June 2023

We are still in transition out of how the world was in 2022, and how it will be in 2024. It is a time of challenge and big waves for most. It is important to keep your nose facing into the wave if you wish to stay afloat.

It is crucial to keep your tools of forgiveness, self-forgiveness, welcoming of truth, and letting go of attachments available, so that you can make progress in the challenges of this transition year. Whatever you heal in this life leads you to a higher level of conscious experience as you begin your next life.

In a time of transition it is crucial to measure your life against the principle of happiness. We were created happy. It is God’s Will for us.

Every life has its challenges, and the big ones were set up even before we came into this life. That includes major losses, defeats, betrayals, etc. Healing is not just for times of tragedy and drama. It’s a way of life.

All problems are from the past. They come from some kind of misinterpretation or misunderstanding; something we personalized and judged because we judged it in ourselves.

The more you heal, the more whole and happy you become. The world you see is what is in your own mind. On the healing path you will eventually heal old fragments, and have ancient gifts and truths come to you for yourself and others. If you forgive anything enough times, the problem dissolves.

Past lives and ancestral issues are presently expressed as problems, or as family and relationship issues. If you don’t know how to heal them, simply keep forgiving. You can use these words of power from A Course in Miracles: “I will forgive, and this will disappear.” Said with strong intention, it will clear what obstructs you.

Your perception shows you what you are called to make happy. That which you are attached to is counterfeit love, and you can have the real thing. Otherwise, sooner or later you will lose it. Letting go provides bonding, and that is the love and success that protects you from loss.

Heaven on earth is our goal, and once that is achieved, the goal becomes Heaven Itself. Healing takes you there. If you have studied the subconscious you would know, as I do, that the times we were victimized were our opportunities to heal soul lessons. As we forgive others, we forgive old and ancient self-concepts that we are punishing ourselves for.

June is meant to be a fruitful month full of opportunities for love and reward. Your joy is meant to be celebrated. Your happiness and laughter are meant to be shared. New channels of your heart are meant to open and last for the rest of your life. Wherever something is not working out, give yourself to it 100%.

If your life is not easy, free or in the flow, there is something or someone that you are not giving yourself to fully. This leads to withdrawals and reflects ancient separations. As you give more of yourself, you will find you have more of yourself to give.

You are called to rest, relax and receive this month. Receiving brings fulfillment to you and it inspires fulfillment in others. Your success gives others permission to be successful and to have what you have, which leverages you into even greater success. This is the third principle of leadership, and leadership is full of gifts and flow. Receive all that Heaven wants to give you either directly or through others.

What seems to be holding you back is your fear of change. Trust the process. Receive Heaven’s help, because what holds you back is not Heaven’s Will for you.

Let yourself be loved. It is all around you, and it is in you. You are God’s precious child, and He would be incomplete without you. Welcome peace, which contains all good things. Welcome the limitless Self, as you were created as pure light and love in God’s image.

Have a happy month!

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
June 2023
Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

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