As you read this Nightlight Newsletter about Power, be aware of how you are relating to it. It will show you one of the key ways you are relating to Power. If you are relating with an open, independent mind dedicated to truth and the true power of how to empower others, you will feel like you are being given a gift you always wanted.

Are you avoiding contact and your power? If you are relating in a way that attacks yourself you are misusing your power. It is not the truth and you are using it to prove you are special —especially bad. Now why would you do that? What would you do that for? Besides yourself, who are you pitting that against? What do you want now? Restore your power. Used truly, it is the key principle of success in every area.

March is a month of power. That power is not used to dominate. It is used for empowerment, and that comes from equality and mutuality. The power is present. What will you use it for? In which area of your life?

Since all power is from God you can have it in all areas of your life, if you so request it. When you use your power to take, it is because you feel empty and deprived. In a recent Apprenticeship I had people become aware of where they had acted like Russia and where they had acted like the Ukraine. The victim and the victimizer. Then they applied this to their “past lives,” and then on to ancestral issues.
Those who hated Putin found the Putin inside themselves to forgive and integrate. Until we heal such patterns in ourselves they will continue in the world. Such a global event as an invasion can be healed by turning it over to Heaven, the Source of all power. This brings peace to your mind and you get out of the way of Heaven’s grace.

You can take a strong look at how you and the people around you use their power. If you are a victim you are using your power against yourself as a way of using it against others. Is that what you want?
If you are using your power in pain, drama and soap operas, you are trying to get something you won’t let yourself have. This is because you don’t believe you are worthy, but guilty, and because you have sinned you deserve punishment. This is a total misuse of power. Your ego has kidnapped you and is holding you hostage, attacking you to keep you under control.
This is a month to embrace your power. Choose trust and truth, and not your ego, with its guilt and fear.

Are you “taking over” the power in your relationship because your way is true, or because you are frightened? Frightened by what? Are you keeping a hold of the power because your way is true, or because your way is the way you learned it, so you believe it’s best? Why not try Heaven’s way which you could have by asking for it?

All of those “reasons” may be true, but what is untrue is how you are using them to claim the power. You may be complaining about your partner and their immaturity, not realizing that it is your power play that supports them in that immaturity; and that wants to keep them that way as your excuse or dependency.

If either of you used your power truly you would continuously commit to equality until it gets to 50-50, then 100-100. Then you head towards 120-120, where you inspire others with your relationship. Then on to 550-550, where grace and miracles are channeled by your relationship. 1,000-1,000 brings you to the Gates of Heaven. If you go past 1,000-1,000 you are 1 in a million. You have become one with your partner who has been your gateway to Heaven.

To accomplish reaching the Gates of Heaven you will have to give up false power and specialness, such as “making it all about you.” How much you use your relationship for taking attention is a misuse of power. You will receive all the attention you could ever want by living your purpose, which is special.
All the false things power your ego. You are putting forth a certain identity of who you are that is holding you back from love and your partner. How you got that identity, whether positive or negative (most people are a mix of the two)…however you got your personality, whether in a positive way or a negative way, they are like two strains of a river that haven’t fully conjoined, but need to if you are to fully embrace your power.

To get to the million mark of Oneness with your partner, you will need to be fully conjoined. Only if you and your partner are innocent can you get close enough to the other to realize that you are them.

If you are not fully innocent, what do you think you are guilty and sinful about? What do you think your partner is guilty or a sinner about? Actually, their guilt is your old or ancient guilt that you have seen reflected by them. Doing this is a misuse of power. You are using it to fuel a certain identity about yourself — usually positive, and about them — usually negative. Why bother? Who are you fighting? Fighting is a misuse of power, because all that you are fighting for (such as getting needs met, being right, winning, building your identity, and getting your way) you are fighting because you don’t want to go to the next step. You are afraid of the next step in success and intimacy, which is actually just a fear of intimacy.

Any guilt, blame or major problem just hides fear of loss, because you might fail at the next step. If one of you used your power truly by inviting truth or grace, it would automatically take you to the next step. As a result, you and your partner would move forward the easy way. And if you realized God walked with you as you went forward, you could be carefree.

The easy way to escape from the ego part of your mind is to not make your relationship all about you, but to make it all about your purpose. This is what you are called to do and who you are called to help. The more the attention goes to your purpose, the more you don’t think about yourself. You disappear into your purpose.

Besides reaching a “million” as you become your partner, you can disappear into your calling. Then you can disappear into your destiny: the holy relationship, and fully embracing your purpose.

You might ask what’s special or true about disappearing. You build an identity, but then you have to support it. This becomes exhausting and it blocks receiving. The law of letting go is that if you let something go, something better will come in to take its place. As you let it go, there is less of you, and more of Heaven and Its happiness.

If you find a place of self-attack, remember it is a misuse of your power. You can choose again, especially when the ego attacks you in order to distract you from someone who needs your help.
There are crucial areas in which you could win your power back:

  1. Victim situations including illnesses.
  2. Where you have been controlling or controlled in your relationships.
  3. Where you have used sex to manipulate, control, take or block your partner.
  4. Where you have misused your alpha position. Most everyone in a recent workshop admitted to being the alpha as a child, and were still misusing that power as an adult.

The subconscious mind shows victim situations and illnesses to be an attack. What we think they did to us, we actually did to them. We are blaming others for mistakes we made. Our judgment and grievances hide guilt. Attack and self-attack go back and forth in our mind and in our relationship in a vicious circle.

Where we have made relationships all about “me-me-me-me,” we misuse ways to get attention. We use emotions as attack when they could have been used for greater intimacy. Look back on when you have used sex to control or as part of a power struggle. This is love, intimacy and vitality lost to traps.
Misusing an alpha position of power growing up in your family then or now, or using your position for yourself rather than for the family or the relationship—these are mistakes that can be corrected easily if you so choose.

What do you want? If you choose guilt to support your ego, you will choose sacrifice also. So we will withdraw somewhat, and not be able to receive very well, or enjoy the intimacy that comes from contact.

If you so choose and ask for grace you can be free of these traps. Here are some easy healing methods:

1. See what you have as your problem. Now choose what you want. Do this until what you have here has dissolved into what you want.

2. Ask for truth to come into the situation.

3. Ask for God’s justice, which allows no one to lose or to sacrifice.

4. Ask for the light to come washing away darkness and illusions.

5. Ask for grace to come into the situation. Grace is God’s Love for His Children.

6. Turn the problem over to the Holy Spirit for undoing.

7. Every victim, sacrifice or problem you have is simply to hide your fear of not being able to handle the next level. You can handle the next level if you think you can. What couldn’t you accomplish if Christ or Quan Yin walked beside you? Let go of your fear. Trust and commit to the next level.

All power is of God. Let the Holy Spirit direct your mind so that you use your power with integrity. You can easily find where you have been deceiving yourself, because it will be someplace where you or others suffered. Heaven will help you in correcting your mistakes and winning your confidence and power back.

As you empower those around you, you are empowered. Your awareness grows, your mind is quieter and you feel safer. As you regain your power, you naturally invite back the fractures in your mind to return to wholeness and power. This is done by bridging, joining and integrating, which opens up levels of success heretofore unreachable. This is God’s Will. Let it be yours!

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
March 2022
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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