July 2023

If you can allow yourself to slow down this month, enough to quiet your mind just a bit, you will find a stream of grace coming into you from above. Ancient truths, emerging with memories, unify and therefore heal you and the world at collective levels. This quiet is time you are giving to yourself, and you will find Heaven is with you. You will evolve so much more this month as a result.

Beside your quiet time, the other way you could save yourself a great deal of time is through healing. You can do this as either the giver or the receiver; in this one concept, giving and receiving always go together, and thus can always heal duality and separation.

There is a lot of conviviality and bonding this month. Family ties can be strengthened, friendships found and renewed, and delight multiplied. The greatest opportunity of July is to welcome the awareness of Christ’s vision, tied in with all those ascended masters who know the future we are heading for with them. Spiritual vision sees beyond all problems to where their roots in separation are joined and returned to happiness. Some time this month, take the opportunity to have the breakthrough, so that you no longer write anything but happy stories.

Here are easy steps to keep in mind to make this likely:
1. Recognize that all obstacles are lessons Heaven would have you learn.
2. Welcome Christ’s or Quan Yin’s vision. It is your wholeness, the love in which you were created.
3. You can return to this golden storehouse within you at any time for the miracles that make everything easy.
4. Share your healing with another, for it is in sharing what you have accomplished that you know it is really yours.
5. In this recognition, time is saved for you and the earth. The earth gets a step closer to Heaven.

The interconnection of helpfulness is strong in July, and that is how you know you are in a community. The deep end opens this month so it is good to be supported in this way, especially if there are seers and healers as part of it. July is also a time of fun, frolic and playful teasing. After coming back from the work day it is time for a little horseplay. Love is renewed. Self-love grown.

You can invite Christ, or any who have reached Oneness, to bring you to Heaven’s treasure house where every need is answered. If you accomplish this in July, the avenue to a Divine Love Story and a Happy Story for life is available. The power that awaits you transcends your belief in how you see the world.

There is a depth of painful feeling that emerges from the unconscious mind this month that may feel as if you are burning up inside, but it is easily capped with feelings of love, joy and self-love. So many kilos of karma can be healed, and much time saved in your unfolding process. This month you will be able to see what keeps you locked in the world rather than transcend it.

Within our minds now are ancient patterns, sinkholes of time, where certain mind sets and cultural patterns are present and strongly reinforced by attack or resistance. This could be a month for storms of inner and outer conflict, but the grace is stronger. Don’t try to do this month on your own.

Our weather is a collective reflection of our consciousness. Few are equipped to operate at that level and have effect on it. The ego always wants to show us how weak and wretched we are. If we walk the world with the Holy Spirit, we can see that everything happens for the best. This is in terms of what needs healing, which makes it easy to forgive and jump forward.

Enjoy your month. If things are painful in any way, remember that it is a sure sign it is an illusion not created by God. His barbeque is always fired up, to burn away illusions, and reveal the gifts that are meant for you. Open your mind and heart to receive them.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
July 2023
Kahuku, Hawaii


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