May could be a month of opposites and, as a result, it can be a month of confusion and conflict. This is our mind at work in the world. It could be a month of propaganda, fear, and even force. Other parts of our mind may try power plays to maintain control. Yet, some of these polarities may be integrated and, thus, healed. On the negative side, at unconscious levels, ancestral and “past life patterns” are being enacted on the world stage. They are popping up seemingly out of the blue. This naturally generates fear and problems. On the other hand, there is no need to be overwhelmed with fear and other emotions. There is no need to withdraw. There is no need to give up and quit. All of those emotions merely show there is something to heal in you, so you can be confident and at peace. What you are complaining about shows where you are being stingy. When you think you have done too much and are in sacrifice, it is usually where you have done too little and are not effective for the main goal of success.
The first thing to remember to restore confidence is:

Who walks with you?

Your emotions show you have forgotten Heaven and are trying to do things yourself when you feel you actually can’t handle it. This will make you more frantic if you persist.

Put it all in Heaven’s Hands.

Don’t get righteous if people around you are scared or freaking out. This is the mirror your mind is reflecting. This is what is in your deeper mind. By joining them, your confidence is received by them and their fear is healed. What you perceive outside is what is inside you. The movie that is going on in the world is the reflection of thousands of your past lives that you haven’t healed yet.

The good news is that May is a month of transformation. A helpful aspect about this is that in spite of the quarantine and lockdown, there is a counter-current which is unifying the world and bringing redemptive gifts. There is a natural progression occurring now in the world that shows dissociated independence and capitalism are outmoded. It is a dynamic based on greed, fear, and, especially, fear of change. They keep the world from graduating into partnership where the feminine is valued and, thus, receiving comes about at a whole new level. When this occurs, then, equality and cooperation are natural. As a result, there is the understanding that sharing is the principle of abundance.  We begin to see ourselves as one team, one family together on what Buckminster Fuller called “Spaceship earth.” It is the time to get past separate interests and begin living in mutuality. Those of us born since WWII promised we would bring the world to partnership. What is happening in the world now is helping to bring that about in spite of how it looks on the surface.

Trust the Process. Trust Your Process. There is no problem that trust would not heal.

Trust takes a negative situation and paradoxically unfolds it until it becomes a positive one.

Be Helpful. Helpfulness and Giving increase your immunity.

Who needs your help? How can you help? Responding to the calls for help is the essence of leadership. Responding to how you are called to help the world is your vision and also your purpose. This can either be a time of great fear and loss, or one of great opportunity, healing, and growth. What we choose gives us our direction, and that is what gives us our experience of what is happening in our world. If you are stressed and frantic, it is just a vicious circle where you think you have to do something, which then makes you feel more guilt because you feel helpless. When your guilt is increased, you become more frantic. This once again shows you are trying to do things on your own, and the ego uses what you are doing to call attention to yourself instead of effectively succeeding.

Do what you are called to do, but let Heaven do what you are called to do through you.

We live in a Death World where there is a collective belief in death. As a person grows in consciousness they recognize that there is no death and, as a result, they are free of a major amount of fear. They then begin to recognize themselves as eternal spirits deserving every good thing in their innocence. They begin to recognize the world as a video game whose purpose is to help them learn and unlearn, in order to free themselves through love and forgiveness. This is the path of healing which leads to ever greater happiness until Oneness is known. When we experience a major loss or have a death around us, Life is using these events to crack open the shells of dissociation. We built these shells around us from when we were victimized, and used this to blame others so we could separate, dissociate, be independent, and build our ego. The pain we suffered in the past is then re-experienced as if it was from the present.

We can choose to heal these emotions, or we can become weighed down and depressed by them turning us in a death direction. Have you been cracked open lately by a loss of some kind? Will you choose the path of healing, or will you try to keep getting ahead in a world that doesn’t seem to care? What do you want? Do you want to follow your ego’s path that through disillusionment and shattered dreams leads to death? On the other hand, the path of Heaven is ever happier and leads to eternal life. Those of the highest consciousness are experiencing Heaven on earth with only a short step to Heaven itself. The ego takes us on a path of doing everything our way, and leads to major disappointment and death. When you don’t believe in death you leave your body as easy as someone stepping out of their clothes, but only when it’s your time.

Exercise 1

If you will, do this next healing exercise to help yourself, those you love, and the world. Every day, imagine a gift you are called to give to the world. Open it up, and let Heaven supersize it. Share it energetically with the world. Then guess what gift you have for your partner and give that. If you don’t have a partner, do it with an ex-partner. Then share a gift with a family member or friend. Whatever they need, you actually have a gift to help heal it. Do this every day and all through the day when you think of it.

Exercise 2

Another great healing exercise is to look at the world and see something in it that seems negative. It is your reflection and a projection of some self-concept or aspect of yourself that you have judged and repressed. Some of this is actually passed down ancestrally, and some is coming from past lives and ancient self-concepts.

Put this negative quality on the altar of truth and put forgiveness next to it.

Ask Heaven to apply the celestial speedup to it so it transforms immediately and see what is left after this healing. Share what is left and this will not only increase it but you will also know it as yours. Then share this with your partner.

Next, choose a quality about your partner that “bugs” you. As you clear these things up, you can then choose where they are opposite to you. Place this polarity on the altar of truth next to forgiveness. This brings a new level of wholeness for both of you that easily opens a new joining and the next honeymoon. Afterwards, you can do this with anyone around you who needs help. By pulling back your projections, your mind begins to become more confident and peaceful. You don’t have to agree when you are in a conflict with your partner, but if you join them and energetically connect with them, there is a new healing rapport that takes you further in both success and intimacy. Let May be the month you fully get on the healing path, and off the egos. The healing path is Heaven’s path and this will change your whole life as it brings ever greater happiness and power, which can empower others as you share it with them increasing it for both of you.

Feast of love

Imagine that this month is actually meant to be a feast of love with your partner, family, and friends. Friends helping friends is the way the world is saved. Strangers are simply friends you haven’t met. Let us join together and have this month be a month of unity. Together with each other and Heaven, there is nothing we can’t do.

Love and Blessings to you all,

Chuck Spezzano

Nightlight Newsletter
May 2020
Kahalu’u, Hawai’i

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