March 2023

March is a culmination month. It’s a “reap what you sow” type of month. It is a time to pray for truth, which discards the illusions and frees you from karma, while just bringing the lessons and gifts forward. Karma is an earthly law that dissolves when you embrace God’s laws instead. Every problem in whatever form is a problem from the past, but the past is over. It has no influence on us except as we use it to hide and avoid our purpose. Our purpose gives us meaning and release from all the past pain that we use to keep us stuck, to give us the excuse not to show up.

The Tao, also known as the Holy Spirit, guides us, attempting through truth to show us the way to be free. The Tao unfolds what happens in our lives and on the earth in the highest possible way It can, given what there is to heal. For the last few years the collective unconscious of humanity has been bringing up global events for us to heal.

Buddha said the world was a dream, and that each of us is the dreamer. In A Course in Miracles it states that we are not the victim of the world we see, because we were the ones who invented it. We could choose to see peace instead of what we see and feel. The world is a pictorial representation of the images in our mind.

Over the years I have begun to see the world as a big video game. The purpose of the game is to succeed and have a happy dream, so we can release the dream and see the Garden instead; a place of Heaven on earth, which is just across the bridge from Heaven Itself.

We thought we could go against God’s Will of Oneness, and by exploring separation, find a world of our own, where we could be in charge. We invented the world we see. (A Course in Miracles). Except for our attachments to this world and our hidden desire for revenge that keeps us separate, we would naturally want to be in Oneness. We really only want to be held in God’s loving embrace, and from there shine blessings and miracles on to the world.

A Course in Miracles states that we are as God created us. To embrace this saves us and it saves the world. It brings back our Oneness and the realization that we are part of God’s Mind, and are therefore very holy as a result. To realize this in the face of any problem is to dissolve the problem.

Whatever emerges in March, and whether you consider it good, bad or indifferent, is in your own best interests. Yet, you can only see it that way if you realize that the purpose of the world is to forgive what you have projected on it. Every split we made from anyone left us worries, fears, concerns, guilt and suffering. Our splitting away was an attack on others and on ourselves, even though we blamed them. We split part of our mind to break away from another.

The biggest problem in the world is self-attack. If we cleared that up there would be nothing we would have cause to attack. Look for the way forward by listening to your higher mind. It will show you the way. Throw every worry, concern and fear into your higher mind to be free. Use these Words of Power when feeling or facing any negativity: “I will not use this to attack myself.” (A Course in Miracles). If guilt or any other emotion emerges you can say, “I won’t condemn myself for this.” When you say these words, and as your guilt clears layer-by-layer, you see nothing worth condemning another for. You judge and condemn others because of the guilt you feel. If you have no self-judgment you only see others’ call for help, and nothing worth punishing. Condemn others and you attack yourself first. (A Course in Miracles). Your hatred of others covers your self-hatred. Forgive others and you forgive yourself; your hidden guilt is dissolved. By helping others, you help yourself.

You can also use these other Words of Power from A Course in Miracles:
“I could have peace instead of this.”
“I place my future in the Hands of God.”
“I rest in God.”

He will handle whatever needs handling. You would just get in the way. If you are bringing up dark patterns from the past you can use those Words of Power to clear up painful and depressing emotions and dark experiences you are going through.

Another simple but powerful healing method is to turn any problem over to the Holy Spirit. The Tao will help you with your request, unless you have hidden attachments that are more important to you than reaching your conscious goals. These would be your fear, guilt and revenge mechanisms, which are typically below the layer of your conscious mind. If that occurs, simply by using the Words of Power with strong intention, you can reveal hidden insights, while bringing peace layer-by-layer. If you are not happy this month, you can easily see what you are holding onto that is holding you back.

May what is coming add more wholeness and great fulfillment to your life. May you be blessed with peace, freedom and partnership, so you emerge into a springtime in your life.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
March 2023
Kahalu’u, Hawaii

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