March 2024

March is a month for success and initiative. Choose. Commit and embrace success frequently. Don’t be a coward. Success is meant for you. It is your birthright. Do not be distracted as distraction can easily happen. Be true to yourself. Love yourself and whatever you achieve you will enjoy. When you have reached success, you won’t need success to prove anything about yourself. What you try to prove about yourself, you don’t really believe. When you don’t fully believe that you deserve something, you don’t fully allow yourself to receive it.

March is a month meant to renew your purpose. If you don’t feel fulfilled in your life, it is a sure sign that you aren’t living your purpose. What stopped you from your purpose when you were young may come up this month to try to stop you once more. This is the perfect time to heal it. It’s a great opportunity to remove what has been holding you back since your childhood and even your previous lifetimes. This limiting pattern of self-imprisonment is easy to recognize as not in your best interest. Your self-imposed prison made of thoughts, beliefs and habits do not make you safe. They limit and restrict you and limitations increase your belief in sin. (A Course in Miracles) Ask Buddha to melt away any problem pattern to your success and purpose. He knows what stops you is an illusion in an illusory world. It is a classroom meant to awaken you. Success is your spiritual heritage, your divine birthright. Invite it. Welcome it. Embrace it. Let it be yours. It’s the true and easy way home and happiness is meant to be the path. Determination is important for your success. Commitment opens doors that are otherwise closed. Being open to opportunities comes from the simple principle of being fully present.

Your purity allows you to hear guidance and feel inspiration as you open your heart. Your purity tracks truth so you are not weighed down by deluding desires and fake promises of the ego. Your indulgences lead you on the other hand into sacrifice. These set up vicious circles that spiral downward. If you could let go of three indulgences this month you would receive the grace to live at a higher level and have a finer vista. If you let go of these indulgences burdens of sacrifice will fall off your shoulders as you relinquish the vicious circle of indulgence and sacrifice.

You are doing the best you can given inner and outer circumstances. But all of us can do better. Every heartbreak and defeat we ever experienced had patterns of revenge before the victim event that led to the heartbreak. Afterwards, it was what kept the pattern of defeat going. We don’t realize how much we were playing win-lose. ‘Taking’ and ‘getting’ are always a part of such heartbreaks and suffering. We were competing and trying to be right to get ‘our way’. We were afraid of the next step so heartbreak seemed the way out. Hatred and self-hatred are the legacy of every heartbreak. We paid this price for ego-independence but it wasn’t the freedom we thought it would be. Every heartbreak pulls us back from life. The withdrawal of heartbreak threw us into sacrifice and both sacrifice and ego-independence are dissociated and cannot receive. Guilt and unworthiness led up to such heartbreaking defeats. The whole situation was compounded afterwards by our bad feeling which is a form of guilt. Be present for healing this month and you will find opportunities to upgrade your life and yourself.

A key aspect of success is to listen to the feedback others have given you. Become aware of the signs of healing that are all around you. These are indicators of gateways of initiation that help you to correct your course so you don’t waste crucial time in defeat. Give up whatever percentage where you are in service to your ego. Instead frequently turn your mind over to the Holy Spirit to both free and focus you, reset your goals to bring you happiness.

Friendships can grow and prosper this month bringing prosperity. Friendliness with total strangers is a natural aspect of March. Friendships are one of the great joys in life. They make the joy of life sweeter and the burdens of life easier. We have a natural affinity for those we have connections with from other times and other places before this life.

In each life success is karmic but not fated. You are not stuck with whatever hand you have been dealt. You can achieve so much more in any given life. What is broken can be healed. What is trapped can be freed. Mistakes can be corrected. You can leap forward. Hidden deep in the mind it shows pain is resistance and every aspect of your life that is not happy is a form of revenge. Revenge avoids the lesson Heaven would have you learn. Unlearned lessons can be cumulative, passed down, karmic, held onto or used as a form of attack. Whatever the problem is, it can be healed. Don’t adjust to your problem. Find the conflict in your mind that led you to place pain in your body. Some part of your past was brought into the present. Pain is not necessary. Imagine God walks with you as you go forward. As a result your courage, your will and your self-love grow.

Remember that you will leave your ego behind when you pass beyond this body. Don’t chase after delusions. Don’t trivialize your life. Learn from your mistakes. You will step into a new body and a new life soon enough after this one. You will bring into the next life the level of gifts, awareness and karma from this life. Do yourself proud! Be happy.

Paramahansa Yogananda said, “He is wisest who seeks God. He is the most successful who has found God.” Creativity, innovation and inspiration can unfold powerfully this month if you are willing.

Laughter and loving are strong currents this month. Laughter is a helpful way to refresh yourself as you face obstacles to peace, confidence and success. Know that deep within you in your very being are the gifts you need to transcend your problems and attain your destiny. Your spiritual destiny is knowing yourself as your Self, your Spirit. When you want what you want with all your heart, it creates. Let the light of Oneness come between what you want and what is holding you back so that conflicts melt easily into the next step. Welcome love into your life and into the life of everyone around you. Be happy. It blesses everyone. Your purity lets you see the innocence all around you. Why let the ego pollute your mind? You are God’s gift to the world. Your life is the gift you give back to God and to those you love. This month give yourself fully with grace and humor.

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
March 2024
Kahuku, Hawai’i

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