June continues the pressure cooker of the collective. Even those who did well at the beginning are finding themselves becoming a bit frayed coming up against conflicts that have long lain dormant inside. This allows us to see what needs healing within us, as the outside reflects the inside. It is important not to allow what needs healing to become locked in stress, or desperation, as this sets up PTSD. Now is the time for healing. Commit to it and ask for the best way healing can occur for you. In June we will get to see either a level of opening and release, or we will experience stress and see our authority conflict at play in our lives. Stress shows that the ego has caught us and is shaking us like a cat with a rat. Let us learn from these incidents. Let us free ourselves. Let us forgive. Let us ask for help.
Every trap that you are caught in has a gift hidden within that can dissolve it. Let us meditate and do that which brings peace. Let us let go of our attachments which are blocking our ability to receive. In A Course In Miracles it states God has promised us peace, so there must be a way to have it. Let us not settle for less than peace as it is what brings health, abundance, love and joy. June can be a perfectly grand month full of discovery and connection to life on all levels. As a result of our life patterns and the lessons we set for ourselves, June can be a month of Heaven or one of hell. It can reflect God, or it can reflect our ego. We can set our mind now to what it will be for us.


More duplicity, greed, and ignorance will be exposed this month and this is helpful because light brings truth and freedom. Yet, if corruption is to be healed it must begin with us. There is a connection between complaining and corruption. Our subconscious shows this connection in every problem and the complaint it hides. This is where we pretend we are helpless, but really we are just stingy and lazy. We have just enough make-up to try to hide this, if only from ourselves, so it appears that what is going on has nothing to do with us.

Partnership and community can inspire us to go forward supporting others and being supported. It is crucial to have an attitude of correcting our mistakes, rather than beating ourselves up with the self-punishment that goes with guilt. As soon as you recognize a mistake, your higher mind sets about healing it. Guilt and self-punishment are just sneaky ego ways of NOT learning a certain lesson. All pain and victimization from the past contains guilt and the guilt helps cement the ego’s place in your mind. When the guilt and pain are gone, you will be free of the past. Where there was loss and depression, there will now be gifts. When you learn the lesson, there will be a new level of purity that will welcome success and intimacy rather than struggle. You can become a perfect mirror of Heaven here with your purity, or on the other hand you can become a burden to everyone around you with your stress, illness, and complaining.

A gift a day

The gifts that you see outside are actually the potential you have inside. The negativity you see outside you is also a part of your buried self-concepts. Starting with your partner, parents, and children, you can place a gift that they seem to have that you don’t on the altar of truth, which is in the very center of the temple of your mind. Put it next to forgiveness. This gift will begin to grow in you. When that is complete, take some aspect that you have judged about those close to you and place that on the altar next to forgiveness, knowing that the negativity will be dissolved. Do these exercises everyday for 30 days and see how your life has transformed by the end of the month.


Remember at the root of every problem is the authority conflict. We are all fighting to be the boss even over God. If we let ourselves surrender to God we would have no problems. God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. This is our true will also, but where we have given our ‘power of attorney’ over to the ego we will suffer and be afraid. We can be at peace or we will be driven by fear, or the need to compensate to prove we are not afraid. To find our hidden fight and rebellion inside is the first step in healing it, and to discover this is priceless. We usually keep this so hidden and defended that it is unavailable. Only by finding this darkness, pride, and arrogance, can we then relinquish it. Our rebellion extends all the way back in time to before we even took on bodies. If we weren’t so rebellious, we would still be in the Oneness of Heaven. We could ask that the Tao/Holy Spirit undo this negativity, guiding us back to the purity that welcomes an ever better life filled with love and happiness. We have come to be whole and pure. We have come to be a paragon that inspires everyone around us with valor, fidelity, and beauty. We can give up the vicious circle of sacrifice-indulgence and instead learn to give ourselves wholly, win our heart back and love the truth.


Use your stress as an indicator of some attachment where you are trying to push yourself to accomplish something that could be better left in Heaven’s Hands. If you feel you have to do everything yourself, you will be pushing yourself and pushing others around you. This only leads to stress and power struggles. If this occurs, the ego wins on all counts. Your ego is meant to be your servant, not the other way around. Take your life back. Heal what needs healing. The pain and burden of your life shows where you have invested in your ego and not in the truth. As the ego pushes you to accomplish whatever it wants you to accomplish, you will push others and they will resist you actively or passively. Surrender is not giving up. It is joining another where there is a seeming difference, and in the joining an integration of differences occurs to bring wholeness and peace. Your ego is the identity you made to cut through the world to reach your goals, but when you are unsuspecting it sets out to defeat you. Heaven and your destiny go hand in hand, and Heaven has the easiest way for you to restore yourself to the love and joy of unlimited spirit.

June for Joy!

June can be a joyful month, a loving month. June can be a month full of creativity which is a specific form of love. June can be a big month for communicating with those you love and, as a result, it can lead to loving yourself more. Your life can interact with these expansive patterns in a way that gives you more freedom and inclusion for yourself and for others. What do you want and what path will you follow?

May this be a month of happy release and may you have a transcendent month!

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
June 2020
Kahuku, Hawai’i

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