June 2024

June is meant to be a month of miracles. While miracles are available to us at anytime, our awareness of them makes them possible. June is such a month. It is the fruit that comes from the flowering in May. June is meant to be abundant as miracles transform the outward seeking that leads to illness and scarcity, June is meant to be enjoyed; “Drink to the fullest.” The ego will try to use its best distractions to catch you up in trivial pursuits of the body that include indulgences, temptations, sacrifice, illness and other problems. If you don’t allow yourself to be distracted, the rewards this month of being God’s Child and One with Him can be deep and rich. This month the Guidance can inspire you with God’s Love. How much will you allow yourself to receive? Are you worthy enough or does valuelessness gnaw away at you within you? You are needed to complete God’s plan of Oneness. You are God’s Child and as vital to Him as any child to their parent. What would God say about your attachment to valuelessness? Are you acting underprivileged in the hope of getting more privilege or to prove that you are really a good person? If you are looking at yourself through your ego, you will never be good enough. But if you look at yourself with eyes of God rather than your personal self, you will see your true value. You will see you are being given it all now. As a result of receiving, a portion of the ego’s world would melt away. And as some of this world’s separation dissolves, you will open to receive much more and be less prone to impatience to get somewhere or do something. You will be more present, and this is where you can receive and when you can enjoy. You will be less attached to something in this world. You will be less fearful and less busy because you won’t be running around to attain something that will actually delay you. You will naturally have more freedom by having fewer self-concepts which imprison you and secretly imprison others. Your self-concepts demand action to prove yourself and your worth. They keep you busy. To love the Goddess, Shakti, she asks that you stop and smell the roses to enjoy what is occurring in the present. None of this busyness is necessary in the Eyes of God because you are offered everything because you are everything. As you become closer and closer to your awareness of being One with God you need less and less from the outside world, because more and more comes from within.

Fruitfulness and receiving are major gifts of the feminine. The masculine in its love subsumes itself in joy to the feminine. June is a month of learning to enjoy yourself. It is your feminine side that allows you to enjoy and open to greater love as you go forward. You can walk with the Goddess this month. Shakti is your safety and security. Enjoyment opens joy. Joy and love are a spiral upwards to Oneness ending separation. She is your everything and you can welcome Her. You will evolve more swiftly by slowing down in the present. You will learn you can’t fully enjoy yourself if you are not fully in your body. And you must be fully in your body before you can transcend it. There is a choice to be fully present this month when you both save time and naturally enjoy yourself. When you have burned away all of your pain by fully experiencing it or by healing it in some other manner, you automatically receive more in the corrected, reconsecrated space. You can enjoy all there is to enjoy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and sexually without attachment because of your full presence. At the same time you welcome the healing of any pain you haven’t fully healed and your capacity to receive grows greater.

June is a month where you can recognize both how much you allow yourself to receive and how much on the other hand you refuse. All is always, already given to you by the very nature of God. The only reason it doesn’t get to you is because you are being right about something or there is an attachment you have that you don’t want to let go of. Both are signs of old loss and seeking outside yourself through the body. It is only the Love of God within where what you are looking for, can finally be found. Letting go of attachment would naturally bring a new level of openness for both intimacy and success which comes about through the blessing and fulfillment of bonding. If you see where you are blocked this month you can let yourself be penetrated with Divine Love. For men this occurs metaphorically in your heart and for women in your vulva. In ancient times spiritually a man’s heart was considered his vulva. How much can you let in and how much can you give from these centers? Courage gives you willingness. Women can only do this if they have self-love. Men can only do this if they extend their love to others. Giving and receiving are a spiral upwards that heals the world and its illusion of separation.

Immersion is the Divine penetrating of your soul from your spirit or of the Divine coming into your everyday life. Immersion is the receiving of Divine Love. It is spiritual penetration. Are you willing to let God penetrate you like this? It can save years and even lifetimes in your evolution and your ability to receive so that you remember you are One with God to your everyday delight and joy with All There Is. Extending this to others becomes a miracle, bringing more love to a world desperately in need of it.

Let yourself feel how gifted and lucky you are. The rest you made up to be a victim and build a world of separation. You are attempting to fit in and be like everyone else. You made the world for ego purposes that were mistakes that are now holding you back in your evolution toward total happiness. Be the best example of anyone that you know for being lucky. It will inspire and uplift those around you. Being lucky is being in the flow. It is alignment with the Tao. It judges no one, realizing that is simply a cover for guilt. The German word “glück” means both luck and happiness . Be glücky!

June is a month in which you reap what you have sown. So anything that comes up to `take you out’ is only what you have been doing either lately or previously. Look for where you are blaming another and you will see what you still judge about in yourself that you have done. This karma may have come from a past life which is still an unlearned lesson. It is likely that you have hidden this upsetting behavior under opposite, compensating behavior and then project it on another person. This leads to a certain obliviousness. When you find what you hid, forgive yourself, correct the mistake, learn the lesson and feel grateful to yourself and the one you projected this part of you onto. Without them you couldn’t have found this hidden but self-defeating part of you. This works so much better than to impugn another for what you did as that then becomes an automatic conflict.

A miracle is a rather simple affair. God is Love. He is Oneness so He is inside you like everyone who has attained Oneness and its limitlessness. Dwell on the God inside you. Feel the Love. Feel the power! Love wants to share Itself. This Love that is both your love and God’s Love together bring the light of Oneness which dissolves illusions of pain and the problems that come from separation. A miracle helps you remember you are One with God and brings the power of Oneness into where the ego fights to bring separation into every situation. It does this in order to be special and build its own world apart from God and His Love.

Practice this Oneness with Love Itself. Place the future in God’s Hands. Relax. This will bring peace from an eternal perspective. It provides freedom and it can save so much time on your way home. You are God’s Child. Knowing this will bring miracles. Let yourself be a leader in showing the way to happiness and joy. This is both your being and your Mastery. In this beautiful state of mind you become a timesaver. If you look at tragedy and still see God you bring the miracle. The Love that is God comes from within you and is all around you. Tragedy means there is a soul lesson occurring. And the pain of it is just the ego’s way of hiding both the miracle and the gifts your soul has brought in to heal the situation. Letting go of any grievances allows the miracle to show itself. If you can bring God, you can bring the miracle. Otherwise every grievance you have toward another is a major attack on yourself.

This month be the poster child for God’s heavenly world of bounty and fruitfulness. The ego’s world on the other hand is filled with scarcity and conflict. Choose wisely. God wants you to lead the way out of the ego’s world of pain, loneliness and suffering to His Heavenly World of Love and happiness. The more unity we bring to the world there is more Love and Oneness we grow into.

Feel God’s Love within you. Extend it outward. Be the time-saver that helps save the world. Be the miracle worker that can free so many. You can always be happy if you feel God and His Love within you. If you feel this Love you will naturally feel and extend it for others.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
June 2024
Kahuku, Hawai’i

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