum of God’s Heart beating in Love for you. You can feel the call of God. It is the call of Love to love and the tide that is moving you toward Oneness. This month can bring one of the big breakthroughs in your life either as either success in the world or spiritually or both. July can become a month of transcendence and you can move forward very quickly if you are not distracted by all the busyness that surrounds you. Have a wonderful month, it can give to you all that Heaven wants you to have.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
July 2022
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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