July 2024

Trust the unfolding this month. It’s taking you where you need to go. If you trust the Tao there is no pain or loss or scarcity. The Tao also known as the Holy Spirit is inside us. It is that aspect given to us by God that can operate in both Oneness and in the separation of the world with its myriad of illusions. The Holy Spirit has come to transform our polarities and illusions into a state of Oneness. It both reveals hidden problems that are karmic and painful but also ones that are set up as part of our soul curriculum showing us ways to heal. It is separation at the root of every problem. The Tao reveals and provides ways to heal the separation that is still inside us. As you progress you access and realize more and more of the Tao’s power to heal and be healed. The Tao is One with God and Heaven and you. As you progress you are caught less and less by the glitter of the world that eventually disappoints and disillusions. You naturally become more interested in your inner wholeness, peace and joy. Without this spiritual ascendency, even good lives can become stale.

Certainly there are ups and downs coming in July, but when you trust the Tao and its process, you carry peace in your heart and a deep faith. You soon begin to realize as the Portuguese proverb states, “God writes straight with crooked lives.” If you trust the process, the whole unfolding will be fascinating as your inner and outer process weave together. With trust, the process will be neither dangerous nor unhappy unless you are trying to hold onto something. When you let go, it opens you to receive at the next stage. Look at your life through the Holy Spirit’s eyes to transform it. Heaven is simply wanting to get you beyond attachments to a better place in the shortest amount of time. Be at peace. Not one of you shall fall from Heaven’s loving grasp no matter what the outward circumstances. Look beyond your body and your personal mind, unless you have your own hidden plans it is a place where miracles abound.

It is important this month to return to basics: As Buddha said the world is a dream and you are the dreamer. What you see in others is only what you believe about yourself. The world is the story of your mind played out in front of you by many people and situations. The world mirrors what is unhealed in you as well the gifts you haven’t fully embraced. The world is the projection of what you haven’t fully accepted and healed in you as yet. Once you realize that the world is a projection of your self-judgments and your guilt, you begin to realize that forgiveness is the key to freedom. The world is all of us together and forgiveness of everyone begins with forgiveness of ourselves.

Old denial may be opened up this month and deep emotions may emerge but trusting allows you to see the birth occurring in you. Forgiveness of what you see in others releases yourself from old, subconscious patterns and ancient, unconscious patterns that keep you enslaved. Forgiveness can provide a glimpse of Oneness, a glimpse of home. As you forgive these old patterns that had been hidden within, high levels of creativity and productivity can come to your life. This July, you have the opportunity to heal the old pain that still resides within your split mind. You both desire a happy outcome but at the same time you desire greater control and independence. These do not work well together. You want to do it your way rather than Heaven’s. If you remember old pain, it shows a past, mistaken choice. It means the pain is still within you under denial and you are still attached to it for some specious reason. You are using it for an ego purpose. You can’t have the experience of suffering unless there is some hidden attachment that both led to the situation and came from it.

Every time we suffered we were trying to separate from significant others and from God. Where things blew up unexpectedly in our life, we had a self-destructive pattern that can now be recognized and relinquished. Where we separated from God, we can restore our experience of Oneness with God so we know it always was and always will be. What the ego has told us about the separation benefits the ego and not us. God’s Oneness and His joy began with us at creation and can never be changed. It is still inside us under all of the self-concepts we have made. There is no pain, problem or suffering without separation and it was in our separation that we made self-concepts. And it is ego concepts that are blocks in the wall of the ego. What you believe becomes your truth no matter how illusionary. Your soul’s curriculum is used in order to reach greater love and connection that heals separation and its ill effects. The biggest lessons of our lives were set up even before we came into this life. We came to forgive in order to free our ancient selves and mistaken separation. Because of what we did we now project it onto others and attack them for what we used to do.

There are only two minds within us, our ego or personal self, and our higher mind with the Tao. No matter what our ego tells us or how dark it seems, make sure you always get a second opinion from your higher mind. There is a better way. You deserve the best as God’s Child. You deserve miracles.

What you see in the world is what you think of yourself. Clean up the mirrors of your mind and the world changes. The most chronic people in your life now are how you used to be and still deep within believe you are. These self-concepts are compensated for and repressed. Yet you still secretly punish yourself for these beliefs about yourself and others. In most of the deepest spiritual texts there is no guilt, only innocence and total responsibility. In this manner the final conflict between yourself and the world is healed. Your ego aligns itself toward darkness and death. Your higher mind aligns itself with life and freedom.

Besides a new level of creativity and productivity, what is available this month is catching up on yourself. As you center, stress and burdens fall away and you become more peaceful, more essential and truer to yourself and your life. There are many good ways to bring this about. One healing method that is especially helpful with physical or health symptoms is the following: Your body, which is a neutral vehicle meant for learning, has been made to pay for and act out the conflicts in your mind. Dwell on the symptom. It is meant to distract you from the conflict and emotions surrounding the problem in your mind. Every physical or emotional symptom hides emotions and some kind of conflict. If you dwell on the symptoms, then emotions, stories and issues may rise to the surface for understanding and letting go. Turn them over to the Holy Spirit. Until these incidents are transformed, they will keep affecting you. To turn them over and have them healed now is to save yourself from major problems and future illnesses.

One meditation that can unfold this more quickly is to ask the Holy Spirit to carry you back to your center. Dwell on your symptoms in this place. When all of the awareness possible has been revealed from this center, ask to be carried to a deeper center and rest there in this awareness where there is even greater harmony within you. When that center has deepened your peace and heightened your awareness about the conflict, ask to be carried to a higher center. Dwell here awhile with attention to whatever is unfolding regarding your symptoms. When the benefits of this center have been embraced, ask to be carried to a center that is both higher and deeper. Remain in this center until all peace and awareness have blossomed. Then ask to be carried to a center ten years in your future. Relax here in this place. Peace and innocence will naturally occur at each of these centers. When this time at the future center feels complete, ask to be carried to your center in the Mind of God, your center in the Oneness. Dwell here as long as you can. Every symptom reflects a separation, a lack of peace, a place of blame and guilt, a place where there is the illusion of separation from God. As these obstacles melt away and peace is revealed, there is an upwelling of tranquility and innocence for you and everyone. Our Oneness with Heaven and God are confirmed. As a result, the more you do this exercise, the deeper the connection and the greater the ease to be at peace. Each day or each week you do this, the deeper the connection will become. Each day or each week you might choose to do this with a new symptom. This can save you time and trouble as the more goldenenss and destiny presents itself later.

Your body is neutral; it doesn’t catch or make illnesses. It is your mind that has the conflict that is displaced in the body. Common roots for symptoms include judging and blaming another; an attempt to pay off guilt, trying to get revenge, shrinking from the fear of the next step or a disappointment that you still cherish, are common. Your happiness comes from within you. Your problems also come from within you. To think otherwise is to make yourself weak and a victim trying to displace guilt. Your accountability restores your power and your confidence. As you experience your Oneness with God, it heals the separation and fear at the root of all problems.

Another exercise that can help you heal is to look and feel into the problem situation with your conscious mind. Then imagine your subconscious mind with all of its thoughts, beliefs, values and emotions affecting this situation and coming into your mind. Feel all the influences and negativity in your life regarding this physical problem. Next, invite all the influences from your unconscious mind to come into your awareness. Finally, ask that all the awareness of the Holy Spirit come into your mind and bring you true perception, restoring everyone’s innocence. This awareness with the Holy Spirit reminds you of your Oneness with God.

The month of July may have many switchbacks for you. You may be going in one direction and somehow everything changes and you end up going in another and then another. Trust the changes.Trust the process. Keep your sense of humor. Every cloud has a silver lining. Look for it. Emerging levels of creativity and productivity can open a new stage in your life for you and everyone around you. This July, if you don’t give up or fight, it can be a resplendent month. If you resist one of the switchbacks you are stuck with it. Enjoy the ride and enjoy everyone around you, no matter what role you have assigned to them in your life. Accept and you move forward. In truth, you are One with God. That being the case, what’s the problem? Remembrance of Oneness heals everything.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
July 2024
Turtle Bay, Hawaii

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