March is the month that is both outward and inward.

It is meant to be an active month, but one in which we are first called to look inward. An epidemic such as the Coronavirus that is almost at a pandemic level, is a reflection of an upsurge of the collective unconscious. This is an opportunity and attempt to heal the past of all the unfinished business in the mind of humanity. This month we can deepen our commitment to heal the world, which is a mirror of our mind. All the wars, murders, rapes, famine, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, as well as hatred, revenge and in this case especially plagues, become unfinished business that come up to be healed.

The World is our mirror

A pandemic is an outbreak of fear, and in this case the fear to look within for fear of what we would find. Yet if we truly looked within ourselves, we would find only mistakes and the need to heal. Our need and our desire go together, and at the deepest level our desire is to heal. Reflections of the upwelling of the collective unconscious before the Coronavirus outbreak were the fires in Australia, and before that the trouble in Hong Kong. Fire always represents anger, grievances, rage and fury. An illness is anger turned both inward and outward. Illness is an attack on yourself, and at the same time it attacks those around you. The ego’s purpose in illness is to hide from us where the problem really is, namely a conflict within, while we get caught in symptoms. The ego tries to make us afraid to look within for fear of the darkness and guilt we would find there. Even a spot of it keeps us from finding the light. We project the darkness within as a veil of darkness out on the world. As we see within, so we perceive without. The world is our mirror of what we have judged and are afraid of within ourselves. Yet this leaves an empty place within, so we seek in the world what we have judged and are afraid of.  This sets up a split mind, as well as greed and taking and using. These are elements that we think we need to be in the world in order to be happy. Taking and using are opposite to the true elements that bring happiness.


What we need we are attached to, and our attachment leads to holding on and pain. Our attempts to take and get when we are frustrated lead to grievances and lead to guilt when we succeed. This is a vicious circle that is a perfect breeding ground for the ego. On the other hand what heals us is acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, letting go and giving true help to others. Whatever we do to another we do to ourselves and if we do something negative we feel guilty. When we feel guilt we punish ourselves. So all of our negative and painful situations, according to the subconscious, are an attempt to punish ourselves and separate at the same time. Punishing ourselves is a mistaken way of trying to heal guilt as it makes us feel even worse. Every victim situation demonstrates how punishing ourselves doesn’t work to release us from guilt, it only reinforces the problem of guilt and the pattern it was meant to end. As the subconscious becomes conscious, we have the first step in healing because we can make a better choice.

The following is a deep subconscious principle that you can spend a whole lifetime to use for healing every victim situation you ever had. Every time you experienced someone doing something negative to you, it was actually a place where you were doing it to them. For instance when you felt someone used you, you were using them to hold yourself back. Without forgiveness the ego only relinquishes someone else’s guilt when it can emphasize your own guilt. Guilt is not the truth. The ego attempts to kill the truth but it can only succeed in burying it beneath an avalanche of lies. The whole way we look at the world is based on deception, denial and dissociation, but the desire for truth is still within us wanting to free and to empower us.

Three years ago in healing sessions I began to notice the collective unconscious upwelling in everyone’s problems, and not just those who had achieved mastery which had been the case before that. The collective unconscious can make any problem a chronic one, locking us in fear, authority conflict and grievance. What we experience through our perception is what we have projected. This month we can deepen our commitment to heal the world that is the mirror of our mind. Perception comes from projection. This gives us the chance to heal the world by changing our mind.


By projection, we seek to hide that which we feel guilty about in ourselves that we typically compensate for. So by “acting good” we attempt to hide our guilt, and then pin it on others. This only hides our guilt, and we still punish ourselves while judging others. Sometimes the guilt comes from aspects of the deep unconscious, such as ancestral, past life and astral patterns. The astral shows our mistaken choices and falls before we even had bodies. All of this can be healed because it is an illusion perpetuated by the ego to continue its existence. Having researched guilt both personally and professionally in tens of thousands of cases, I have found guilt to be a false pretense of the ego. It is mostly a way the ego uses to hide our fear of the next step. We use guilt to keep us stuck and not learn the lesson involved by impugning and attacking ourselves instead. In the final assay chronic guilt is part of our fight with God, blaming Him. Yet what we blame God for is impossible for Him to do or not do. It is a cover up for what we did or didn’t do.

Of course, many people have their own personal hells fed by collective issues, and this is much more “in our face” to be dealt with. The core issues of separation that bring fear, guilt, authority conflict and attack with its judgment and grievances are the cornerstones of any problem used by the ego to keep separation. Let us examine the illusion of guilt because if you heal any of the cornerstones then the problem dissolves at that level, and we take another step forward in peace and joy. Put your guilt on the altar of truth and know that it will be dissolved to the extent that you allow it.
What have you been using your guilt for?
What lesson are you meant to learn from it?
What are you hiding from by your grievances, sacrifice and guilt?


Truth allows you to live here and now where there is peace and joy. All healing is a healing of the past, and this brings you back to your innocence. A quick healing way is to know that the past is over, and it is over unless you are using it for some ego goal. The viewpoint of your higher mind is that only blessings and gratitude are meant to come from the past and be with us in the present. The ego uses guilt to smother the present. The past that made someone else guilty never occurred. The past that made you guilty never occurred. After tens of thousands of clients this has always proved true. It was all a misunderstanding. It is time to let it go and be present to your true self and happiness that is unfolding to your Higher Self. So in regard to guilt, it is the illusion we use to invest in the ego and its separation rather than to invest in love. You can change that. Forgive others. It is easy to do this if you realize that how they acted when they were not loving was a call for your help, and you had the gifts to respond to them at that time (and now). As a result you know you do not have to take on their pain, but are able even now to free you both. What you didn’t handle then you can handle now. Forgive yourself for not keeping your sacred soul promise to save them. You can do it now. Use A Course in Miracles’ Words of Power continuously, “I will not condemn myself for this.” It is an easy way to release your guilt and learn the lesson.

The Coronavirus attacks the lungs symbolizing the sacred breath of life. Colds and pneumonia represent losses we haven’t gotten over which is depression. To relinquish every loss which shows our attachments takes us from depression to rebirth and even to renaissance when there is a full letting go of the past. You can use some Words of Power from A Course in Miracles to heal the collective unconscious issue of the Coronavirus.
“God is Love and this is not His Will,” or “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.”
To repeat these words, instead of worrying or being afraid, makes a difference for you and the world as you remove onionskin after onionskin from the collective.

Take action this month.

Look within to the path of healing. Place problems and emotions on the altar of truth. Take your cases of guilt against yourself to the Supreme Court. This is Heaven’s Court where it is easily dismissed. In the rarest of cases, where it seems not to be dismissed, is where you are refusing to relinquish your case against Heaven which is how the ego started. It is how it has talked you into dying rather than living. You can make another choice. Innocence and happiness were how you were created by Innocence and Happiness Itself. Only the ego, which is an illusion itself, thinks this could be changed. Embrace your innocence and happiness and send this energy of your happiness and healing to the Coronavirus as a reflection of world fear coming from the past and the ancient past. If enough of us do this the problem will be contained and resolved until the next upwelling rises to be healed. We are not helpless! In this time where there seems to be regression in the world it is an opportunity for great strides in healing and happiness.

Chuck Spezzano
Nightlight Newsletter
March 2020
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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