June is meant to be a month of flourishing where the positive aspects of May continue to unfold. The darker aspects of May are also continuing apace. Still it is becoming clearer: the temptation to die, the choice for scarcity in life and relationships, the hidden belief in sin, the guilt that you feel can’t be forgiven that hides in grievances and victim situations, are what destroy our lives indentured as we are to the ego. There is a hidden madness buried deep within us that is willful and fights the Will of God. God did not create sin, or guilt, or death so they are illusions made by the ego and perpetuated by our contract with the ego. This is an alliance with separation, the dynamic at the root of all pain, illness and victim situations. It is at the heart of all the problems in the world.

The Buddha said that all pain comes from attachment and attachments and needs come from separation. Your problems, which both hide a need and the fear of having to go on without it, begin to emerge as the problem. You want to go forward…sort of. You want the answer but you just can’t let go of some attachment. You are caught in ambivalence. The old way is not working out, but the new way seems scary. You are riding two horses at the same time and they are going in different directions. A part of you wants to stay stuck to milk the attachment to try to meet the old need. But to actually be able to have your need met would take you going forward and becoming bonded once more. The ego doesn’t want you to give up the dissociated independence you took on when you became a victim and which you then used to become independent. God wants you to have it all. But your ego wants the independence that keeps you in sacrifice and scarcity forever attracted to pain in an attempt to get basic needs met. God wants innocence and life and He gave that to us at our creation. He is still giving all to all but we are still receiving so little. The ego covers over this grace-filled largesse and our relationship with God using self-concepts. It wants us to give up on the answers and choose sin and guilt and death.

Step in Truth

What is the attachment you have that keeps you from advancing toward the limitless spirit God created you as? Your control in life is not just controlling others around you; you use it to control yourself too.
What fear does your control hide?
What is the need you would be afraid to lose but are afraid to receive?
What is the step you are afraid to take that you feel you could not handle and succeed at in the next stage?
Would you take that step after you realized that God’s limitless power backs you up?
Will you take the step forward in truth blessed by the Holy Spirit and allow the garden of your life to flourish?
The attraction to guilt is hidden by the ego’s desire to be right and to set the standard of what goes on in life by judging everyone and everything. It does this to blame others rather than take responsibility and thus loses the power to transform problems, relationships and situations.
When you have healed your own life by accepting God’s peace and innocence the next challenge awaits. You can then venture yourself forward by taking full responsibility for your partner’s life giving it to Heaven for transformation. Once that is accomplished you can do this with your parents and your children. This clears a great deal of past pain and the illusion of sin, guilt and their attraction to death. As these painful experiences and grievances are cleared your life becomes clear also. Your desire for peace and wholeness will empower you. On your healing path you will find buried judgments, ancient dilemmas, shattered dreams, dark stories you are writing, conspiracies against yourself to keep you stuck, idols you are still worshipping, and suffering you still cherish in your ego’s name. Roles and compensation will fall away revealing the guilt, failure and fear that you so painfully hid to pretend it wasn’t there. Mistakes you have been making in relationships and sex become more apparent this month. The wish to go beyond merely “the plumbing” in sex with your partner gets stronger. Your desire to have “Avatar Sex” will cost you the relinquishment of the ego’s agenda in sex for pleasure, pain, pride or attack. Your desire to graduate from the ego’s belief in the material plane opens you to ethereal connections with their beauty, mysticism and mythic joy.

If you take full responsibility for each and every situation you can give it to Heaven to undo for you. Are you willing for the answer and the joy that melts your ego? This will give you back your life. If you are willing to flourish then there are great possibilities this month.


Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
June 2021
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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