Our Calling

In A Course in Miracles it states that everyone is called but few choose to listen correcting words put in the gospel that had Jesus saying, “Many are called but few are chosen.” We are called to be happy yet few choose to listen. We are all called for healing when we are not happy yet few choose to listen. We are all called to make the contribution that only we can make. It is a mission assigned by Heaven that corrects past mistakes on our part and brings us back to life and wholeness. Finally we are called to help the world in the ways that we can help. Our avoidance of what we are called to give, sets up most of the traumas and heartbreak in our lives.

March is a month where it will be easy to tell if we are investing in faith or fear. What happens in our lives always shows our choice. And while there are still collective issues we all must face there is always a way out of any problem if we would only listen. Most people are afraid to listen because they are afraid that they will hear something that is different from what they believe and where they think they are right. Most people want an answer where they don’t have to change. Let us be willing to change. It will be blessed change. Let us commit to the truth. Let us align ourselves with Heaven because the rewards are so much greater and so unlike the treachery of the ego.

When something negative occurs it is something from our past or our ancient past that has come up for us to heal and learn a vital lesson in the present. The ego is using this to attempt to stop us now. If we don’t learn this lesson the pattern continues and the issue grows. When issues surface when you are on a healing path you naturally see it as an opportunity to advance. If you are partially on a healing path and something big comes up it is easy to attack yourself and think you didn’t learn or grow at all. But what comes up is just the next layer and the next step. The ego is always invested in attack and self-attack. If you continue to love as an issue emerges you will see the calls for help rather than personal attacks on you. Only love brings happiness. This will allow you to keep giving and have the confidence that comes of peace.


With any darkness that comes up there is the hidden choice for separation, fear and “my way”—independence that conceals our choice to hide in bad feelings or victimization rather than stepping up and stepping forward. When you are going through something it is important to have faith or fear can take over. With faith you know all things will turn out fine in the end. If you resist or fight you can get stuck in a birth process and that becomes dangerous for all involved. There’s an old saying that goes: If God helps you it’s because you had faith in Him and if He doesn’t it’s because He has faith in you. It is important to know that miracles are there when you need them and ask for them. What is the miracle you need now? You can ask for it and as it occurs your faith will grow. Faith is putting the power of your mind toward belief in the light when all seems dark. Trust others, the situation, yourself and your significant others to do their part for the truth.

The winds of change are blowing strong in the month of March and as in February there is a gradual lightening in consciousness. With it things that were concealed in the dark will be revealed. Many will be shocked at the corruption that is brought to light. Many won’t be surprised at all. But seeing the extent of the problem is the first step in making it better. You can begin with yourself as it all reflects your mind.

This is a month made for success, friendship and happy companionship. It is the joining in happy partnership that is a key to success. If you don’t have this with your partner it can totally hold back your success. Grievances with your partner can hold you, your relationship, your family and your success back.


Opportunities abound in March for success in many different areas. Open these doors. Heaven would help and open every door. Also if you ask it will bring you back into contact and flow where there is the success and intimacy that you have withdrawn from. You can also restore all the gifts and parts of yourself that you threw away in heartbreaks by welcoming them back. Heaven is your Friend though most people only give lip service to Heaven. One hundred and fifty years ago Friedrich Nietzsche stated that, “God was dead,” not because God was gone but because most people lived as if God were dead and He had been replaced by the god of money. If you have faith in God then you have faith in love, happiness and yourself. If you have faith in God then you naturally welcome all good things and let Him heal the rest. We have come to learn how to have a happy dream here until we can wake up. Only love can make us happy and bring happiness to others. The closer we get to having a happy dream and waking up the more we naturally give our mind over to the Heaven and look through Christ’s or Quan Yin’s eyes. Heaven can direct our lives in the best way possible. This is much better than our ego’s domination over us and others or its need for specialness and recognition. Love can rule our lives. This month we can take a major step forward in this regard.

Laughter can delight you this month putting all you are facing into perspective.

Have an amazing month. May it be full of miracles and may you surrender to happiness and Heaven instead of your ego and its complaints.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
March 2021
Kahaluu, Hawaii

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