June 2022

For those who are ready and open, June can be a most fruitful month. You are being asked to focus and prioritize as there are many distractions all vying for your attention many at the same time. Apply your mind to your goal. Keep choosing and asking for abundance and fruitfulness. Want happiness with all your heart. What occurs is the outward expression of what’s in your mind. If something negative emerges take a moment to declare what it is you really want and forgive the illusion that is a projection of your mind until it dissolves.

June is a month of depth; deep feelings, deep thoughts and deep love. It is a month that can be fertile for healing, building relationships and deepening your spiritual practice. It could be a banner month if you are not afraid of the success and intimacy that wants to come to you. It is a month to enjoy it all.

June can be a month of peak experiences, new vision and greater possibilities. It is a month for expansion but it could also be quite busy so it’s important to set your mind for everything to unfold in a smooth and timely manner.

There is a connection between how much peace you are experiencing and how much you can profoundly enjoy all that is around you. For those on a healing, spiritual path there can be lessons that can change the course of your life. June can provide an upswing as you discover that all the limitations in your life were self-imposed. You have made your own prison and you can free yourself when you are no longer frightened to be free.

June can be a great month for transformation especially in regard to what’s not true. Sacrifice can be transformed to devotion. Judgment can be changed to helpfulness and blessings when you use it for discernment and the desire to make a difference rather than be part of the problem. Destruction can become construction. Lies can be opened and what is untrue can be discounted. Revelation can be made manifest. Self-deception can be forsaken so that where you have imposed restrictions and even bondage on yourself you now find sweet release. Bonding can increase both with your family and at work. And life can be a lot more fun if that is your wish and your direction.

In June you can come a lot closer spiritually to how you were created as light, love and limitless spirit saving thousands of years of evolution for yourself and the earth. This month step up and be the man you have come to be. Your challenges can be surmounted. Be the woman you have come to be. You and the world will be richer for it.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
June 2022
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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